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on: November 15, 2011, 11:19:36 PM 31 Across the Globe / World Death Penalty Discussion / Re: Vietnam Death Penalty-News

Lethal injection to pilot in 5 localities next year

Posted: Nov. 16, 2011

After completing necessary preparations, Vietnam will switch from firing squad to lethal injection for executions in January 2012, said Major General Ta Xuan Binh, deputy head of the Criminal Verdict Execution and Judicial Assistance Police General Department.

The lethal injection application will pilot in fives provinces and cities, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Nghe An, Dak Lak and Son La, the official said.

One of the first steps preparations is a training course that was opened in Hospital 198 in Hanoi yesterday, for police officers and soldiers who will be in charge of performing the lethal injection on death row prisoners, Binh said.

The Ministry of Public Security has also submitted a plan for execution by lethal injection to Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung for approval, Binh said.

The plan’s goal is to build facilities, provide equipment, and train personnel for 66 execution centers, 63 of which will be managed by local police departments, while the other 3 are to be controlled by the Defense Ministry.

The project is expected to be completed in 2015, but the first five centers will be made available for the selected localities in December.

The execution chamber will have a bed to which the prisoner will be strapped and injected with the lethal drugs by an automatic machine. Prison officials will monitor the death through a heart monitor.

Three drugs will be used: sodium thiopental, to anesthetize the condemned;, pancuronium bromide, to paralyze the nervous system and muscles;, and potassium chloride, to stop the heart.

The application of lethal injection for executions has been twice delayed due to a lack necessary facilities and personnel.

It was first expected to be carried out on July 1, when the Law on Execution of Criminal Verdicts was passed, but was postponed until November 1 and then again until next January.

Around 360 prisoners are currently on death row, mostly in HCMC, Hanoi, Nghe An, and Son La.

The death penalty is given for 29 different crimes including murder, armed robbery, treason, drug trafficking, sexual abuse of children, and economic crimes, such as embezzling VND500 million (US$24,000) or more of state property. But, in practice, it is mostly given only for drug trafficking and murder.

on: November 10, 2011, 03:27:34 PM 32 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Reginald Brooks - OH - 11/15/2011

Gov. John Kasich denies clemency for East Cleveland man scheduled for execution

Thursday Nov. 10, 2011

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Governor John Kasich today denied the clemency request of an East Cleveland man who is scheduled to be executed next week for murdering his three sons in 1982 while they slept.

Reginald Brooks shot and killed his three sons — Niarchos, 11; Vaughn, 15; and Reginald Jr., 17 — two days after his wife served him with divorce papers.

Brooks, 66, is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Tuesday November 15.

The Ohio Parole Board last month unanimously recommended that Kasich, a Republican, deny Brooks' clemency request.

Brooks’ lawyers asked for mercy because they say he is severely mentally ill, and because the trial court’s conviction was based on incomplete information about his mental illness.

Brooks’ mental issues, however, did not prevent him from carefully plotting his sons’ murders, the Parole Board said, adding that Brooks has shown no remorse.

“He committed the offense at an advantageous time, knowing that his wife would be working and he would be alone with his sons,” the board said in its report. “He shot his sons in their sleep when they would not be likely to challenge him or cause a disturbance, and turned up a radio to cover the sounds of the gunshots.”

on: November 09, 2011, 11:24:49 PM 33 General Crime / U.S. Crime Related News / Re: Lonnie Franklin Jr. - Alleged Cali "Grim Sleeper" Serial Killer Arrested

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think all those pictures above (on the previous page) are of women who have yet to be identified - as in, police are looking for them to see if they might be currently unknown victims of the Grim Sleeper serial killer. I don't think they are confirmed victims (though I imagine that some photos above might be of some of the victims recently linked to Franklin); they are some of the 40-something women whose pictures were found in Franklin's possession that have yet to be identifed.
My hope is that these women can be located soon and found safe, so their families can get answers. I am sure they are greatly missed.  :-* This is surely a very sad but intriguing case. I agree with Granny B's question of why did it have to take so many victims for him to be caught.

on: October 20, 2011, 04:48:25 PM 34 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Christopher Thomas Johnson - Alabama Death Row - 10/20/2011

US man executed for 6-month-old son's slaying
(AP) – 12 minutes ago 

ATMORE, Alabama (AP) — A man in the state of Alabama has been executed for killing his infant son in February 2005.

Authorities say Christopher Johnson was pronounced dead at 6:25 p.m. local time Thursday after receiving a lethal injection at Holman prison. The 38-year-old man, when asked if he had any last words, said only: "Game over."

