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on: November 25, 2014, 07:37:27 AM 1 General Death Penalty / Scheduled Executions / Johnny Shane Kormondy - FL - 1/15/15

Scott signs death warrant for his 21st execution as governor

 Gov. Rick Scott on Monday signed the death warrant for Johnny Shane Kormondy, 42, who killed a Pensacola banker and repeatedly raped his wife as the couple returned home from her 20th high school reunion in 1993. Kormondy is set to die on Jan. 15, 2015.

 In a summary of the case, the governor's office said that Kormondy shot Gary McAdams in the back of the head, killing him, and was the leader of the attack on the McAdamses, having recruited accomplices, provided transportation and cased the neighborhood prior to the crime. Kormondy also threatened to kill witnesses who testified at his trial, including Mrs. McAdams, if he were released from prison.

 Kormondy was convicted of first-degree murder and three counts of sexual battery. The jury recommended a death sentence by a vote of 8 to 4 and he received life sentences on each of the sexual battery counts.

Kormondy has spent half of his life on Death Row at Florida State Prison in Starke.

Better late then never!  8)

on: November 21, 2014, 07:47:13 AM 2 General Death Penalty / Scheduled Executions / Re: Scott Panetti - TX - 12/3/14

Panetti Attorneys File Stay Request With CCA

 Attorneys for schizophrenic death row inmate Scott Louis Panetti on Thursday asked the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals to halt his impending Dec. 3 execution, claiming their client is too incompetent to be legally put to death.  ;D ;D

“This is not a last-minute filing designed to delay the execution,” wrote Kathryn Kase of Houston, Panetti’s volunteer attorney. “Nor is his claim frivolous. He has made a colorable showing that he is not competent to be executed.”  ;D

In their filing, Kase of the Texas Defender Service and co-counsel Gregory Wiercioch of the University of Wisconsin Law School, detail a Nov. 6 visit with their client and interviews with Texas Department of Criminal Justice staff. Both, they say, reveal how Panetti’s mental state is deteriorating.  ;D

Panetti was last assessed for competency to stand execution nearly seven years ago.

 The 56-year-old’s paranoid delusions in recent years, they write, have included believing that someone is putting “Satanic graffiti” on his cell walls, and that TDCJ is watching him through pumpkin decorations at the Polunsky Unit where he is detained.  ;D

 This stay request is the latest, rushed chapter in what has been a 22-year legal odyssey for Panetti, who has had seen execution dates come and go before.

 In 2004, he was granted a stay the day before his scheduled execution. In 2007, one of his appeals made it to the U.S. Supreme Court which ruled that mentally ill inmates can be executed only if they understand what is about to happen and why.

Because Panetti's competency has not been assessed since 2007, his attorneys claim, there’s no way to know if he meets that test. ;D

 This plea to the state's highest criminal court came after state District Judge Keith Williams of the 216th District Court in Gillespie County denied a request to change Panetti's execution date so he could undergo a new competency assessment. Kase said she and her co-counsel were not even notified of the Dec. 3 execution date, and learned of it two weeks after it was set, on Oct. 30.

 Panetti, a Wisconsin native was sentenced to death in 1995 after representing himself at trial and dressing up in a cowboy suit in court.  ;D

Court documents show he has had been hospitalized a dozen times for mental illness and, at the time of the murders of Joe Gaitan Alvarado Jr. and Amanda Carrion Alvarado, was collecting federal disability checks.

 A separate clemency request was filed a week ago to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and Gov. Rick Perry.

I would grant clemency before Gov. Perry ambulance chasers...and I would never grant it.

on: November 19, 2014, 10:58:27 AM 3 General Death Penalty / U.S. Death Penalty Discussion / Re: The Big Three...

...just keep on rolling in 2014.

Texas 10 executions & 2 more scheduled
Missouri 9 executions & 1 scheduled
Florida 8 executions

By year's end The Big Three will have accounted for 30 of the 36 executions.

If Ohio and Tennessee get it together there will be a boatload of human excrement removed from the planet in 2015.  8)

on: November 19, 2014, 07:25:11 AM 4 General Death Penalty / Stays of Execution / Re: Leon Taylor - MO - 11/19/14 - Executed

Last words and such...

In a final statement, Taylor apologized to Newton's family because 'our lives had to entwine so tragically' and thanked his family for their support and love.  'I am also sorry to have brought all of you to this point in my life to witness this and/or participate,' Taylor said. 'Stay strong and keep your heads to the sky.'

