Horrific crime in Idaho

Started by RevKev, August 14, 2008, 11:47:04 AM

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Grandmother of Brandon, you are much more patient and eloquent than I am.  Thank you


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The purpose of this site is to honor the victims, execute the guilty and educate the uninformed as I understand it... which I fully support. I do NOT agree that it should be a place to advocate vile, unrealistic and unreasonable punishments, or determine where their soul is going to be after death. (Im as guilty as any of us on that) Now for those of you that know me realize that Im not a stranger to  murder and the thoughts such heinous acts create, but on the other hand, I  can also see why the anti DP crowd view those of us who advocate or even talk about such torturous punishments as no better than the criminals we are executing. And theyre absolutely right IMO.  Such talk does nothing but give the anti DP crowd more ammunition in their fight to abolish the DP altogether, and I see no reason to keep giving such advantages, which this practice certainly does.   AND although I have been guilty of such thoughts, (and on occasion both in print and speaking) made some of those thoughts public, I believe it is and was a mistake. Again,  all I want (and all we have a right to hope for)  is justice to be carried out in a timely manner with whatever method of execution that is legal in the state of conviction.  Isnt that enough to work toward? as we are having trouble in even getting THAT done in many cases.  Some of you are unhappy if the offender apologizes, or unhappy if he doesnt. If he volunteers to be executed or if he doesnt. This last offender, (I believe it was in TX volunteered, did everything he could do to expedite his execution,  apologized to the victims relatives before he died. As far as Im concerned he did everything he COULD do short of volunteering to be taxidermied and mounted on the victims family's wall as a trophy and that STILL wasnt enough for some...Let's try to remember what we are here for..which is justice.  And justice is determined by existing law in the locale the crime was committed in.  We are not here to advocate torture, slow death, boiling, cannibalism, gutting and filleting, etc. To me, that is the surest way to a 20 to life maximum sentence, while taking the DP off the table as an option in the 38 states that still allow it.


It is unbecoming for those who may be undecided about the DP in general that come to this site for information to be bombarded continuously with these preposterous thoughts and dreams about sticks in the eye, boiling in oil, rack torture....It is not the right things to say unless you want to  give the impression that those of us who favor capital punishment all appear barbaric, and little better than the criminals that are being executed. I know sometimes I get that impression and im as pro as they come when it comes to the DP for MURDER. 

Pizz,  when people read about a crime this terrible, and especially to children, it is a natural thing to want to take especially vile revenge on the kind of monster who would do these things.

Not everyone can cope with those feelings by keeping them bottled up inside themselves.  They may need to express their horror and revulsion in a way that does offend others to be able to handle the feelings this brings out in them.   

I know that when we were going through  our mourning for Brandon, and then later on through Cathy's trial, the only thing that kept us sane and from going for her throat in court, was fantasizing all the awful things we wanted to do to her.  We each killed her in fantastic ways several times a day every day, yet she still lives.  Having an active fantasy kept us from actually carrying out the things we wanted to do to her and allowed us to be able to cope emotionally with the horror of the situation.

That's all these posters are doing here too.  They are coping with the horror of the situation these children lived through with this monster.  They used the forum to express those feelings in things they could never actually do or carry out in real life.  And expressing the the thoughts allows them to cope with the feelings this horrific crime brought out in them.

So lighten up on them please.  I do understand where they are coming from and why they said what they did.  But if you talked to each one of them you would find out that they could never carry out a single one of the things they said for real.

None of us on this forum are barbarians or hoodlums.  We are decent law abiding citizens who abhor and hate murder and torture.  Again, unfortunately, some of the more horrific crimes bring out worst thoughts in us.  People should be allowed to express their horror in their own way.  :-* :-*

Absolutely, GoB. Thank you.  :-*
Thanks for your time
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Seems to me that this guy had everything...EVERYTHING planned...looks like he's gonna go with the insanity plea, hence the letter. Just my thoughts on this one...
"..the death of any public servant or innocent is a tragedy... the death of a murderer is a mere statistic..."  -63Wildcat


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