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Introductions / Re: Hi...I am MikeC
March 20, 2006, 06:59:42 PM
Hi Mike, welcome to the board!!

Saturday, March 18th beginning @ 10 PM EST, 48 Hours Investigates will reair the segment regarding the disappearances of Jennifer & Abby Blagg (mother and daughter). Jennifer Blagg's body was later found in a landfill and her husband was charged with both the murder of Jennifer and Abby, although the child's body has never been found.
For more information, photos, and a small show blurb online, please visit this link below. This is a very good show. Thought you all might want to know about this.
U.S. Death Penalty Discussion / Re: Black Dahlia
March 18, 2006, 01:53:36 AM
The Black Dahlia Murder Riddle
The murder of Elizabeth Short has haunted the Los Angeles Police Department since the heinous crime was committed in 1947. The reason will undoubtedly surprise many. The truth is: L.A.P.D. knew who killed Elizabeth Short; they had him, they grilled him, but they did not hold him.

This site tells the story of the last days of Elizabeth Short, known in life and in death as the Black Dahlia. It reveals the name of her alleged killer, deciphered from cryptic messages he sent to the L.A. Examiner and L.A.P.D. over 50 years ago.
Need help? / Re: Chat room
March 17, 2006, 11:48:10 PM
muddy, because you are sooooo special, i made some alterations to the board just to irritate u  hahahaah

seriously, i will check into it.  xoxox
Introductions / Re: Hi
March 17, 2006, 08:19:23 PM
hi Dave, welcome to the new site  :)
Need help? / Chat room
March 17, 2006, 12:57:58 AM
I am attempting to make some changes to the chat room, I hope to have it up and ready to go by 8pm eastern time tonight.
Could it be that now she is siding with a child killer?  It's not bad enough to be known for marrying a man who brutally had his wife killed in cold blood but now she is speaking out on behalf of a child killer. This woman has serious mental issues.

 Posted on Thu, Feb. 23, 2006  

Killer's mother offers condolences to Underwood family

Star-Telegram Staff Writer

FORT WORTH - Stephen Barbee?s mother said Thursday afternoon that she?s been waiting a long time to offer her condolences to Lisa Underwood?s family over the death of the pregnant woman and her 7-year-old son, Jayden.

Hours after her son was convicted of killing them, she had her chance.

?Steve and [Stephen?s father] and I are so very sorry. We?ve been there,? Jackie Barbee said during the sentencing phase of her son?s capital murder trial. ?I lost a daughter and she was pregnant. ... I understand your pain, just please try to forgive everything that?s happened.?

Earlier Thursday, Barbee, 38, was convicted of capital murder for the slayings of Underwood and her son, Jayden. The two were suffocated and then taken to Denton County where they were buried in a remote spot.

Barbee faces the death penalty. District Judge Bob Gill has said jurors will likely begin deliberations Monday on whether to give him death.

Police say Barbee confessed that he thought the unborn baby was his and claimed that Underwood was threatening to tell his second wife, Trish, about the pregnancy. The couple has since divorced.

?He thought he was going to lose everything,? assistant district attorney Kevin Rousseau said during closing arguments. ?He thought he was going to lose his new wife.?

As one of six witnesses defense attorneys called Thursday afternoon, Jackie Barbee talked about the deaths of Stephen Barbee?s sister and brother. The two, who were three and five years older than Barbee, died within years of each other, when Stephen Barbee was a teen-ager.

Most of Barbee?s family and friends said they did not believe he killed Lisa Underwood or her little boy, even though he confessed to his then-wife in a videotaped statement.

Earlier in the day, his first wife also testified that he had admitted the killings to her.

Theresa Barbee, who was subpoenaed by the prosecution, said Stephen Barbee later changed that story. But, she still loved him and visited him every week in the Tarrant County Jail, trying to learn the truth about what happened.

She stopped the visits in late September. When prosecutors asked why, she broke down in tears.

