MA Paroled killer guilty of clerk’s murder

Started by JeffcoCitizen, October 10, 2011, 06:05:57 AM

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Paroled killer guilty of clerk's murder

September 28, 2011
The Suffolk district attorney blasted the former state Parole Board members who released Edward Corliss in 2006, after Corliss was convicted yesterday in the cold-blooded murder of a Jamaica Plain store clerk the day after Christmas 2009.

"Edward Corliss is a career criminal," Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said yesterday. "He never should have been out of custody."

A Suffolk County jury deliberated for just one day before finding Corliss, 65, guilty of first-degree murder, armed masked robbery and illegal possession of a handgun in the slaying of Tedeschi's clerk Surendra Dangol. Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley hailed the verdict, saying he's "not sure if I've ever seen a better investigated case."

At the time of the shooting, Corliss was on parole after being convicted of murder and sentenced to life in 1973 for the slaying of a Salisbury store clerk in a robbery that netted him $17. During his decades behind bars, he escaped twice but was caught both times.

Courtroom 906 was packed yesterday with police and members of the DA's office in a show of law enforcement might. Family members were said to be too distraught to attend.

Dangol was a 39-year-old Nepalese immigrant, a husband and a father who was working the day shift when Corliss entered the store the day after Christmas in 2009. Dangol gave Corliss $742 from the cash register, then Corliss shot and killed him.

Corliss, who had hardly any reaction to yesterday's verdict, now faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole.

Judge Diane Kottmyer will sentence Corliss at 2 p.m. tomorrow, after Dangol's relatives deliver victim impact statements.

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