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Started by Grinning Grim Reaper, July 22, 2011, 09:05:12 PM

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Grinning Grim Reaper

Execution date set for San Antonio cop killer
By Craig Kapitan

An execution date of Oct. 27 was set Wednesday for a death row inmate convicted nine years ago of killing San Antonio Police Officer Hector Garza.

Police officers filled the magistrate courtroom in the basement of the Bexar County Courthouse as state District Judge Melisa Skinner read the "order setting execution date" aloud to Frank Garcia Jr. Also in attendance was District Attorney Susan Reed, who served as lead prosecutor at his capital murder trial in 2002.

Garcia, 38, remained on death row during the minutes-long hearing but followed the events via video conferencing equipment.

Garza, 48, was responding to a domestic dispute call as Garcia's wife was moving out of their home on March 29, 2001. The defendant turned two guns on the officer and also fatally shot his wife in the face, authorities said. His daughter was a witness to both killings.

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Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?

Grinning Grim Reaper

Patrolman Hector Garza was shot and killed after responding to a domestic dispute.

Two officers were initially called to the residence at approximately 0745 hours to stand guard while a resident removed possessions from a house. Officers were summoned back to the residence at approximately 0855 hours for another disturbance involving the man and his wife. The two were arguing in a bedroom and the male had his back to Patrolman Garza when he attempted to separate the two. The male suddenly spun around and shot Patrolman Garza in the head with a Mac-10 semi-automatic handgun.

The suspect then shot and killed his wife before chasing the woman's brother-in-law. After running out of ammunition, he went back into the home and got an AK-47 and shot and wounded the brother-in-law, and then shot Patrolman Garza again as he lay on the ground.

The suspect was apprehended and charged with two counts of capital murder and three counts of attempted capital murder. He was convicted of the capital murder charges and sentenced to death set for October 27, 2011. The suspect's mother was also charged in connection with starting the incident that led to the murders and sentenced to one year in prison.

Patrolman Garza had been employed with the San Antonio Police Department for 25 years. He is survived by his wife and five children.
Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?


Was that really necessary?
My reason for supporting the death penalty? A murderer has less of a right to live than his victim and already presents a danger while incarcerated for life. They have nothing to lose when the most they can get is Life in prison without parole.



Good news :(

Here is a photo of this piece of shit... >:(

:( GO TEXAS :(






Elric of Melnibone

This pos looks like steven woods older, more 'tarded brother or minion for Nosferatu.
You can lead an ass to water and if you fight long and hard, you can make it drink.  But at the end of the day, after all the fighting, it is still an ass.

Banned from PTO 3 times so far for life.


Luther is waiting for you Garcia.  The world will be a better place after October 27.
'Ah well, I suppose it had to come to this' - Ned Kelly 11/11/1880


"The world will be a better place after October 27."

spot on!
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Grinning Grim Reaper


by Suzanne Hildebrand

I attended the hearing where Judge Melisa Skinner read the Order Setting Execution Date for Frank Garcia, Jr. Garcia murdered his wife, and San Antonio Police Officer Hector Garza on March 29, 2001. This was an unusual case because Garcia's mother, knowing his propensity for violence, called him at work and told him his wife was moving out and had police assistance. Garcia drove home in his company vehicle, and executed his wife and Officer Garza.  District Attorney Susan Reed was able to prosecute Garcia's mother for her complicity in the crime. She served time for her contribution to that act of violence. The courtroom was packed with SAPD personnel as Judge Skinner read the Order. Garcia was in attendance by SKYPE from the prison in Huntsville. Having been involved in a portion of the case, and knowing Hector Garza, this case was very personal to me. The execution date is October 27 and this is one execution I truly would like to witness.

So on this day, my love and best wishes go out to Jackson and Christy and my prayers continue for the safety of our men and women in blue.

Too bad they couldn't nail the old lady with the law of parties instead of just complicity! >:(
Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?

Grinning Grim Reaper

Libs are you going to protest the Execution of Frank Garcia D-TX, next week, like you did with Troy Davis D-GA?

