Retesting of DNA Granted in Routier Case

Started by ScoopD (aka: Pam), November 18, 2008, 04:17:22 PM

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ScoopD (aka: Pam)

New developments in the Darlie Routier case that could get her off death row. Texas Judge Royal Furgeson is granting part of Routier's Motion for Discovery. That means Routier, formerly of Lubbock, can retest some physical evidence from the crime scene.

Routier was convicted in 1996 of the stabbing death of her young son. She claims an intruder entered her Dallas area home, stabbed two of her children, and attacked her. Despite her claims that the intruder was the murderer, she was convicted and given the death penalty.

Four unidentified fingerprints will be tested and run through the FBI database. Two of the fingerprints were left in blood, and don't match anyone known to be at the scene.

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Please excuse my ignorance on this particular case. Has ANY dna been tested from this case, or is this the first time for any of it to be tested? If the prints did not match Darlie my bet is the DNA comes back as a match to Darren or someone they knew.

Em Bem

This is a pretty big development!  :o

I was 17 when Routier was convicted of this crime. I remember following it to the Nth degree. (I've been interested in crimes, unsolved crimes, law and punishment since Ted Bundy was executed just after I turned 10 years old. Up until his execution, I never knew there was such a thing as the DP. I never knew there were such things as serial killers!)

So, anyway, if you get more information about this, I'd love to know. I always felt some kind of pull in my gut that told me the whole story wasn't known. I do agree that it seems likely Darren may have been involved in this whole mess.

All that matters is finding the truth, punishing the guilty and giving peace to the precious boys who were murdered. I know she's only been convicted of murdering Damon, but we must NEVER forget Devon's life was also stolen!

I will be extremely interested to see where all this leads!

Thank you for the information!  :-*


Judge grants additional forensic testing for mom convicted of killing kids

For the 2nd time in five months, convicted child killer Darlie Lynn Routier has been granted the right to more forensic testing of evidence in her effort to prove that an intruder killed her 2 sons in 1996.

This month, a federal judge granted additional testing of a bloody sock; new forensic testing of a butcher knife presented in the original trial as the murder weapon, as well as new testing of fibers from another knife; and permission to run four fingerprints through a national database.

His decision, which was signed Nov. 5, piggybacks a state appeals court decision in June to allow her defense team to test some pubic and facial hairs.

"To have two separate courts say, 'Yes, you have valid claims,' obviously it's a big deal, especially for the fingerprints," said Stephen Cooper, one of Mrs. Routier's attorneys. "Everyone has said no [to checking the fingerprints]. We've been trying to get the fingerprints in the FBI database for comparison for 10 years now."

Mrs. Routier, 38, was sentenced to death for the stabbing death of her 5-year-old son, Damon. She also was charged with killing his older brother, Devon, who was 6, but she was not tried in that case. She has long contended that an unidentified intruder killed her boys and then stabbed her in the June 6, 1996, attack in Rowlett.

Dallas County First Assistant District Attorney Terri Moore said prosecutors are confident that Mrs. Routier's conviction and death sentence will stand.

"I'm not afraid of the testing," Ms. Moore said, adding that the defense has to prove there is consistent evidence of an unidentified person who might have been an intruder.

Mrs. Routier's appellate attorneys have been filing requests in both state and federal courts. In state courts, they have asked for post-conviction DNA testing, which was first allowed for Texas prisoners in 2001. On the federal side, her attorneys have asked for a writ of habeas corpus to fight her death penalty conviction.

Even while granting the most recent round of testing, U.S. District Judge Royal Furgeson questioned how some of the items might prove Mrs. Routier's theory of an intruder attack, according to court records.

Even if another person's DNA is found on the bloody sock, that won't necessarily prove that there was an intruder who killed the children, Judge Furgeson wrote in his 18-page ruling.

Judge Furgeson also denied some requests, including testing on a blood-soaked night shirt that Mrs. Routier was wearing that night and a review of previous DNA tests.

(source: KHOU News)


I have one question about this case, Darlie Routier was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of her son Damon, but what wasn't she tried for the Devon's murder, I know she got the death penalty but she should be tried and convicted for both of the boys murder, not just one, well thats my opinion anyway.



Sometimes in multipul murder cases, prosecutors will prosecute the murder with the best chance of conviction.  Holding other murder charge in backup just in case the first prosection fails.  I believe that is what happened here.
"How come life in prison doesn't mean life? Until it does, we're not ready to do away with the death penalty. Stop thinking in terms of "punishment" for a minute and think in terms of safeguarding innocent people from incorrigible murderers."

