Joe D'Ambrosio Ohio DR in 1988 Murder Ordered Free

Started by Jeff1857, June 06, 2008, 04:17:06 PM

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Sloppy police work and a strict judge leaves a bad feeling.

You literally couldnt make it up!

A man/women is sentenced to die = 100% guilty + a big hooray for the U.S legal system

A man/women is exonerated from death row = 100% failure of the legal system based on personal opinion alone

I know DR inmates are known for claiming innocence when they really aren't, but this is the only case where I was 100 % convinced of his innocence . I wish Joe much luck in his future endeavors . He is a good guy and did not deserve what happened to him . This man entered prison in his 20's and spent nearly 2 decades in prison for a crime he didnt commit . How does one move on from that ?

A good question...strangely overlooked by all. No miscarriage of justice here...nothing to see here...move along


you should join anti death penalty site york..

Granny B

" Closure? Closure is a misused word in the English language.  There is no such thing as closure for the family of a murder victim.  There will never be any closure for the death of our loved ones until we are dead ourselves.  The families have a lifetime sentence of anguish and sadness." 
Susan Levy


Oh Granny............  ;D ;D ;D ;D


LOL Granny,

That Yorkie needs some serious training  ;), They should never bear their teeth to their betters...oops I mean owners...LOL!
"Indeed, the decision that capital punishment may be the appropriate sanction in extreme cases is an expression of the community's belief that certain crimes are themselves so grievous an affront to humanity that the only adequate response may be the penalty of death."  SCOTUS

Peace and Comfort to all Victims and Families


i came back yesterday after long period away didnt know who yorki was today get in bit of spat with yorkk and have a reply to a post taken down,  8) lol all hail me the rebel ( thats meant as a joke)

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