Another Cop Killer is going to be Executed in Republican Texas next week. Maybe this is why the Steers and Queers now live in California. I am just so full of hate for wanting another Lib Innocent Cop Killer Executed. Maybe we should transfer this execution to Pakistan or Yemen, where executions get Lib support. Why is it that Cop Killers only become innocent on the day of execution and not before then ?

An interesting question... ;D ;D ;D
Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?


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In fairness, it wasn't just libs who were against the Davis execution...Reagans FBI chief, Bob Barr, a couple other notable conservatives were too. I was not convinced of his guilt so I was against it. I'm not going to try to rehash or debate that here though, his sentence was upheld by the Supremes and what's done is done.

As for Garcia- there's no question of his guilt and he's a POS wife beater. Have at it Texas  :(
"I was once asked by somebody...if there was any way sex offenders could be stopped. I said, 'No.' I was wrong."

-last words of Westley Allen Dodd (executed for the rape and murder of 2 young boys in 1993)

Angelstorms OL'Man

The same thing could be asked why they want  Life in prison. I mean if  you didn't do wouldn't you want out of prison.
This was designed to hurt....Its a SEAL Candace unless you have been there yo will never understand...

Grinning Grim Reaper

Media advisory: Frank Martinez Garcia scheduled for execution

AUSTIN - Pursuant to a court order by the 290th District Court of Bexar County, Frank Martinez Garcia is scheduled for execution after 6 p.m. on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

In 2002, a Bexar County jury found Garcia guilty of murdering San Antonio Police Officer Hector Garza.

The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division, described the murder of Officer Garza as follows:

On the morning of March 29, 2001, during a domestic disturbance, Garcia shot and killed uniformed San Antonio Police Officer Hector Garza and his own wife, Jessica, inside the home Garcia shared with Jessica, their children, and Garcia's parents. He then fired several shots at others outside the home, wounding one person, and damaging a nearby elementary school. Garcia then surrendered to police and later gave a formal, written statement in which he admitted intentionally killing both officer Garza and Jessica.

On September 18, 2001, Garcia was indicted by a Bexar County grand jury for capital murder.

On February 8, 2002, Garcia was convicted of capital murder. After a separate punishment proceeding, he was sentenced to death on February 11, 2002.

On January 21, 2004, Garcia's conviction and sentence were affirmed by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on direct appeal. The defendant did not appeal the state court's decision to the U.S. Supreme Court. He did, however, file an application for habeas corpus relief, which the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied on June 20, 2007.

On June 11, 2008, Garcia filed a petition for writ of habeas corpus in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division. The federal court denied his petition on December 14, 2009.

On August 9, 2010, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit rejected Garcia's appeal.

Garcia filed a petition for writ of certiorari in the U.S. Supreme Court on November 3, 2010. The U.S. Supreme Court denied certiorari review on March 7, 2011.

Under Texas law, the rules of evidence prevent certain prior criminal acts from being presented to a jury during the guilt-innocence phase of the trial. Once a defendant is found guilty, however, jurors are presented information about the defendant's prior criminal conduct during the second phase of the trial - which is when they determine the defendant's punishment.

During the punishment phase of Garcia's trial, prosecutors presented evidence that showed (1) while being taken to booking on the afternoon after the fatal shootings, Garcia responded to a reporter's question with a vitriolic epithet; (2) police found inside the Garcia residence photographs of Garcia and Jessica each brandishing weapons; (3) when arrested with other gang members in 1992, Garcia identified himself as a member of a street gang that police believe engaged in drive-by shootings, drug-dealing, aggravated assaults, and other felonies; (4) during his rampage, Garcia pointed and fired his weapon at the vice-principal of the nearby elementary school, striking the front door of the school; (5) on one occasion in December 1994, Jessica Garcia sought the protection of the Battered Women's Shelter after she alleged Garcia physically assaulted and emotionally abused her; (6) Garcia once threatened to shoot a teenage neighbor who Garcia believed had fired at Garcia's vehicle; and (7) one of Jessica's co-workers saw marks and bruises on Jessica on several occasions and Jessica once told the co-worker that Garcia forcibly cut Jessica's hair.