Johnson was convicted in the death of his 6-month-old son, Elias Ocean Johnson, at their home. He testified that he killed and suffocated his son because he hated his wife and didn't want to be near her.

Johnson was the sixth person executed in Alabama this year and the fourth to die since the state changed one of the drugs in its lethal injection from sodium thiopental to pentobarbital — owing to a nationwide shortage of sodium thiopental.

on: October 20, 2011, 04:04:10 PM 35 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Christopher Thomas Johnson - Alabama Death Row - 10/20/2011

Death row inmate Christopher Johnson eats last meal 2 hours before scheduled execution

Published: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 4:31 PM
HOLMAN PRISON, Alabama -- Approximately two hours before his scheduled execution at 6 p.m., Christopher Thomas Johnson ate his last meal, according to Brian Corbett, spokesperson for the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Johnson was convicted of killing his 6-month-old son, Elias Ocean Johnson, at the family's home in Atmore in February, 2005.

He has been on death row at Holman Prison since February 2007, said Corbett.

For breakfast on what was scheduled to be his final day, Johnson had eggs, grits, and biscuits, then skipped lunch in lieu of the Thursday dinner.

From food supplies available in the prison cafeteria, said Corbett, Johnson chose a turkey bologna sandwich with tomatoes and cheese, french fries, and an orange drink.

In a holding cell near the execution chamber, Johnson had extended visiting hours for the day, joined by his brother, Thomas Eugene Lagos, according to Corbett.

From a vending machine in the area, said Corbett, Johnson got a Reese's Cup, pretzels, and grape Sunkist drink.

As of 4 p.m., Johnson had not yet been visited by any spiritual advisor, said Corbett.

Since lethal injection became the mode of execution in 2002, replacing electrocution, said Corbett, 30 inmates have been executed in that manner.

Johnson would be the 31st.

So far in 2011, there have been five executions at Holman, said Corbett.

on: October 14, 2011, 12:59:05 PM 36 Off Topic / Off Topic- News / Re: Gone too soon.

Tomorrow is Bryan's birthday. He would have been 21. He was really looking forward to celebrating it, but now we have to celebrate without him. My aunt is putting something together to honor her son tomorrow; my family is helping as well. It is going to be difficult, but we'll try to smile anyway. Bryan was always smiling, after all. We all miss him so much. He's probably making everyone up there laugh, just like he did with people here on earth. ;)

on: October 14, 2011, 12:45:09 PM 37 General Crime / U.S. Crime Related News / Re: 8 dead, 1 wounded in southern California shooting; suspect arrested

Seal Beach shooting: D.A. to seek death penalty

Friday Oct. 14, 2011

SANTA ANA, California - Prosecutors will seek the death penalty for the man they called a "methodical and merciless killer" who stormed through a salon and killed eight people.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said Friday that Scott Dekraai has been charged with eight counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Rackauckas choked up several times during an emotional news conference while stating the rampage was triggered by a long-running custody dispute that Dekraai had with his ex-wife, Michelle Fournier. She was one of the people fatally wounded.

"In a selfish, cruel act of senseless violence, eight innocent people were murdered," Rackauckas said.

He said Dekraai, 41, arrived at Salon Meritage in downtown Seal Beach on Wednesday carrying three weapons and dressed in body armor. At one point he stopped to reload before he continued killing people.

"For almost two minutes Dekraai shot victim after victim, executing people by shooting them in the head and chest," the district attorney said.

Rackauckas said the bloodbath was triggered by Dekraai's desire for revenge against his ex-wife, who Dekraai believed was interfering in the raising of their 8-year-old son.

"That little boy's a victim too," the prosecutor said. "His mother has been murdered, and he has to grow up knowing that his dad is a mass-murderer. What kind of sick, twisted fatherly love might that be?"

Fournier had recently told friends and family and had stated in court documents that she feared for her safety as Dekraai became more and more unbalanced.

Dekraai suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from a 2007 tugboat accident that mangled his leg and left a colleague dead. His marriage to Fournier was falling apart as well. The court battle over their son was still raging the day before the shooting.

Several hundred attended a prayer service at a church across from the salon on Thursday night and more than 1,500 showed up with candles at a vigil in the parking lot of the shopping center where the salon stands. About a half-dozen therapy dogs, wearing green vests embroidered with names like Anise and Riley, moved through the crowd providing comfort to mourners.

The quaint, sun-splashed town of Seal Beach, with its Main Street of vintage shops, restaurants and boutiques, has had only had one homicide in the previous four years.

