Centre County, PA - Mirinda Boob & Ronald Heichel -Murder Trial Begins 3/15/2011

Started by JeffcoCitizen, March 14, 2011, 07:04:33 PM

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Centre County murder trial scheduled to begin Tuesday

March 14, 2011
A man charged with aggravated assault in the August 2009 shooting death of Centre Hall resident Samuel Boob will be tried separately from co-defendants Mirinda Boob and Ronald Heichel, whose trial on murder charges is slated to get underway Tuesday.

Centre County Judge Pamela Ruest last week issued an order granting an oral motion by Kermit Butts that he be given a separate trial on charges of aggravated assault and hindering prosecution. Law enforcement officials. A jury for the trial of Heichel and Mirinda Boob, the victim's wife, is expected to be selected today, with the trial scheduled to begin tomorrow morning.

Prosecutors say Mirinda Boob and Heichel planned to kill Samuel Boob, and that Heichel shot him him in the couple's driveway on Aug. 23, 2009.

Ruest, in response to motions from Mirinda Boob's attorney, Edward Blanarik, ruled last week that the prosecution will be allowed to show jurors photographs of Samuel Boob's wounds. They also will hear testimony from two men who have told prosecutors they had affairs with Mirinda Boob in 2008 and 2009, during which she expressed a desire for her husband's death and suggested to each man that he shoot Samuel Boob.

However, Ruest agreed with Blanarick's argument that law enforcement officials should not be allowed to present their opinions about the meaning of text messages allegedly exchanged by Heichel and Mirinda Boob, or about the reason for placement of a pickup truck at the scene of the crime. She also barred prosecutors from presenting information about the nature of the relationship between Mirinda Boob and a woman who was incarcerated at Centre County jail. Prosecutors have asked Ruest to reconsider that decision.

Blanarick also asked Ruest to not allow the prosecution to introduce a "reenactment" video prepared by law enforcement, arguing that it does not depict the same physical conditions as the crime, and contains performances and narratives that are not supported by evidence.

Prosecutors told Ruest they were in the process of editing the video and cutting out the audio, and Ruest withheld judgment on the matter until the defense can view the edited version.


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