For additional information and statistics, please access the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's website at

Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?

Grinning Grim Reaper

Memories didn't die with officer

Even as killer's execution nears, policeman's siblings still hurt.

Updated 08:50 p.m., Monday, October 24, 2011

The smell of blood and gunpowder in the air, Frank Garcia stood in the kitchen of his South Side home the morning of March 29, 2001, reloaded his AK-47 and contemplated his options.

In a bedroom were the bodies of his wife, Jessica Garcia, 21, and San Antonio Police Officer Hector Garza, 48, both shot in the head.

Outside were the remnants of Garcia's shooting spree aimed at his wife's relatives, one of whom was shot twice. Bullets had riddled vehicles. Across the street, Emma Frye Elementary was on lockdown.

"I was thinking that I would let the officers that showed up kill me," Garcia later told detectives.

But his death-wish bravado quickly dissipated when he was the one facing a gun. It was in the hand of officer Robert Carter -- Garza's partner -- the first to arrive in response to the many 911 calls about the shooting. Garcia tossed the AK and showed his hands, shouting, "I give up."

On Thursday, more than a decade later and barring any last-minute appeal relief, Garcia won't get another choice. The convicted cop-killer will be strapped to the gurney in Huntsville's death chamber for his scheduled execution.

Garcia, who turned 39 Friday, declined to be interviewed.

"My mom would have done the injection," said Hector Garza's older brother, Rey Garza Jr., 62. He and his sister Virginia "Virgie" Garza-Craig, 64, have not spoken about their brother's death publicly until now. They said their emotions were too raw at the time.

The sadness and anger has not gone, but it was tempered when the two sat around the kitchen table in Garza-Craig's home, her grandson on her lap, and reminisced about their little brother -- the jokester, the history buff, the Beatles fan, the proud husband and father -- who died a hero doing what he loved.

"Over the years he had opportunities to go to different (SAPD units) and he didn't want to," Rey Garza Jr. said, adding that even after being shot once his brother still wanted to be on patrol. "He loved patrol, he loved the streets."

He still hears stories from friends of his brother. Fellow cops, residents, business owners -- they talk about how "Hector made a joke about this or helped someone with that." The 25-year police veteran was a cop's cop. He was not one for politics. He spoke his mind and stood behind his fellow officers.

Hector Garza had joined the force after a stint in the Army. He had enlisted because he didn't want to go to college, something that changed later in life. He graduated in 1999 with a history degree from Wayland Baptist University.

A few years after he was killed, the university began the Hector Garza Memorial Award for students graduating in criminal justice. A nominee for the award should be goal-oriented, mature, an "encourager" and determined.

Hector Garza had hoped when he retired to teach and coach, possibly track and field, especially if his two youngest children were involved.

He had five children. The oldest three were sons from his first marriage. He had a daughter and son with Gilda Garza, his widow. Gilda Garza asked for privacy in a statement released through the Police Department.

"The execution of Frank Garcia brings to a close a very sad chapter," the statement said. "His wife and children lost a devoted husband and father, and his extended family in blue lost a brother officer committed to protecting his community with pride, dignity and valor."

Frank Garcia may have given up but he made sure to let police know it was on his terms.

"I could have killed a lot more," he told homicide detectives.

Officers testified Garcia was "calm and matter-of-fact," and described him as cocky, arrogant and laid-back, according to court documents.

Garcia said in his statement that when his mom, Eustacia Garcia, called him that morning to alert him that his wife was leaving with their children, then 5 and 2, he rushed home to stop her. Frank and Jessica Garcia had been married and living with his parents since she was 15 and he was 21.

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Very nice to see the feelings of the victims showcased instead of the murdering POS scumbag's!
Vengence is mine saith the Lord...who are we to question the instruments used to carry it out?

Elric of Melnibone

This POS needed to die years ago for his crimes.  WHACK HIM!
You can lead an ass to water and if you fight long and hard, you can make it drink.  But at the end of the day, after all the fighting, it is still an ass.

Banned from PTO 3 times so far for life.

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