Image: The suspect, Scott Dekraai

on: October 13, 2011, 05:45:37 PM 38 General Crime / U.S. Crime Related News / 8 dead, 1 wounded in southern California shooting; suspect arrested

Hair salon shooting leaves 8 dead, 1 wounded in southern California

Thursday Oct. 13, 2011

SEAL BEACH, California (KABC) -- Seal Beach residents are still reeling after eight people were killed at a salon shooting, which is being called the deadliest shooting ever in Orange County.

Authorities responded to Salon Meritage on the 500 block of Pacific Coast Highway at 1:21 p.m yesterday Wednesday Oct. 12. Six victims were declared dead at the scene. Three people were hospitalized in critical condition; two died at the hospital.

A ninth victim remained in critical condition at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Thursday.

At 5 p.m. Thursday, Seal Beach Police released identities of the Salon Meritage murder victims.

Buzzo, Victoria Ann (7/21/1957) age 54
Caouette, David (7/14/1947) age 64
Elody, Laura Lee (10/01/1965) age 46
Fannin, Randy Lee (12/11/1948) age 62
Fast, Michelle Daschbach (5/21/1964) age 47
Fournier, Michelle Marie (3/03/1963) age 48
Kondas, Lucia Bernice (2/19/1946) age 65
Wilson, Christy Lynn (6/05/1964)  age 47

The victims' identities were confirmed by the Orange County Coroner's Office and the next of kin contacted.

The ninth victim in critical condition was identified by friends and neighbors as 73-year-old Hattie Stretz.

The suspect, 41-year-old Scott Evans Dekraai of Huntington Beach, was arrested about a half-mile from the scene Wednesday as he was driving his white Toyota Tundra pickup truck. Witnesses said Dekraai told police he had a knife in each pocket and three weapons in his truck. A witness said Dekraai had ammunition in his cargo pants.

During the arrest, officers opened up Dekraai's button-down shirt and found that he was wearing body armor, according to witnesses.

Authorities are still trying to determine a motive, but some witnesses told Eyewitness News that Dekraai and his ex-wife, salon employee Michelle Fournier Dekraai, were involved in a custody battle over their 7-year-old son.

"Scott Dekraai's demeanor throughout this case has been controlled and he never gave any indication that he housed the potential for such destruction and carnage," said Fournier's attorney, John Cate. "Dominic is also a victim and, by one act of a desperate man, has been deprived of both a mother and a father."

According to court documents obtained by Eyewitness News, Michelle Fournier described him as physically abusive and unstable during their marriage.

Additional court documents also show that Scott Dekraai had a restraining order against him that was filed by his stepfather.

At a Thursday afternoon news conference, Seal Beach Police announced a joint news conference with Orange County District Attorney Anthony Rackauckas scheduled for 11 a.m. Friday to give further details of the shooting.

"By far, this is the greatest tragedy that Seal Beach has ever experienced," said Sgt. Steve Bowles of the Seal Beach Police Department. "There will be some grieving time for us, but our mission at this point in time is make sure we get a successful prosecution on this subject for the deaths that occurred, as well as to really comfort the families of the victims."

The salon was packed at the time of the shooting, but some people were able to make it out OK.

"Much of it was luck for many people. Some hid and some left, obviously ran out of one of the exits. We were able to secure a number of witnesses who were in the salon at the time, and we're pursuing those witnesses and their vital information for the prosecution," said Bowles.

Seal Beach resident Debbie Mendoza learned Thursday morning that her neighbor and good friend was one of the victims killed in the shooting rampage.

"That's what I think everybody in our community is trying to cope with is the 'why,'" said Mendoza.

Grieving community members dropped off a steady stream of flowers, cards and stuffed animals throughout the day. A candlelight vigil will be held for the victims at the salon Thursday night.

"Michelle was a good mom. She was in a terrible situation, that's all," said Michelle Fournier Dekraai's friend, Susan Davenport.

Davenport was too distraught to say anything else after finding out that her friend was likely the intended target and was killed.

"I can't stop crying. I barely slept last night," said Mary Sterns, who knows Randy Fannin, the owner of Salon Meritage.

"He was just the greatest guy you'd ever want to meet," Sterns said, adding that when she heard what happened on the news, she instinctively knew Fanin had been one of the victims.

"I knew that he would have been one of them, because I knew he would try to do something, and I heard that he did," Sterns said.

Friends say Fannin began his business 20 years ago and designed the entire salon.

Eyewitness News spoke with a nearby business owner who ran into the salon shortly after the shooting. He described the scene as gruesome and said five people had locked themselves into back rooms in the salon to avoid being shot.

That business owner also said he saw Fannin on the ground near the salon's entrance with his wife at his side trying to administer CPR, but unfortunately, she was not successful.