?Because of what he wanted me to do,? she testified. ?He wanted me to say that Ron [Dodd] did this. He wanted me to tell his attorneys and everybody else that Ron slipped.?

Theresa Barbee, who was married to Stephen Barbee from 1996 to 2003, now lives with Ronald Dodd, a friend and former employee of Stephen Barbee.

Dodd is free on bail awaiting trial on two counts of tampering with physical evidence. He is accused of helping Barbee conceal the bodies.

Theresa Barbee was the prosecution?s first witness in the sentencing phase. During her nearly two hours on the stand, she recounted several violent episodes from their marriage.

She said the couple had three physical fights, including one in which her husband held her by the neck.

She also described an incident in which he knocked a decorative hanging off a wall and onto her head. She lost consciousness and awoke to find him sitting in a chair eating ice cream, she said.

?I asked him to take me to the hospital or call 911,? Theresa Barbee said. ?He said I was faking.?

When defense attorneys questioned her, Theresa Barbee?s descriptions of her husband were more sympathetic.

She talked about how the two entertained children at church with puppet shows, and she described the pain he felt every time he thought about the deaths of his older brother and sister.

About 3 p.m., the state rested.

Earlier Thursday, the jury took one hour and 20 minutes to find Barbee guilty of capital murder.

In closing arguments in the guilt-innocence phase, Ray argued that Barbee should not be found guilty of capital murder because he did not plan to kill Underwood.

In his first statement before jurors, Ray said his client was telling the truth when he told his second wife, Trish, that he accidentally killed Lisa Underwood early on Feb. 19, 2005.

?A planned-out killer would not have left two or three crime scenes,? said Ray, who is representing Barbee with Tim Moore. ?And he would not have taken police to where the bodies were.?

That tearful conversation between Barbee and his wife was the only videotaped statement from Barbee that the jury saw.

But jurors weren't swayed, determining that Barbee intentionally killed both Underwood and Jayden, and finding him guilty of capital murder.

The jurors had the option of convicting Barbee of murder or of manslaughter.

Rousseau and Dixie Bersano had argued that the evidence pointing to Underwood?s intentional death was overwhelming.

Bersano recalled the testimony of a deputy Tarrant County medical examiner. She said Barbee would have had to have held Lisa Underwood down for at least two minutes and as many as eight to suffocate her in the carpet of her living room.

Rousseau also told jurors that the fact that Barbee had a friend drop him at Underwood?s home supported Carroll?s descriptions of Barbee?s plan to kill Underwood.

He didn?t want his car out front because his intentions were to commit murder, Rousseau said.

He killed Jayden because the little boy was a witness, prosecutors said.

?This was not an accidental killing followed by an intentional killing. This was two intentional killings committed in the exact same manner,? Rousseau said. ?The only difference between the two victims is that the first one was a little bigger and it took a little more work.?

Shortly after Gill called a lunch break, a woman who identified herself as Jodi Fratta said she was a spokeswoman for Barbee?s family and spoke to reporters.

Fratta said the family blames the guilty verdict on the unwillingness of Barbee?s attorneys to listen to their ideas.

?The state of Texas didn?t convict Stephen Barbee of capital murder, his own attorneys did,? Fratta said.

Later, Ray said he has a job to do and isn?t going to spend time defending his actions.

Of the family spokeswoman?s comments, he said the stress of a trial sometime causes people to say things ?they might or might not mean later.?

Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Tommie Hughes
March 16, 2006, 01:13:04 AM
this thug was executed tonight.  May his victims rest in peace.
Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Tommie Hughes
March 16, 2006, 12:02:50 AM
He's got maybe another minute or two to enjoy breathing oxygen then it's nite nite Tommie

Dallas man to be executed for slayings outside theater

The Associated Press

A former Marine headed to the Texas death chamber Wednesday night for the shooting deaths of two women during a robbery outside a northwest Dallas theater in August 1997.

