Kevin Dunlap Sentenced to Death in 2008 KY Triple Murder

Started by heidi salazar, December 19, 2009, 12:13:52 PM

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heidi salazar

December 19, 2009, 12:13:52 PM Last Edit: March 20, 2010, 06:35:01 AM by Jeff1857
Kevin Wayne Dunlap to face death penalty

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, KY - A triple murder suspect's life remains on the line as he gets ready to face a jury.  Friday attorneys for Kevin Wayne Dunlap failed to spare their client from facing the death penalty.  A Livingston County judge denied the motion to take the death penalty off the table in the triple murder case.

Prosecutors say Dunlap raped Kristy Frensley inside her Trigg County home, then murdered her three children a little more than a year ago.  Not only was the death penalty on the line in court today, but defense attorneys took aim at whether crucial elements are admissible in the case against Dunlap.

Just back from a month-long psychiatric evaluation, the defendant returned to court alongside his lawyers, who came armed with several pre-trial motions aimed at turning the case to their advantage.  Up first, defense attorney James Gibson argued that a recent decision by the Kentucky Supreme Court to put executions on hold actually makes it too easy for a Kentucky jury to vote for death.  "They're going to say, well, it doesn't matter.  We can sentence him to death," Dunlap attorney James Gibson argued, "The Supreme Court is going to do something to him one day, or they're going to change executions.  Whatever.  We don't have to worry about it.  We don't have to live with this.  It's not our responsibility."

But Circuit Judge C.A. Woodall didn't buy that argument.  "I think it is common knowledge that even when a jury does sentence a person to death, that that's not something that's going to happen overnight," Woodall said, "that there are still multiple appeals.  It's difficult for me to see where this diminishes that."

It was one of several of the day's victories for the prosecution, but not everything was as clear cut.  The defense sought to prevent the only surviving victim, Kristy Frensley, from identifying Dunlap in court based on her previous experience with photo lineups.  "She was unable to identify him in either one of those lineups as her attacker," Gibson said.

However, prosecutor G.L. Ovey argued that Dunlap is a man of many faces.  "This man has changed his appearance," Ovey said, "that's been noted with photograph after photograph."

For the most part, Dunlap, sporting a new moustache and seeming to have gained weight from previous appearances, sat mostly quiet and still while the attorneys argued the points that could seal his fate.

Woodall postponed a ruling on the motion to suppress Kristy Frensley's in-court identification.  In the meantime, he agreed to meet with Frensley before making a decision.

Dunlap will be back in court in January when the results are expected back from his psychiatric evaluation.  That's when the judge will rule on whether he's competent to stand trial.

After that Dunlap will have one last hearing the day before his trial.  That's set begin February 9th.

heidi salazar

Sentencing jury being picked for triple murder case

SMITHLAND, Ky. (AP) - Eight potential jurors for the sentencing
of Kevin Wayne Dunlap were dismissed from the jury pool after
expressing strong opinions about the death penalty.

A panel is being selected in Smithland to choose the sentence
for the 37-year-old Hopkinsville man, who changed his plea to
guilty as his trial was beginning Tuesday in the killing of three
children and the stabbing and wounding of their mother.

The crime occurred in the Roaring Spring community of Trigg
County, near Fort Campbell, in October 2008.

The Commonwealth is seeking the death penalty for Dunlap.

The Paducah Sun reported six of the panelists dismissed Thursday
said they would not consider any sentence other than death. Two
others said they would refuse to consider capital punishment.

heidi salazar

Jurors To Sentence Kevin Dunlap

SMITHTOWN, Ky. - The Kentucky man who pleaded guilty to killing three people, trying to kill their mother and then burning the family's Trigg County house down could learn whether he'll get the death penalty.

Jurors will decide Wednesday whether Kevin Dunlap will serve life in prison or be executed for the 2008 murders of Kayla Williams, Kortney Frensley, and Ethan Frensley.

Investigators said Dunlap raped and stabbed the children's mother, Kristy Frensley, and then killed kids as they came home from school.

heidi salazar

February 24, 2010, 09:23:23 PM Last Edit: February 24, 2010, 09:44:19 PM by Heidi
Kevin Dunlap Gets The Death Penalty

SMITHLAND, Ky. - Kevin Dunlap pleaded guilty to killing Kayla Williams, Kortney Frensley and Ethan Frensley; trying to kill their mother, Kristy Frensley; and then burning the family's Trigg County house down.

Five days after Dunlap's sentencing trial began, a jury sentenced the confessed killer to the death penalty.

The judge charged the jury around 11 a.m., and the jury deliberating for around three hours.

The jurors could have sentenced Dunlap to life in prison or for the 2008.

The last day of Dunlap's sentencing trial also consisted of closing arguments.

Defense Attorney James Gibson argued that a malformation in Dunlap's brain contributed to his decision to murder the three children and stab their mother. Gibson said the malformation should be a mitigating factor that the jury should use to spare his life.

Gibson also conceded that the jury should at least give Dunlap life without parole.

G.L. Ovey, commonwealth attorney, recounted the gruesome facts of the case. Then one-by-one he put photo portraits of each murdered child up on an easel in front of the jury.

Ovey argued that the only appropriate penalty for Dunlap was death.

The courtroom was filled with emotion. Kristy cried openly, as did several family members, during Ovey's closing argument.

Dunlap had been charged with six capital crimes, three murders and three kidnappings


As a resident of Kentucky I am glad to see a Kentucky jury do the right thing for a change.
I do not accept the concept that an alleged brain malfunction is a reason to give Dunlap LWOP.  Rather it is a reason to execute him because, if it is real, he is much more dangerous to prison staff, other inmates and o the rest of us if he gets out for any reason in the future.


Judge Sentences Kevin Dunlap To Death

Judge C.A. Woodall sentenced confessed killer Kevin Dunlap Friday to 6 death sentences, after denying a retrial.

Dunlap pleaded guilty in February to the 2008 attempted murder of Kristy Frensley and the deaths of her children, Kayla Williams, Kortney Frensley and Ethan Frensley.

A jury had previously sentenced Dunlap to the death penalty for the Trigg County crimes, but Dunlap waived his right to a jury sentencing.

In total, Woodall sentenced Dunlap to 6 death penalties, 3 life sentences and 55 years for his 14 charges.

(source: NewsChannel5)

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