Neighbors still can't believe that Dekraai, a person they viewed as a nice guy, would go on a deadly shooting spree.

"I'm still in shock. I cannot believe it. He's the nicest guy. He's super-nice. My daughter loves him. He's just the most caring neighbor," said Stephanie Malchow.

Dekraai had moved to his Huntington Beach home three years ago with his son. His neighbors said they were aware that his first marriage ended badly, but they thought he was happily building a new life.

"I've never even heard him speak really bad about the ex-wife. I mean, when it'd come up, I guess he would say he didn't feel like she was a nice person," said Malchow.

Dekraai and ex-wife Fournier divorced in March 2007, a month after a tugboat accident occurred in which Dekraai's leg was severely injured, causing him to walk with a limp.

Neighbors are concerned about the impact of the tragedy on Dekraai's son.

"My heart really goes out to Dominic, his son, because he's a cute little boy, and I'm just thinking I don't know what's going to happen to Dominic from this point forward," said Rivera.

I only live about 5 miles away from Seal Beach... This is so tragic. A good friend of mine told me today that 2 of his co-workers were thought to be victims, though I am unsure of their names. This is horrifying. I feel so bad for the little boy. His dad wanted custody of him, but this was not the way to go about getting it. Violence is never the answer. He wanted custody of his son but the only custody he'll get now is being "in custody". And now the boy has lost both his parents for good. The ex-wife of the suspect, Michelle Fournier, apparently lived just blocks away from me. I have no words. :'(

on: October 04, 2011, 12:53:51 PM 39 General Death Penalty / U.S. Death Penalty Discussion / Re: Shaun Windsor KY DR Seeking to End Appeals in 2003 Double Murder

Supreme Court rejects Shawn Windsor case

Tuesday Oct. 4, 2011

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky - The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear the case of a Kentucky death row inmate who wanted to hasten his execution.

The high court's decision on Monday does not mean that 47-year-old Shawn William Windsor will be immediately executed.

Windsor pleaded guilty in 2006 to killing his estranged wife and son in Louisville and asked for a death sentence.

Kentucky is under an injunction barring executions unrelated to Windsor's case. Also, the state lacks a supply of sodium thiopental, a key drug used in a lethal injection.

The decision came in an appeal over whether Windsor could fire his attorneys and waive his appeals.

Windsor's attorneys in the Louisville Metro Public Defender's Office did not immediately return a message seeking comment Monday.

on: September 21, 2011, 10:44:00 PM 40 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Derrick O'Neal Mason - AL - Sept 22, 2011

Alabama governor rejects inmate's clemency request

Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011

MONTGOMERY, Alabama (AP) — Alabama's governor has turned down a last-minute request for clemency from an Alabama death row inmate scheduled to be executed by lethal injection Thursday evening at Holman Prison in Atmore.

Bentley said in a brief statement Wednesday that he saw no reason to overturn the decision of the jury that found Derrick Mason guilty and recommended that he be executed. Mason is scheduled to die at 6 p.m. Thursday for the March 24, 1994 shooting death of Huntsville convenience store clerk Angela Cagle.

Mason, now 37, is accused of shooting 25-year-old Cagle twice in the face during an early morning robbery.

Mason is waiting to hear from a last-minute appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court challenging the competency of his counsel during the sentencing phase of his trial.

Mason's plea to Bentley included a letter from retired Madison County Circuit Court Judge Loyd Little, who sentenced Mason to death. Little said he now realizes the death sentence was not appropriate when compared to other cases.

Mason's attorney, Brian Esser said Little's change of heart concerning the death sentence is reason to stop the execution.

"Critics have said that Judge Little is anti-death penalty. It is not that he is anti-death penalty. He is anti-death penalty in this case where death is not warranted," Esser said in a statement released by his New York office.

Esser said Mason has personally written to Bentley and told the governor he has changed his life around. Mason was 19 at the time Cagle was killed.

Court records show that Cagle was working as a clerk in a Majik Mart convenience store at about 3 a.m. when she was shot to death during a robbery. Her body was found lying across a desk in the convenience store's storeroom.

Mason was accused of shooting Cagle at close range after ordering her to take her clothes off.

Mason would be the fifth person executed in Alabama this year and the third to die in the state's death chamber since the state changed the first drug used in its execution cocktail from sodium thiopental to pentobarbital.

The change was made because of a nationwide shortage of sodium thiopental.

