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Started by eqb76, June 17, 2008, 03:17:02 PM

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Hai, I am from holland and I wonder if someone knows more about this guy! I've done a foolish thing, but I also feel a bit mislead by him!

Last year someone told me about a sad man who's on death row in san quentin, looking for a penpal en she asked me to write to him! So silly me did, he really looked like a nice guy, but my dad didn't like the idea and asked me if I knew what he did and what the victims family would think of him having penpals....

So I tried to google him, but it's a really old case and he didn't want to talk about it! That wasn't good for his case! Later I found out, he lied about his date of birth!

I think he hoped I couldn't google him! Then he asked for photographs of me and my family and I saw nothing wrong with that (I'm very naive)
Later I found out that he was  a serial killer and killed probably more than 5 women/little kids by slashing their throats.... I feel so stupid!

I'm from Holland and I really believed that someone who's done such horrible crimes wouldn't be on dead row for 20 years, in Holland we don't have death sentences!

Still I can't find much on the internet about him! Have someone heard of him or his case!?
I can't find much on the internet!



Hi ellen!

Welcome to the board.   :-*

Please use the possibility to get "true" informations about all the DP thing from this board.

About your question, I found this:

He wasn't as successful in his defense of triple killer David Allen Lucas, a Casa de Oro carpet cleaner who was sentenced to death in 1989 for slashing the throats of two women and a 3-year-old boy.

During the Lucas proceedings, Feldman expressed sympathy for the families of the victims, but asked the judge not to impose the death penalty, saying she "may have the legal authority to impose the death penalty but not the moral authority."

"The message we must send to our children is to honor and sanctify life," Feldman said. "Imposing the death penalty defeats that purpose."

Lucas is one of the San Diegans on death row.




Iīm not sure if thereīs a hell, but I believe in executed murderers.


Welcome to the board ellen!!! MOST of these scumbags on Death row have been master manipulators all their lives. Being on death row doesn't change that. They will continue to try to manipulate both people and the system until they draw their last breath.


Hi Ellen,
welcome, you will find as micheal said lots of information here. I was interested in your comment  'he loked like a nice guy' gosh i would think anyone on DR were not nice girls or guys! however i guess ppl write to these murderers for many different reasons ( maybe it is even seen as being christian) i am not really sure and i defo really dont understand it at all. Anyway i do hope you find more information and possibly decide he doesnt deserve a nice person writing to him.

kind regards Nats


Here's a lot of information on David Allen Lucas. Apparently, these are copies of San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper articles that can be found in the San Diego Public Library:


Especially the articles towards the end of that page and the ones on the next page are almost exclusively about Lucas.



iīm not writing to him anymore.... let me explain somthing.... iīm from holland, we do not know death penalty sentences.... the woman who asked me to write to him made the story very sad for him! He was innocent (of course) and that was the reason why he has been there for 20 years.... I believed that.... iīm gonna say it again, we do not have those sentences and i really believed that it took so long because he was innocent.... heīs making you believe that.... i thought that if he was quilty he would be executate earlier, when i looked for information about death penalty i found out that there are more men living on death row for such a long time.... not because they are not quilty, but because they are fighting for their lives and make it so much harder for the victims relatives!

so when i found that, i wanted to google him and found out he had lied about his date of birth! i think thatīs manipulating!

iīm not writing to him or anyone else.... heīs just not worth it!

but thank you all for your replyīs!

Posted on: June 18, 2008, 07:30:16 AM
wow gabmat, thatīs a lot of information, he did 5 killings, 3 women, 2 little kids, slashing their throughts.... horrible....

I really donīt want to know what heīs doing with my pictures.... I feel so stupid!
Iīve got pictures from him to.... celebrating christmas with he family when he was still a free man!

let me explain my sentence `he looked like a nice guy`
by this I meant in his letters (iīm not english speaking, so itīs a bit hard for me to find the right words)

they talk about him being a nut, and having a personality disorder.... you really canīt tell that reading his letters.... he was writing really nice.... not asking strange questions or something like that.... he wanted to see the outside world through my eyes.... told about his days, stuff like that!

but he was lying too.... the article says he has a son.... he told me he had 2 daughters....
why would you lie about that....

can some explain why he is in there for 24 years (he was convicted in 1984)?
as far as I know he still hasnīt got a date.... that must he horrible for the victims families! how is that possible?

I really donīt understand!

Henrik - Sweden

California is a very odd state when it comes to the DP. It's one of the most eager in dealing it out, but quite reluctant in really carrying it out. As a result, there are around 700 inmates or so I think on their Death row, while only a few sentences (is it less than 10 Jeff?) has been carried out in the last 15-20 years. So there are many men there who has been sitting for 20 years or more.

