Jack Harold Jones Jr. - Arkansas - 12/14/15 - Stayed

Started by Jeff1857, August 22, 2007, 02:02:49 PM

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I hope I read no bad news after the clemency hearing took place.

I´m not sure if there´s a hell, but I believe in executed murderers.


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Death row inmate, Jack Jones is rejected clemency by parole board

Ashley Blackstone      16 mins ago

The daughter of a Bald Knob woman who was brutally attacked and strangled says her mother's killer deserves no second chances.

Lacey Phillips, who is now 25, told members of the Arkansas Board of Parole that Jack Jones deserves to die for the 1995 killing of her mother, 35-year-old Mary Phillips. Lacey was 11 at the time and was beaten and left for dead by Jones, but survived the attack.

Jones faces a March 16 execution and is seeking clemency from the board. At a hearing last week at the maximum-security Varner prison, Jones apologized for what he did and said he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the murder.

The parole board plans to release its recommendation Thursday. Gov. Mike Beebe has the final say on whether to approve the request.



Under the influence of  drugs at the time of the murder ??Well hells bells folks. lets let this poor misguided lamb of kindness and generosity out right now ....hmmm... now what a minute though...nope can't do that ....because that would mean letting out EVERY OTHER IDIOT ON DEATH ROW!!!!
          Now what i am going to suggest may be looked upon as heresy,however, the little fact of being tried,convicted, and sentenced to death not withstanding, the concept of personal responsibility rear's it's head here . I know , I know , taking responsibility for ones own actions is a such a cliche,but this pos killed and raped an innocent woman , and it is now time for Arkansas to put him down ...... 8) 8) 8)
People that think they know it all, annoy the hell out us who actually do ...


Judge Dismisses Suit on Arkansas Execution Law

Little Rock - A federal judge has dismissed a death-row inmate's lawsuit challenging Arkansas' new law detailing execution procedures.

Marcel Wayne Williams filed a lawsuit claiming that the law prohibits him from learning how his execution will be carried out because some details aren't subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

He argued he would have no way to know whether he would be subject to cruel and unusual punishment.

But U.S. District Judge Leon Holmes rejected the argument, noting that the law allows the release of what types of chemicals will be used for an execution, along with the quantity, method and order in which they'd be used.

Inmate Jack Harold Jones Jr. was among the inmates who'd hoped to join the lawsuit, but Holmes denied that request as moot in the dismissal. Jones faces a March 16 execution.

Hey scumbag, you will see it live 03/16/10



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AR Death Row Inmate Gets Stay of Execution

Reported by: KARK 4 News

Friday, Mar 12, 2010 @07:15am CST

An Arkansas death row inmate scheduled to die by lethal injection next week has received a stay of execution.

On Monday, Jack Harold Jones, Jr., 45, filed his request with two different judges, and yesterday Chief U.S. District Judge Leon Holmes granted it.

Just last month, in a unanimous vote, the Arkansas Board of Parole determined that an executive clemency application filed by Jones was without merit.

Jones was convicted of murdering 35-year-old Mary Phillips in Bald Knob.

According to court documents, on June 6, 1995, Phillips and her 11-year-old daughter Lacy Phillips, were at Mary Phillips' work place, an accounting office. Jones entered the office and robbed Mrs. Phillips and her daughter at gunpoint. He tied Lacy to a chair in a bathroom before raping and killing her mother. Phillips died from strangulation and blunt-force head injuries.

Jones then entered the bathroom and choked Lacy until she passed out. After that, Jones hit her at least eight times in the head with the barrel of a BB gun, causing severe lacerations and multiple skull fractures. Lacy regained consciousness when the police were photographing her body, thinking she was dead.

Her testimony helped convict Jones in 1996.

Jones was scheduled to die once before in 2007. However, he was granted a stay of execution because he was one of three death row inmates to challenge the state's lethal injection procedures.

Jones filed the unsuccessful petition in January. His execution date had been set for March 16th.

The Attorney General's office says it will file an appeal against Jones' stay of execution.



Chief U.S. District Judge Leon Holmes ,I dont know what your thoughts are , but Jack dont deserve anoter breath of air. He's playin you like a fish on a line , and you swallowed it hook line and sinker. Here have a Rolaid to help you with the indigestion.......



