When LWOP really isn't

Started by deeg, August 14, 2012, 07:33:25 PM

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An Arizona woman is sentenced to life without parole for a 1963 murder.  The Governor provided clemency and has been released.

I wonder how many other states LWOP provides for clemency. 

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There you have it............. absolute proof that LWOP means nothing.
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That's repugnant.

"She's absolutely not a threat to society. She's almost 70 years old now," Silverman said. "She's done a lot of reflection. Forty-nine years in prison, you think a lot about what you've been through."

Doesn't matter if she is or not. The pain she caused  her victim's family far outweighs any deduction of danger.
My reason for supporting the death penalty? A murderer has less of a right to live than his victim and already presents a danger while incarcerated for life. They have nothing to lose when the most they can get is Life in prison without parole.

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