Even when you look nationwide, many cases have huge delays as the appealing process works its way through the legal system. Some cases have been reversed 2 or 3 times, resulting in new trials and then the appealing process starts over all again. Even in Texas - the state that in many ways is the toughest one and who by far have executed most inmates in the US since 1976 - you can find a couple of cases with people who have been on their Death row since the late 1970ies. The main reason I think is that USA:s legal system allows appeals on many grounds and through many courts, thus give the condemned inmate a better chance to fight his case than in most european countries. In Sweden f.e you only have right to one appeal to a higher court. If that one is dismissed, the only thing left is our Royal Supreme Court. But they don't handle any cases that are solely about how proof in the case shall be valued - it must be some kind of prejudice interest in the case. So mostly: one appeal and that's it. The only thing left is to seek for reversion of the verdict on the ground that new proof has come up, that wasn't known at the time of the trial (No possibility in principle f.e to seek reversion of the verdict on the ground that the court erred during the punishment phase). This means that cases where verdicts really are reversed are very rare.


Yes, Henrik pretty much explained it. Let me add a bit to that: DR inmates can file many appeals. Some of those are very frivolous, but they still have to be ruled on by the courts. Certain appeals/motions/petitions take 5 years (or much longer even) before the court in question rules on them. So they file an appeal and "automatically" add 5 years or more to their lives, all because the appeal will be pending in court for years. In addition, if a court decides to overturn the sentence (meaning the inmate is still considered guilty, but his death sentence is thrown out and a court/jury has to decide on a penalty again) or the entire conviction, then, if that inmate again gets sentenced to death, he can start that entire appeals process all over again. Unfortunately, it means that 20 years on DR is not rare. The longest serving DR inmate at the moment is Gary Alvord, who has been on Florida's Death Row since April of 1974, more than 34 years...


34 years? ridiculous!

so the family of the victims never get closure this way? then the murderer of your family member better gets life inprisonment, than you can rest your case and try to life on! now family members have to follow these cases, than they get a date and than it is stayed and it all begins all over again! not that i'm against death penalty, but these laws make it even harder if you understand what I mean!

but why are some inmates executed in (let's say) 10 years? is that because they stop fighting? You should think every inmate can go the same courts, so everyone can stay there for 34 years.... I think there's something I don't understand about your laws! (the netherlands are really more easy.... more like henrik explained about Sweden)
but I find a lot of information on this site, so i'll be looking further for information!

thanks again


Yes, it's a fact that the majority of DR inmates does not die from execution, but from other causes (natural causes, killed by another inmate, suicide), so, for a lot of them, it is in a way "only" a life sentence.

10 years currently is about the minimum possible time for a DR inmate to run out of appeals and be executed without stopping fighting. But every case is different. One of the laws says that someone has to understand why he is being executed and exactly what it means to be executed (i.e. that it is final, death, there's no coming back). In the case of Gary Alvord, he has been evaluated many times and every time, it was decided that he was not mentally competent to be executed. So every time that happens, a few years go by before they evaluate him again.

Henrik - Sweden

It also differs between states. And some of the laws changed in the 90ies so that inmates sentenced to death after that has fewer possibilities to appeal. If you look at the list of executed persons in Texas f.e. you'll find that there are more "newcomers" (relatively speaking) than oldtimers. Two of the last ones that were executed before the moratorium had "only" been on death row for 7 and 8 years.

As I have understood it it's also somewhat of a "lottery" how fast one offenders particular case moves forward. One of the men on Texas DR still left from the 70ies had his case standing absolutely still for around 15 years for some unknown reason. But now it moves and he is quite near an execution date, which might bother even the tough Texas a little, since he's over 70, has heart failure and cancer and at least sometimes has to use a wheelchair. +


You worry about Smith too much Henrik.  ;)


This man, David Lucas, killed my mother and the 3-year-old girl she was babysitting at the time. I was only a baby in my playpen at the time. He didn't touch me. My 5 year old sister came home and found our mother and her best friend with their throats slashed. I have no idea how to find out information about him. Because of him, my brother, sister, and I were seperated. We all had different dads and I have still not been able to find my older brother. This man is a pathetic excuse for a human being and I have no idea why he's still sitting on death row.


Welcome to the board Jessica.  Words can't express how sorry I am to hear your story.  :-*

I am also sorry to know that this POS is still sitting on DR and drawing air. Honestly, I don't know much about this case or the offender, but now that I've read this thread it is definitely one that I'll remember and keep an eye on in the future.


July 08, 2010, 12:49:38 AM Last Edit: July 08, 2010, 12:53:10 AM by Jeff1857
Welcome to the site Jessica. I too am very sorry for your loss. It's really very hard to know what is going on with these older cases unless we run into an article or an appellate decision. It's very tragic in itself that cases such as these sort of just move off the face of the map especially in California where it takes forever for justice. I would suggest that you contact the prosecuting District Attorney's office. I am sure they will be able to give you an update on where Lucas is in regards to his appellate status and/or case status. Again welcome. Your voice will be heard here.... :-*...Jeff

Also here is the link for Cali Dept of Corrections Victim Services. I am sure they will be able to give you information as well:


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