His last meal consisted of eggs, bacon, doughnuts and an orange drink.


Taylor was the 9th murderer executed in Missouri this year and the 79th since executions resumed.
His was the 33rd US execution in 2014 and the 1392nd since 1976.

The skinny...

Missouri moved past Florida with its 9th execution trailing only Texas with 10.  Taylor rode a litany of appeals throughout the court system including one that claimed covering him with a sheet on the gurney was unconstitutional...none saved him.

on: November 17, 2014, 07:25:24 AM 5 General Death Penalty / Stays of Execution / Re: Leon Taylor - MO - 11/19/14

Changed or not, execution looms for Missouri inmate Leon Taylor

November 14, 2014 by Mike Lear

The attorney for the man Missouri is scheduled to execute next week told Missourinet he is a changed man, but one of the men that prosecuted him remains confident the death sentence is just.

It’s been more than 20 years since Leon Taylor fatally shot Robert Newton, the attendant of an Independence service station that Taylor had just robbed.

After killing Newton, Taylor attempted to shoot Taylor’s then-eight-year-old stepdaughter as well, but the gun didn’t fire, and he left her with Newton’s body.

Taylor is sentenced to die by lethal injection early Wednesday morning at the prison at Bonne Terre.

Attorney Elizabeth Unger Carlyle has represented Taylor since 2003. She said he is a “dramatically” different man from the one he was on April 14, 1994.

“He has become a real force for good and a force for God at the Potosi Correctional Center,” said Carlyle.

She said a petition for clemency transmitted this week to the office of Governor Jay Nixon includes statements from people inside and outside the prison about his influence, and letters from pastoral groups and current and former legislators urging the governor to commute his sentence.

The Governor’s office’s policy is to not offer comment on pending applications for clemency, and Nixon has only granted clemency one in his six years as governor.

Carlyle knows the governor’s track record regarding clemency, which includes denying it for men executed since November of last year.

She believes the one time Nixon granted clemency, in the case of Richard Clay who also committed a murder in Missouri in 1994, he based that decision on a number of factors, “including the activities of the person in prison.”

Carlyle knows skepticism is common toward people sentenced to death who claim to find religion and change for the better, but she believes Taylor is legitimate.

“One of the things Leon does is he’s a songwriter and he writes and records his own praise songs,” said Carlyle. “I think if you listen to them you can see that they come from his heart and I think that’s where his heart is.”

Taylor wrote a letter of apology and a poem for Newton’s widow, Astrid Newton Martin. Martin said in the 2012 documentary Potosi: God in Death Row, that she has forgiven Taylor.

“It took me … I think 17, almost 18 years to finally realize I need to forgive and I did,” Martin said in the film. “I can honestly say I forgive him if he really means what he said in the letter.”

“You did some horrible stuff to me and for a long time I could not forgive you,” Martin said of Taylor, “especially knowing you were trying to hurt my little girl.”

Martin’s daughter, now nearly 30, has declined recent requests for media interviews. The film includes a recording of what she had to say in a 1995 radio interview.

“I have never had so many nightmares,” she said then. “The best thing in my life was destroyed. Now I too feel like dying … it’s lonely out here with no dad. It is dumb for the best, sweetest and kindest man and dad to be killed over a lousy $450. I think Leon Taylor should get the death penalty.”

Taylor’s relatives that were with him the night of the murder said he later said of the little girl that he, “should have choked the bitch.”

The attempt Taylor made to kill her is one of the “aggravating factors” Michael Hunt and the rest of the prosecution team presented when it asked for the death penalty.

“Reasons why this is different than any other case,” Hunt told Missourinet in describing aggravating factors. “Essentially what you want to have are … egregious factors why this [case] is different.”

Hunt is still with the Jackson County Prosecutor’s office. He said the case stuck with him.

“The one thing you don’t ever forget is that little girl,” he told Missourinet. “It’s just so horrendous to hear her version of standing there, holding her stepfather’s hand as he is shot and killed, as he is pleading for his life, and then after he has been shot in the head, to have her describe how he turns that gun on her and pulls that trigger … that’s a horrendous act and it’s a horrendous act for her to have to relive and tell the jury.”

Hunt said he respects the beliefs of those who, for varying reasons, don’t want to see Taylor executed next week.

“When you start down this path on our side there has to be a comfort level that this is the appropriate punishment, because there’s no way that I could sit there as the prosecutor and ask that jury to sentence him to death unless I was comfortable with it,” Hunt said. “I was then and I am now.”

