Possible DP for AZ woman Angela Simpson for 2009 murder of Terry Neely

Started by heidi salazar, August 28, 2009, 09:52:35 PM

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heidi salazar

Phoenix woman indicted for man's murder, burning his body

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix woman accused of stabbing and burning a man whose body she dismembered has been indicted by a grand jury.

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said Friday that Angela Simpson has been charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and abandonment or concealment of a dead body.

Police also arrested Edward McFarland, 36, for allegedly helping Simpson get rid of the body.

For two weeks Phoenix police pieced together clues in the gruesome murder mystery after finding a man's dismembered body burned inside a trash bin earlier this month.

On August 18, they announced the arrest of the person who they believe is his killer, 33-year-old Angela Simpson.

According to court documents, Simpson lured 46-year-old Terry Neely to a vacant apartment on the 9600 block of N 12th Ave for sex, and when she got him inside Simpson turned violent.

She's accused of hitting Neely with a tire iron and stabbing him at least 50 times with multiple knives.  His body was found with a coaxial cable wrapped around his neck, and a 3 inch nail pounded into his head with a hammer. 

Neely's arms and legs were also removed from his torso before he was dumped in a trash bin which was left burning near 9th and Peoria avenues. 

Authorities found the body on August 5.  Neely was last seen leaving an assisted living facility on August 2.

Court paperwork indicates Simpson thought he was a police snitch, but Phoenix authorities said Neely did not work with them as an informant.

Authorities said they identified Neely by his fingerprints.

Witnesses called police after finding Neely's motorized scooter at a nearby apartment complex.

Investigators searched apartments at the complex and in one of them found the carpet had been removed and bloodstains around the apartment.

A blood sample from the apartment matched one taken from the victim.

A witness told police that he had seen smoke coming from the apartment at one point and when he went to check saw a City of Phoenix trash can in the kitchen.

Reportedly Simpson and a man known as "Cracker" asked to borrow the witness's vehicle.

When they returned the car she told the witness she had killed Neely and cut him up. They threatened to kill the witness if he said anything about what had taken place

The County Attorney will decide at a later date to seek the death penalty.



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The New "Lockup Maricopa County" last night focused on 4 of the worst women in their jail system and Simpson was prominent. She was pretty much happy that she had killed a "snitch" and said her favorite part was ripping out the victim's teeth with pliers. I hope this TV show can be used against her at trial. If you look up the word "evil" in the dictionary I think you might just find a picture of this one.


.. but she looks so friendly...  ;)

I´m not sure if there´s a hell, but I believe in executed murderers.

heidi salazar

"No, I don't feel guilty. I'm a little upset I won't be able to kill more snitches. I have no remorse about killing him."
--Angela Simpson, after her arrest

That photo was obviously taken after her candy bar, sugar high, induced confession!  ;)

heidi salazar

Here is a link to the "Lockup Maricopa County" segment featuring Angela Simpson. This woman is fruit loops!



I watched also and she is a very evil woman and very scarey to say the least. And she is very proud of what she has done and no remorse at all. Even the gaurds are scared of her and rightly so. She deserves nothing less than the DP. And the sad note is he was not a snitch at all.
Justice is not about bringing back the dead. It is not about revenge either. Justice is about enforcing consequences for one's own actions to endorse personal responsibility. We cannot expect anyone to take responsibility for their own actions if these consequences are not enforced in full.

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