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I count 14, so 14 it will be. Think positive!! I scribbled in Skinner on Nov 31st. 15 sounds better.
Big hugs and patty cake games. Runs like a cheap advertisement. I will assume the criminals are all in program for pretty crimes. Funny.
I could execute 100 murdering scum.  Sit behind a wall not having to see their face just push a plunger. Go home. Easy. Now, if i was a real executioner i would require my own tools and i decide how they exit. That would be my sacrafice. You may want to close the curtain. Just saying. Honestly, though why does another human have to decide. In the year. 2000 robots can push the plunger.
Signs read, "execute justice not people". Idaho executed the laws of the state, they executed justice quite well, and to coin frenchy, they are not people, they are worse. The victims are people, murderers and sadists are nothing but a cancer and a disease that deserve to be destroyed. Crumple up those signs and go plant a tree or adopt a homeless pet.  Priorities people!!
2 month count down, get your will in order, bags are packed, big day coming. We have set your loss freedom ticker for you, Mr. Uncooked.
All tv's will now be replaced with unlimited subscriptions to play--girl magazine.  Hahahaha. Welcome back to prison.   

hello to everyone, 1st post on here and maybe a stupid question but why did the state need to give him mild sedatives where other states do not ? And what classes as mild ? I know missouri makes you have an antihistermine which helps the drugs flow, sorry for the weird question but just curious if he was sorta out of it or was very concious of what was happening

Welcome haywire.  The choice of taking a sedative is optional. If the condemned inmate is overall nervous it may simply help them relax, makes walking the mile about walking instead of dragging them to this down easy.  I don't agree with sedative option.. i think they should be scared shitless. Just double up on diapers. Probably cheaper alternative.
The needle was so kind. Murdering scum bag, took a nap. He was likely thinking this is all just a bad dream. In an hour, i will wake up in kansas a free man. Too bad, when you do wake up be sure to send a postcard from hell. Right were you belong.  Keep in touch, because we are thankful you are gone from this world.

Good work, MISS!

"Authorities say he told detectives he drank alcohol, took Ecstasy and smoked PCP, and didn't remember the attacks."

The good old willfull intoxication defense.  When are these  :-\ going to figure it out.  If you put yourself in that state it does not reduce your culpability.  Can't wait to see the outcome of this one.


Not sure, but it looks like they may have to pee in cup after bring charged with murder
We are just supposed to take their word? He claims he was on drugs, ha!
Let's just give him a big hug, offer him 90 days in rehab, and set him free. And by the way, who the hell mixes extasy with PCP? May as well add crack, lsd, smoked a joint, and downed a bottle of codiene, and finished with heroine, a bottle of jack, a package of camel lights and a peanut butter sandwhich (defendant rumored to allergic to peanuts). Just had a bad night!!!!
No doubt, take the time to pull up registered sex offenders addresses from your local police department. You will be shocked how many there are and how they line up around local schools.

Super cool. I stared directly at the sun. Now there is permanent dot burned into my retina every where i look.
He is getting dropped. Idaho, taking out the trash. Go potato-e alley!!! Do it!!
I might go so far as too say he is quite lucky. He is lucky to "steal" be breathing. Not so unlucky would be for hanky to choke violenty on a razor blade sandwhich. Crap, my inner thoughts coming out on paper again. Working on being nice.
Some may say she looks hot in a broken mirror. I would worry about my prized china having to meet that saw blade mouth. Yikes. Paper bagging it, dunno? Keep on driving. Next corner looking up beat.
Crack a nut. These last minute brain dead appeals are comedic at best. I think i just lost 10 IQ points having laughed myself into mentally ill status. If this hysteria continues my IQ will fall to zero.  Someone please help me before i hurt myself. I am officially bat s%it crazy. Put me out of this misery. God help us all.