Taylor has also declined recent interview requests, but he is featured in that documentary.  In it, he talked about growing up with an alcoholic mother and having to raise his brothers and sisters.

“The men who were supposed to be my role models, they weren’t. They were women beaters and alcoholics themselves, so that’s basically what I grew up around,” said Taylor.

At the time he reacted to the news that Missouri might soon resume carrying out executions, saying, “I’m not worried about that.”

Taylor continued, “If my number comes up during that time, I’m fine. I’m good. I’m ready.”

Well Leon your real change will take place just after midnight on 11/19...when you turn to worm food.

on: November 14, 2014, 10:36:04 AM 6 General Death Penalty / Scheduled Executions / Derrick Dewayne Charles - TX - 5/12/15

On July 2, 2002, Charles was visiting his girlfriend's home when he attacked and strangled Obie Lee Bennett, 77, a man who lived at the residence. When Charles' girlfriend, Myiesha Bennett, 15, and her mother, Brenda Bennett, 44, arrived back home, Charles sexually assaulted the mother, bound both of them and placed ligatures on them, resulting in their deaths.

Charles was sentenced to death in Harris County in May 2003.

Texas has already 10 lined up for 2015.  8)

on: November 14, 2014, 06:52:33 AM 7 General Death Penalty / Stays of Execution / Re: Leon Taylor - MO - 11/19/14

Federal panel denies stay to Missouri inmate scheduled to die

 A 3-judge panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a stay of execution to the Missouri inmate scheduled to die by lethal injection next week.

 Leon Taylor’s attorney says his death sentence should be commuted to life in prison because that is what happened with other inmates who had been sentenced to death by a judge, after a jury could not agree on their penalties. Instead, Taylor’s case had been sent to a second jury who did agree on a death sentence. The attorney says that creates a unique circumstance for him and that he should be treated like all the other inmates who were in that situation.

 She also challenges his death sentence because the second jury was made up of all white jurors. The first jury had four black members.

 The panel’s decision to deny him a stay is expected to be appealed. A request for clemency for Taylor has also been sent to Governor Nixon’s office.

on: November 14, 2014, 06:48:06 AM 8 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Chadwick Banks - FL - 11/13/2014 - Executed

Last words and such...

For his last words, Banks apologized to the 19 people who witnessed his execution, among them the family of the two victims.
'I am very sorry for the pain I have caused all these years,' he said.  'Year after year I have tried to come up with a reasonable answer for my actions. But how could such acts be reasonable?'

His final meal was fried fish, homemade French fries, hush puppies, old-fashioned dinner rolls, homemade banana pudding, red velvet cake, butter pecan ice cream and a glass of ice water.


Banks was the 8th murderer executed in Florida this year and the 89th since executions resumed.
His was the 32nd US execution in 2014 and the 1391st since 1976.

The skinny...

Florida pulled even with Missouri with their 8th execution this year...trailing only Texas with 10.  Banks rode a variety of appeals all the way to SCOTUS including as many before him that the LI protocol was unconstitutional...and as many before him he is now dead.

on: November 11, 2014, 06:46:38 AM 9 General Death Penalty / Scheduled Executions / Robert Charles Ladd - TX - 12/11/14

Execution date set for Garner’s killer

Posted: Monday, November 10, 2014 6:13 pm By ANNETTE WHITE

The family of Vicki Garner last Friday came one step closer to justice when Judge Christi Kennedy of the 114th District Court ruled to set an execution date for Garner’s killer, Robert Charles Ladd, in a hearing that took place in the Smith County courthouse. 

The execution is scheduled to take place on Thursday, Dec. 11, after 6 p.m.

Garner’s younger sister, Teresa Wooten of Mount Pleasant, attended the hearing with eight additional family members. Wooten said it was a very emotional moment for the family.

“It was the first time we had seen Mr. Ladd since 2002,” Wooten said. “This has been a long time coming.”

Vicki Ann Garner, a member of the Mount Pleasant High School Class of 1977, was brutally murdered on Sept. 25, 1996 in Tyler. Ladd was convicted and sentenced to death less than a year later on Aug. 27, 1997.

Wooten said the journey has been a tough emotional road for the family Garner left behind.

“As we get closer to the date in December, it is not something we will celebrate in so much the death of Mr. Ladd,” Wooten said. “It is the opportunity for us to realize justice for Vicki.”

