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Alfonso Salazar
On July 25, 1986, Salazar and Michael Davis pulled the wrought iron bars from a window and entered the Tucson home of Sarah Kaplan. Ms. Kaplan was 83 years old, weighed less than 90 pounds, was five feet tall and wore a patch on one eye.
Salazar and Davis beat her and strangled her with the telephone cord. Fingerprints belonging to both men were found at the scene. One of Salazar's prints was in blood.
In a separate trial, Davis was convicted and sentenced to death, but was granted a retrial because of ineffective assistance of counsel and ultimately received a life sentence.

John Sansing
On February 24, 1998, Sansing called a church and requested a charitable food delivery, intending to rob the delivery person so he could purchase cocaine for himself and his wife.
Trudy Calabrese delivered the food to the home at a time when Sansing, his wife, and four children were there. Sansing attacked Ms. Calabrese from behind and forced her to the floor. With the aid of his wife, he bound Ms. Calabrese's arms and legs. As Ms. Calabrese struggled and pleaded with Sansing's wife and children to help her, Sansing beat her in the head with a club.
Sansing eventually dragged Ms. Calabrese into a bedroom, raped her and fatally stabbed her. He covered her body with a pile of clothing, then left to trade Ms. Calabrese's jewelry for drugs that he and his wife consumed.
Each of the four Sansing children saw Ms. Calabrese's dead body in the home.

Ronald Schackart
Schackart and Charla Regan had known each other since high school and they continued to be friends at the University of Arizona.
On March 8, 1984, Schackart told Regan he needed a place to stay since his parents had kicked him out of their house. He also told her he needed to talk to her about his wife filing rape charges against him. They went to a Tucson Holiday Inn where Schackart raped Charla at gunpoint, hit her in the face with the gun, strangled her to death and stuffed a large sock into her mouth.
He later reported the killing to the police and claimed he had not intended to kill Charla.

Edward Schad
On August 1, 1978, Lorimer Graves, a 74-year-old Bisbee resident, left Bisbee in a new Cadillac on a trip to Everett, Washington, to visit his sister.
On August 9, 1978, Graves' badly decomposed body was discovered hidden in the brush just off U.S. Highway 89 south of Prescott. Mr. Graves had been strangled with a rope that was still knotted around his neck.
A month later, Schad was stopped for speeding in New York. Schad was driving Mr. Graves' Cadillac, and many of Mr. Graves' personal belongings were in the car.

[Robert. C. Towery
On Sept. 4, 1991, Towery and Randy Barker went to the home of Mark Jones to rob him. Jones knew Towery and let Towery and Barker into the home. Towery pulled a pistol on Jones, and Barker handcuffed him. Towery took valuables from the house hJones that he was going to give him injections with something that would make him sleep. Towery then injected Jones with battery acid. Jones was not struggling because he trusted Towery. Towery then sought to strangle Jones to death. When the first try failed, he tried again and succeeded. Towery and Barker then left in Jones's car, unloaded Jones's property at their home, and left the car in a nearby parking lot. On Sept. 5, 1991, Jones's body was discovered. On Sept. 12, 1993, Jones's car was recovered. As a result of tip given to the Silent Witness program, Towery and Barker were later arrested. Some of Jones's property was recovered from Towery's and Barker's home.

Eugene Tucker
Tucker had been dating a woman by the name of AnnMarie Merchant. On the evening of July 14, 1999, AnnMarie rejected Tucker's efforts to see her. The next morning, Tucker went to AnnMarie's apartment, where she lived with her brother, Roscoe Merchant, his girlfriend, Cindy Richards, and Cindy's infant son.
Roscoe and Cindy were sleeping in their room when Tucker entered and shot them in the head. Tucker then went to AnnMarie's room, where a violent struggle ensued. Tucker inflicted multiple blunt force injuries to the back of AnnMarie's head. Tucker also sexually assaulted AnnMarie. At some point, Tucker handcuffed AnnMarie, bound her mouth and face with duct tape and wrapped a telephone cord around her neck. Finally, Tucker shot AnnMarie under her jaw and behind her left ear.

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