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Supreme Court denies convicted child killers request to put off execution

The state Supreme Court has denied a child killer's request to put off his execution date.

Billy Ray Irick was convicted for the 1985 rape and murder of 7 year old Paula Dyer in Knoxville.

He was babysitting the girl, while her mother was at work.

On Friday, the state's high court said his execution should go on as scheduled, on December 7th.

The state Supreme Court has set a Dec. 7 execution date for Billy Ray Irick.

Irick was convicted of raping and killing a 7-year-old Knoxville girl he had been baby-sitting in 1985.

The court rejected an appeal from Irick's attorneys to issue a certificate of commutation. They had argued he was insane at the time of the crime.

In support, they introduced affidavits from the victim's stepfamily recounting Irick's bizarre behavior in the days before the slaying. That includes Irick chasing a girl he did not know down the street with a machete because he "didn't like her looks" and telling people he was "taking instructions from the devil."

While setting an execution date, the court also ordered a hearing in the Knox County Criminal Court to determine whether Irick is competent to be executed. Those proceedings must conclude within 55 days.

(source: Associated Press)


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Knox County man on death row now says he was framed ---- Billy Ray Irick confessed to killing; defense claims psychosis

Billy Ray Irick, on death row for rape and murder, was in Knox County Criminal Court on Monday.

While his defense team insists he was psychotic when he raped and strangled a 7-year-old Knox County girl more than a quarter century ago, convicted killer Billy Ray Irick contends he was framed.

In the 2nd day of a last-ditch hearing to avoid execution for the April 1985 slaying of Paula Kay Dyer, a clinical psychologist who evaluated Irick this weekend revealed that Irick is now blaming Paula's stepfather for her death.

That contention comes despite his decades-old confession to the crime and his own defense team's recent push to show that Irick was in the midst of a psychotic break when he killed Paula and has no real memory of the actions for which he now faces execution Dec. 7.

Clinical psychologist Bruce Seidner testified Tuesday before Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner that Irick is now denying responsibility for the rape and murder and instead is blaming then-stepfather Kenneth Jeffers.

"He felt the stepfather was somewhat involved in this," Seidner testified. "He feels like there was no objective motivation for him, but there was tremendous objective motivation for this stepfather."

Prior court hearings show that Irick had been living with Kenneth Jeffers' mother in the days before Paula's death but was kicked out when he grew violent. Jeffers then allowed Irick to stay at the home he shared with wife Kathy Jeffers and her children, including Paula.

On the night of Paula's death, Kathy Jeffers was headed to work but grew concerned about leaving Irick with her children because he was drinking and showing signs of anger at her in-laws over being kicked out of their home. Court records show she phoned Kenneth Jeffers and asked him to take over baby-sitting duties from Irick.

He dallied, however, insisting the children were fine in Irick's care. Soon after, Kenneth Jeffers received an urgent call from Irick that Paula was in peril, court records show. Jeffers returned to the home to discover Paula raped and strangled, according to appellate court records.

Irick confessed, and a year later was sentenced to death. Having lost all state and federal appeals, he is now trying to convince Baumgartner he is too psychotic to be executed.

Seidner testified Tuesday that Irick is fully aware of what he was convicted of and why he is on death row.

"He feels like (his current defense team) is doing everything they can, and he trusts they're working on his behalf," Seidner said.

Baumgartner said he would rule in more than five days. Whatever he opines, an appeal is expected, making it unlikely Irick will actually face execution this year.

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He doesn't look crazy, just evil and mean. He may well have some short circuits, but I don't think it impacted his ability to understand that his actions were wrong and what the potential consequences might be. His competency and understanding are also demonstrated by his ability to offer alternate suspects and theories.


Oh man! I thought I'd missed the date for this one, but now I realise the dates are around the other way..... I feel like a.......... :-[


WBIR reports today (08/20)
A Knox County judge on Friday said convicted killer Billy Ray Irick is competent to be executed.

A jury convicted Irick of raping and killing a 7-year-old Knoxville girl he had been baby-sitting in 1985.

Tennessee law essentially says a death row inmate cannot be deemed fit for execution if they are not able to comprehend how the crime they are convicted of fits into the punishment of death.

Judge Richard Baumgartner ruled that Irick is fit.

The state Supreme Court has set a Dec. 7 execution date for Irick.

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Even as a convicted child killer tried to escape death by claiming mental incompetence, he was openly pondering what method of execution he would choose.

And that, a Knox County judge ruled Friday, is one of many reasons Billy Ray Irick has failed to prove he is too mentally ill to understand that he is set to die in December and why.

Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner has shot down the 51-year-old Irick's last-minute bid to escape the death penalty for his April 1985 rape and murder of 7-year-old Paula Kay Dyer.

Baumgartner noted that during a psychiatric evaluation conducted last weekend, Irick discussed his views on the death penalty - he's in favor of the concept but not the application - and, though vowing to "fight to the end," is already contemplating his manner of execution.

Tennessee currently puts inmates to death via lethal injection. However, when Irick was convicted in 1986, the state carried out executions via the electric chair. Because of that, Irick has a choice between the two.

"(Irick) describes being realistic and is contemplating his choice of death by lethal injection or electrocution," clinical psychologist Bruce Seidner wrote in a report the judge cited in his ruling. "He appears knowledgeable of the objective facts related to both methods and has full knowledge that this will likely be his last major life decision."


The fact that he can contemplate that surely shows that he's mentally "with it" enough to be executed.  Wonder what he'll choose?


The Tennessee Supreme Court Upheld the District Court ruling that Irick is competent to be executed in today's Orders/Opinions.

Opinon is here:



In support, they introduce affidavits from three members of the victim's stepfamily that detail Irick's bizarre behavior in the days leading up to the slaying. Those include accounts of Irick chasing a girl he did not know down the street with a machete because he "didn't like her looks" and telling people he was "taking instructions from the devil."

I don't know about any of you but I wouldn't let this guy anywhere near my 7 year old daughter. Plus just take a look at way in hell he would be near my child.

I had to sign up to agree, agree agree! That is the first thing I thought when I was reading the soon as I read the mother thought he was acting strangely outside,  I would have late or missing some work. Sad. Im sure the parents have a ton of should have, could have's. :(


Give him the needle. Now.

When I read about murdered children, I usually start to cry. I just cant help it. I think of what the children must have thought the last moments of their life. :'(

Childrapists and childmurderers makes me feel hate.  :(
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Then, she generously provides us unenlighted souls with religious answers to questions we never asked...

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Embrace the hatrid...

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Seriously, irick needs to man up and take his due for HIS OWN ACTIONS.
You can lead an ass to water and if you fight long and hard, you can make it drink.  But at the end of the day, after all the fighting, it is still an ass.

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The State's proof was that Billy Ray Irick was a friend of the child's mother and step-father. He had lived with them for a time, often caring for the five (5) young children in the family while the parents were working.

At the time of the incident the parents were separated. The step-father and the defendant were living with the victim's step-father's mother. On the night of the occurrence the victim's mother left Mr. Irick with the children when she went to work. She was somewhat uneasy about this
because Mr. Irick had been drinking, although he did not seem to be intoxicated. Mr. Irick was in a bad mood because he had been in an argument with the stepfather's mother earlier in the day. Mr. Irick did not want to keep the children since he planned to leave Knoxville for Virginia that night.
The victim's mother called her husband at the truck stop where he worked to tell him of her fears. He reassured her and said he would check on the children.

About midnight the victim's step-father received a telephone call from Mr. Irick telling him to come home, suggesting there was something wrong with the little girl, saying, "I can't wake her up." When the victim's step-father arrived at the house Mr. Irick was waiting at the door. The
child was lying on the living room floor with blood between her legs. After ascertaining she still had a pulse, the victim's step-father wrapped her in a blanket and took her to Children's Hospital. Efforts to resuscitate her there failed and she was pronounced dead a short time later.
Physical examinations of her body at the hospital emergency room and during the autopsy were indicative of asphyxiation or suffocation. The cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest from inadequate oxygen to the heart. There was an abrasion to her nose near one eye and lesions on her right chin consistent with teeth or fingernail marks. Blood was oozing from her vagina, which had suffered an extreme tear extending into the pelvic region. There were less severe lacerations around the opening of her rectumin which semen and pubic hair were found. These injuries were consistent with penetration of the vagina and anus by a penis.

After the victim was taken to the emergency room, Mr. Irick left the victim's home and was located by the police the next day hiding beneath a bridge. When apprehended, Mr. Irick
stated: "I have been hiding under the bridge all day, and several police cars have gone by and I had thought about turning myself in." After his arrest, Mr. Irick gave a statement to the police, in which he admitted killing the victim.

You POS you've really won your Execution



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I still struggle to understand how in the HELL antis can find a way to defend these vile monsters. Rest assured, there will be candlelight vigils for this POS, as with many others who have raped and murdered innocent children. For me the fieriest rings of Hell aren't hot enough for this sick POS! The only fires that should be lit for him are the ones he will feel under his skanky a$$!  >:( >:( >:(

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