Tommie Hughes, 31, would be the fifth prisoner put to death this year in Texas and the first of four scheduled this month in the nation's busiest capital punishment state.

The execution is scheduled shortly after 6 p.m.

Hughes was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Foluke Erinkitola. He robbed and then shot in the head Erinkitola and her friend Roxanne Mendoza in their car after the women had watched a movie. During the trial, a cousin testified Hughes snickered when asked why he killed the women and said they could have identified him.

Hughes denied he planned the robbery or killed the women.

"The picture that they painted of me as being the mastermind, it's just totally off the rock," he said.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles on Monday rejected requests to commute Hughes' sentence to life or to issue a 90-day reprieve.

A federal judge in Houston and the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied appeals to stop the execution because the lethal drugs used in the execution are unconstitutionally cruel. An appeal is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

"We still got a chance," said Christopher Curtis, Hughes' attorney.

Erinkitola, 25, who was from the Chicago area and was a student at the University of Illinois, had been in the Dallas area on a summer internship with GTE Corp. Mendoza, 29, originally from San Francisco, also worked for GTE.

"They were very bright girls with tremendous futures ahead of them," said Toby Shook, who was lead prosecutor in the case for the Dallas County District Attorney's Office.

Hughes said he was talking to the women when his girlfriend at the time, Alina Henry, shot them in a jealous rage.

"There's no way I can understand the loss their families feel. But I'm not the one who did it," Hughes said in a recent interview from death row outside Livingston.

Shook said Hughes, whom he called "a pathological liar ... completely void of remorse," planned the robbery and shot both women.

Hughes' cousin, Derric English, helped rob the women while Henry was the getaway driver. Hughes was 22 at the time, while English and Henry were each 19.

All three were caught after a short chase by police officers who were in the parking lot on a separate undercover operation.

Hughes was charged with both killings but only tried for Erinkitola's death. His defense attorneys presented no witnesses at his trial.

At a separate trial, English was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Henry pleaded to a lesser charge of aggravated robbery in exchange for her testimony against both men. She was sentenced to 11 years.

Hughes, who grew up in Dallas, said he might have been able to stop the killings.

"It's done. I can't bring them back," he said.

During his trial, prosecutors presented evidence that Hughes had robbed three other people at gunpoint at a restaurant parking lot near the theater four days before. He was also indicted for the January 1996 slaying of Jaffar Ali, owner of a Dallas convenience store, during a robbery.

Hughes, who was in the U.S. Marine Corps for four years but got a bad conduct discharge after a court-martial, was also accused by police of domestic violence against his ex-wife.

"He's such a cold-blooded psychopath that he deserves the fate that awaits him on Wednesday," Shook said.

Next on the execution schedule is Robert Salazar Jr., condemned for the 1997 beating death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter in Lubbock. He is set to be executed March 22.


Introductions / Re: Hi everyone
March 14, 2006, 02:28:44 AM
I'm not sure..    There should be a way, I will check and see if it is in the settings
March 2006 Thug of the month is Robert Preston. He has been on floridas death row since 1981.
U.S. Death Penalty Discussion / Thug of the month
March 13, 2006, 11:29:25 PM
I am building a thug of the month page for this site. I will choose the first one but I welcome everyones input on future thugs. It's time people see these inmates for the monsters they truly are.  So use this thread to make your monthly suggestions, if need be we can always vote on it.
Introductions / Re: It's Me
March 13, 2006, 06:04:43 AM
hey cyn..  glad u got it figured out  lol
Introductions / Re: It's Me
March 13, 2006, 03:39:31 AM
i added the chat room to the top center of each page, you should be able to find it now.   lol   it requires a flash plugin.. if you dont have it let me know and i will send you a link, its a quick download and setups up by its self
Introductions / Re: Hello from Took
March 13, 2006, 02:15:54 AM
Hey took..  have a nice trip to hell?  lmao