Ohio Death Penalty News

Started by Jeff1857, June 01, 2007, 03:56:48 PM

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It is utterly pathetic.  As long as the scumbags end up dead who cares how much pain they feel or how long it takes.
They all committed abhorrent crimes to land up in this position and thought nothing of what they did to their victims so I have no sympathy for them.  It is a bloody disgrace that they continue to get away with it over and over again.


I don't understand, and I have fairly good layman's knowledge of our legal system, how a lower court can rule against a previous SCOTUS decision.  Did the appellate court parse each sentence and discover a "T" that wasn't crossed on which to base its decision?  Get real.  The drugs have passed constitutional muster, SCOTUS has spoken.

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When a three judge panel contains a couple of liberals they routinely go against any death penalty action regardless of previous rulings.  The full Circuit and/or SCOTUS then bitch slaps them but they continue to do it.
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