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that wasnt meant as a compliment yorki, you read something and just believe it and quote it.
im in absolutle total agreement with frenchy i really am
iraqi executions are barbaric, i hope they didnt get the beheading execution, no big swords like saudi arabia, just almost pen knifes and that takes time to cut through someones head and they are still alive. they will even use chainsaws. they have slaughtered captured workers from all over the world with these barbaric methods executed them, innocent people. all of the pieces of scum on death row for horrific crimes should stop bitchn because all that happens to them is they go to sleep. unlike their victims, shame they werent taken to iraq and let them execute them.
do you know here in england if people get done for murder its usually a sentence of 7 _ 25 the judges here dont add up the years they have been given oh no hes there with a calculator determining how many mths they have done already and subtracting, its sickening
i came back yesterday after long period away didnt know who yorki was today get in bit of spat with yorkk and have a reply to a post taken down,  8) lol all hail me the rebel ( thats meant as a joke)
you seem to think you know alot about american justice system for an english person something odd with you  :o
aww well i wouldnt yorki on my defence she spends all day here  ;D but keep up the good work yorki linda carty will fail again if your her help! how hell can you defend her though? perhaps time for another post
they do!!! as its against their religion!!! what is wrong with you? what heck do you do for a living? there are muslims that dont follow the religion therefore questionable as to whether they still view themselves as such. but i said that all muslims that follow koran to the letter would agree with the three. do you get what im saying or do you need sign language with that!! :-\
thanks jim for the maths workout, i should have done that but i dont know how many muslims live here. my comments are not unfounded either yorki. i dont get why you had to quote the bible at me, im non religion, i dont even know what the heck christianity had to do with what i wrote. i dont know the koran but what i do know is muslims are very strict in their views have been for centuries. 3 may have been spreading propaganda, but im sure every muslim who follows their faith to a t, agreed with them so they arent the minority
well you better add another 4 to your minority as 4 have admitted an al qaeda inspired plot to detonate a bomb at the london stock exchange. i wonder how many other minorities were behind the scenes helping them. dont quote bible at me either plain english is fine
oops didnt finish sorry been a while. it would be very naive of you to think its the minority. homosexuality is abhorrent to every muslim.
a minority? are you sure we live in the same country yorki? islamic beliefs are there beliefs, just because some shout about it more than others does not mean that they dont harbour the same views. that would be extremley naive.
very long winded i have to agree
World Death Penalty Discussion / Re: 2012 Iran hangings
February 01, 2012, 11:40:36 AM
well they are certainly good at using the resources around them for executions i gotta say