Attorney General Says Execution Likely To Proceed

LITTLE ROCK -- Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said Friday he expects a judge's ruling staying the execution of condemned killer Jack Harold Jones Jr. to be overturned and the execution to take place next week as previously scheduled.

McDaniel's office has asked the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis to give expedited consideration to its appeal of U.S. District Judge Leon Holmes' ruling Thursday that stayed Jones' execution. By 5 p.m. Friday the 8th Circuit had not issued a ruling.

"We've notified the United States Supreme Court to be expecting that to come to them," McDaniel told reporters Friday. "We are stationed at the office around the clock through the weekend, and we are prepared to do what we have to do leading up to the execution on Tuesday, which we still are preparing for and expect to occur."

Jones has filed a lawsuit alleging the state's Methods of Executions Act, approved last year, is unconstitutional because it hinders his ability to pursue a legal claim by denying him access to the actual lethal injection protocol that will be used to execute him.

Holmes said in his ruling Thursday that "the public interest would be served" if the court considers Jones' claims.

McDaniel said of the ruling, "I was disappointed, because there's nothing new in the motion (for the stay). If we're simply going to grant a stay every time someone files something that they'd like to have heard, then that could go on forever."

Jones also asked the Arkansas Supreme Court for a stay. The state's highest court said Friday the issue was moot because of the stay in federal court.

If the stay remains in place, at some point Gov. Mike Beebe will need to instruct the Department of Correction to stop its preparations. Spokesman Matt DeCample said the governor is monitoring the situation closely.

"It would likely happen about the end of business on Monday" if the stay is not lifted by then, DeCample said.

Jones was sentenced to die for raping and killing Bald Knob bookkeeper Mary Phillips and assaulting her daughter in 1995.



The stay sounds a little fishy to me, too.  I've not read either the appeal or the judge's decision, but I'm sure the attorney general is right.

By the by, for anybody who's interested, Dustin McDaniel is a Democrat as is Governor Beebe... ;)
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 >:(I have an idea. Everyone in the country should be IQ tested. Anyone whom is deemed "retarded" should immediately be placed in prison for the rest of their lives. No question. That way all of us "normal" people who go on to commit a violent crime can never even bring up the word mentally incompetent. Problem solved

Granny B

>:(I have an idea. Everyone in the country should be IQ tested. Anyone whom is deemed "retarded" should immediately be placed in prison for the rest of their lives. No question. That way all of us "normal" people who go on to commit a violent crime can never even bring up the word mentally incompetent. Problem solved

Ehhhhhh.......not a good idea!  I know a lot of retarded people (the politically correct word now is mentally challenged) who have not and will not commit crimes, especially murder.  So locking them up would solve nothing, but distressing a lot of nice people.

However, lock up all the criminals and throw their anti death penalty girl friend supporters in the cells with them to comfort them and I would go along with that thinking.  Pretty soon there would not be any opposition to the death penalty if their supporters start dying off like their other victims have.   ;)

We could start with Sandy. ;D
" Closure? Closure is a misused word in the English language.  There is no such thing as closure for the family of a murder victim.  There will never be any closure for the death of our loved ones until we are dead ourselves.  The families have a lifetime sentence of anguish and sadness." 
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Any update on this one?  :-X

heidi salazar

Court Declines to Lift Stay for Jones Execution
No execution tonight

The scheduled execution tonight of Jack Harold Jones Jr.  will not occur. A statement from Gov. Mike Beebe's office:

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has sent word to the Attorney General's Office that a ruling regarding the stay of execution for Jack Harold Jones issued by Judge Leon Holmes will not be forthcoming before tonight's scheduled execution.  Consequently, Governor Mike Beebe has ordered the Department of Correction to stop any additional preparations for the execution, pending further rulings and/or orders by the courts, citing a 1987 ruling by the 8th Circuit.



You got to admitt Jones aint no dummy... He can play them and there aint nothing they can do about it,or should I say nothing there willing to do about it... Sounds like a dog and pony show when it comes right down to it.....Heaven help us all .....

Grim Reaper

A real crock of BS
You might be a king or a little street sweeper, but sooner or later you dance with the Grim Reaper

UK Bricktop

>:(I have an idea. Everyone in the country should be IQ tested. Anyone whom is deemed "retarded" should immediately be placed in prison for the rest of their lives. No question. That way all of us "normal" people who go on to commit a violent crime can never even bring up the word mentally incompetent. Problem solved

America doesnt have enough room in its jails for half its population  ;D

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