Where is the "safety zone"?

Started by TommyGirl, May 15, 2007, 09:41:20 PM

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I saw an introduction to a safety zone for victim families and I cant find it. Is it up and running or in the works? :-X


It's up and it's hidden.  Send one of the mods a PM about your background of whatever the case may be about being a victim and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  If  you have posted some connection to the death penalty other than general interest, forgive me because I have missed it.




Are you able to get into it, now?


ok- im getting exhausted with all the she's in, she's out..lol...Ill have to talk to Pam about Raychel, I know you guys can approve this by default, but thats not the way to get in there apparently. Thank you Julie and Eryn. When we were in chat the other night and were talking about our loved ones, well, it wasnt enough to allow me access. I appreciate it though.


Eryn Baugh


Julia and I messed up by granting access without first conferring with Pamee.  I understand your situation and it was explained well in the chat room.  There is a time limit of 1 month which you must be a member before the access is granted.  We erred in granting the access prematurely.

Sorry for the confusion.
When a murder is committed, a horrible fate
is thrust upon the victim's family.

The surviving family is unwillingly sentenced to a life of hell...chained to the fate of the person who took their loved ones' lives.  We are counting down the days until our sentence is lifted and we are set free.


its ok Eryn, and Pam wrote to me and explained that until now, member access had not been an issue. I understand that procedures are infact being developed and I am very grateful for that section being so well guarded. Truely I am. Im pretty high on emotion today with the paper re-leasing the details of my daughter's " attempted abduction"...and I just felt re-jected truth be told. Thank you again for further explaining...

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