Wow, Alabama is on a roll this year... Four executions carried out this year so far. I'm hoping that Mason will indeed be the 5th to die. Angela Cagle and her family and friends deserve justice.

on: September 15, 2011, 05:35:08 PM 41 General Death Penalty / Stays of Execution / Re: Duane Edward Buck - TX - 9/15/11

Temporary stay granted for Texas death row inmate

(CNN) - Duane Edward Buck is spending Thursday evening in a holding cell near Texas' execution chamber, waiting to learn if his death sentence will be carried out over the next few hours.

Buck is facing a death warrant that calls for his execution Thursday night, but the Texas Supreme Court has issued a temporary stay of his sentence while they review his case.

On Tuesday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles recommended against granting him clemency.

The ruling was made after Phyllis Taylor, one of Buck's surviving victims, spoke with the chairwoman of the board earlier in the day.

Taylor was one of three people shot by Buck in 1995 after an early morning argument. Debra Gardner and Kenneth Butler were killed when Buck returned to Gardner's home with two rifles and opened fire on his victims. According to Texas officials, Buck shot Gardner in front of her daughter, who begged for her mother's life.

In a statement released after the board's ruling, Buck's attorney, Katherine C. Black, said the recommendation, "fails to recognize what the highest legal officer in the state of Texas has acknowledged: No one should be executed based on a process tainted by considerations of race."

Black is referring to U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, who was the state's attorney general in 2000, when he spoke of seven death row inmates, including Buck. Cornyn said he believed the inmates had been unfairly sentenced to death based on testimony that was racially tainted by psychologist Walter Quijano, who repeatedly told juries that black or Hispanic defendants were more likely to commit future crimes.

Because of that testimony, six of those seven inmates were granted resentencing trials. Buck was not among them.

"We want to make sure people aren't executed based on the color of their skin," Black said.

On Monday, Linda Geffin, a former Harris County assistant district attorney who prosecuted Buck, joined Taylor in calling on state officials to stop Buck's execution.

"The decision as to whether Mr. Buck's execution will go forward now lies squarely with Governor Perry, who has the power to issue a 30-day reprieve, and District Attorney Patricia Lykos, who has the power to ask for a withdrawal of the execution date," Black said.

on: September 13, 2011, 05:11:28 PM 42 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Manuel Valle - Florida Death Row - 9/28/11

Tuesday Sept. 13, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- State authorities are rescheduling the execution of a Florida man convicted of killing a Coral Gables police officer 33 years ago.

A Department of Corrections spokeswoman said Tuesday that 61-year-old Manuel Valle is slated to be executed by lethal injection at Florida State Prison near Raiford on Sept. 28.

Valle was originally scheduled to be executed Aug. 2, but that was delayed for a month by courts reviewing the latest round of appeals in his case. His September 2 execution date was also postponed.

Valle was convicted of fatally shooting 41-year-old Luis Pena in the neck during a traffic stop in April 1978. Valle was driving a stolen car when he was stopped by Pena and officer Gary Spell, who also was shot but saved by his bulletproof vest.

The execution would be the first in Florida since February of 2010.

on: September 08, 2011, 02:41:04 PM 43 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Derrick O'Neal Mason - AL - Sept 22, 2011

Sorry, Judge, but no "do-overs" are allowed. A sentence was handed down; that sentence should be carried out.

Judge requests death sentence be reversed

Thursday Sept. 8, 2011

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - Madison County Judge Lloyd Little has requested that an inmate sentenced to die for the murder of a convenience store employee receive a different sentence.

Derrick Mason is set to be executed on Thursday, September 22nd. He was convicted of murder for the death of Angela Cagle at Circle K in March 1994.

Judge Little sentenced Mason to death after he was found guilty. Now more than 16 years later, Judge Little says Mason should not be put to death.

Little had been on the bench for six months when Mason's case was tried. It was his first death penalty case.

Judge Little sent a letter to Governor Robert Bentley requesting that the sentence be changed from the death penalty to life without parole.

Judge Little says that after years of experience in handling capital murder cases, he feels that he should not have imposed the death penalty in Mason's case. He says it's not to undermine or lessen the severity of the crime, but compared to other cases, it's a different view.

Governor Bentley has not responded to the request.

on: August 18, 2011, 03:59:37 PM 44 General Death Penalty / Stays of Execution / Re: Gary Haugen - Oregon - New Competency Hearing September 27, 2011

Too bad he wasn't tossed the belt in order to hang himself with... Could save Oregon some money and time, cut down the number of days the victim's family has to wait. Oh well. Hopefully he'll get his L.I. soon enough.

on: August 10, 2011, 04:28:29 PM 45 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Martin Robles - Texas Death Row - Scheduled Execution - 08/10/11

According to, Robles has been executed! Great job, Texas! Keep 'em coming.
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