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Oh ok thanks for the information Hutchsmash, I still think she should of went to trial for her other sons death as well...



I think that also, she should have been tried for both sons. Another woman in tx was arrested for killing her step son ( beating him to death). what in the hell is going on in tx where these woman are killing there children.Stay clear of I-20 going through tx , there could be something in the water making these woman do these things.
Justice is not about bringing back the dead. It is not about revenge either. Justice is about enforcing consequences for one's own actions to endorse personal responsibility. We cannot expect anyone to take responsibility for their own actions if these consequences are not enforced in full.


Nah its not in the water vikkiw47, there just women who should never become a mother but do and the poor children end up being murdered by the one person they trust more in then anyone in the world, some people just shouldn't be parents, I look at it this way, if you feel like hurting your children, give them up for adoption or give them to a family member, look at all the people in the world who can't have babies/children, they would give anything to become a parent but aren't blessed unless they adopt one, its very sad, I have 4 children and trying to have one more, I would die for each and every one of my children and would die if anyone murdered them, this woman murdered 2 of her sons and is sitting in the right place, even though she should be where her sons are right now because of her, 6 foot under the ground, I hope she gets her vaccination real soon.



There are too many inconsistencies with her stories.  Yes, I said stories.  She was describing the crime scene to one tv station and then turned the story.  The evidence shows that she is guilty.  The way the stab wounds were made, to the fingerprints, blood trickles to the window in the house.  Also, innocent people do not have a tactless party on their graves!!  Dancing, singing, silly stringing everyone and everything.  She has had many opportunities to face the judge and jury.  It has been concluded without a reason of doubt that she infact killed her children.  She needs to woman up and take the consequences of her actions....


Well said i could not have said it any better!
Justice is not about bringing back the dead. It is not about revenge either. Justice is about enforcing consequences for one's own actions to endorse personal responsibility. We cannot expect anyone to take responsibility for their own actions if these consequences are not enforced in full.


They should be giving her a date, not waisting more time and money trying to prove she is innocent which she isn't, its about time for justice to be done for Devon and Damon...



She is guilty but she has too many followers and a massive following on YouTube, she even has a Face book page now, makes me sick that she is getting attention and a massive support from the British public, needless to say donations.  Enough said

the big fella

i,m new here i,m not exactly against the d p but i just wondered if any of the people here bother to read the cases,i thought the whole idea of DNA testing was to either prove or disprove wether someone was guilty of a crime or not, the British people feel quite strong about this case the reason being they feel she is innocent,mainly because of a an incompetent police investigation and with held evidence,also there was a lot of controversy about the police not disclosing all of the photo,s of the so called self inflicted beating she gave herself,nor was there any evidence to actually say that she did do it,also there was alot of the 911 call erased that the jury did,nt hear that the asst DA  claim she faked,to put it simply there,s a very big? mark that she,s here,s my question to you if she is innocent would you still support the death penalty ? the reason the DNA testing has been ordered is because it was,nt done in the first place,there was a fingerprint found on a coffee table ,a pubic  hair was found on the carpet and never tested ,also two fingerprints outside on the garage door were found,the coincidence here was that they didn,t belong to anyone in the house.but i,m sure you already know this ,but what alot of the british people are also wondering is how many other people on D R innocent,and looking at the darlie routeir case i feel they have a very valid point.


Welcome aboard big fella!  :-*

,i thought the whole idea of DNA testing was to either prove or disprove wether someone was guilty of a crime or not,

This is not correct fella. The DNA canīt be the only evidence, you can use DNA to support or reject a possible string of a crime. F.e. there had been cases which could be solved with DNA (f.e. cases where the criminal told he wasnīt at the crime scene, but his DNA was there) or thereīll be cases like the Routier case. Whatīs the idea behind this test? I think itīs, like mostly in capital murder cases, a way to get justice delayed. I have no doubt that youīll find DNA from a mysterious third person - itīs a house and they would have had a lot of visitors. The evidence in the Routier case links (if you read more than the supporter sites) Darlie directly to the crime. I donīt see a need to test DNA samples found in the house.

I support DNA-testing in rape(-murder) cases. Thereīs DNA a perfect way to see if the convicted person was the rapist, but DNA is not necessary in case like the Routier case.

Iīm not sure if thereīs a hell, but I believe in executed murderers.

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