As soon as Missouri threatened to take the lead Texas went out and gave two scumbags early X mas presents:P

on: November 03, 2014, 07:26:16 AM 10 General Death Penalty / Scheduled Executions / Re: Paul Goodwin - MO - 12/10/2014

Missouri is doing their best to catch Texas this year!  8)

Texas:  Snuffed 10 with 1 scheduled.
Missouri:  Whacked 8 with 2 scheduled...come on MO get 2 more scheduled before year's end.

on: November 03, 2014, 07:00:20 AM 11 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Chadwick Banks - FL - 11/13/2014

Stay of Execution Denied for Chadwick Banks

by Kellie Bartoli 

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- The Florida Supreme Court has denied a death row inmate's request for stay of execution.
Chadwick Banks was convicted of murdering his wife, then raping and killing his stepdaughter at their Gadsden County home in 1992.
The Florida Supreme Court ruled banks did not show "substantial grounds" for relief required for a stay.

He is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on November 13.

on: October 30, 2014, 10:14:31 AM 12 General Death Penalty / Scheduled Executions / Re: Benjamin Robert Cole - OK - 3/5/15

He killed a child for crying and disrupting his video games...OMG...

Time & time again dispelling the liberal mantra that the ability to fornicate comes with the ability to parent.

on: October 30, 2014, 08:13:22 AM 13 General Death Penalty / Executed Offenders (Graveyard) / Re: Chadwick Banks - FL - 11/13/2014

Bondi recommends stay of execution be denied for Gadsden County man

Karl Etters, Tallahassee Democrat 10:05 a.m. EDT October 30, 2014

Thursday update

Attorney General Pam Bondi replied to a stay of execution motion by a Gadsden County convicted murderer saying he failed "to show substantial grounds for relief required for a stay."

Chadwick Banks' attorney, Tampa based Terri Backhus, submitted the stay to the Florida Supreme Court Wednesday.

Banks, who was convicted in the 1992 slaying of his wife and stepchild in Gadsden County, is scheduled to be executed at Florida State Prison Nov. 13.

Backhus' motion said that Banks' post-conviction legal counsel did not fully represent his client

Bondi cited a several failed appeals by inmates who were executed this year, wherein it found "in order to justify a stay of execution, Banks must demonstrate 'substantial grounds on which relief might be granted.'"

Backhus cited in her appeal Wednesday a 2014 Missouri appeal wherein the U.S. Supreme Court granted a stay based on deficient performance by an inmate's counsel.

Bondi continued that Banks' arguments relate to federal court proceedings, not state appeals and contends there is no constitutional right, or third party right, to post-conviction counsel.

Backhus' involvement in Banks' appeals were also noted by Bondi.

"The State also notes that Ms. Backhus continues to attempt to minimize her historical role as counsel for Banks," it wrote in its reply. "Ms. Backhus was Banks' counsel in federal court for almost the past 10 years… and, contrary to Ms. Backhus attempting to minimize her role as Banks' counsel in state court, through her successive post-conviction motion filed in 2010 in state circuit court, she appeared in state court and she continued to appear for Banks in state court as she litigated the denial of that motion in this Court," resulting in the 2012 Banks vs. State appeals trial.

"The State respectfully submits that Banks' execution should not be stayed and that the motion for stay of execution should be denied," Bondi concluded.

Banks, now 43, was on probation for two aggravated assault charges when he entered the Gadsden County home of his wife Cassandra Banks around 2:30 a.m. and shot her in the head while she slept.

He then went into the bedroom of his 10-year-old stepdaughter Melody Cooper and raped her before also shooting her in the head.

After pleading no contest to the crimes, Banks was found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of sexual assault on a victim under 12 years old by a Gadsden County jury in 1994. The jurors voted 9-3 to recommend the death penalty.

His direct appeals have been denied by the Florida Supreme Court. Following the denial of his first appeal, the court called the double murders "heinous, atrocious and cruel" enough to warrant death.

"In the early morning hours, Banks sat outside the trailer for several minutes before entering. He then shot his wife as she lay sleeping," said the court in 1997.

He appealed again in 2001, but the high court again denied his request.

If he is executed, Banks would be the 19th Florida death row inmate killed during Scott's first term in office, the most of any Florida governor. Banks would be the 89th prisoner executed since 1979 following reinstatement of the death penalty in Florida.

Original story

The attorney of Chadwick Banks, who was scheduled to be executed for the 1992 double murder of his wife and stepchild, submitted a stay of execution to the Florida Supreme Court Wednesday afternoon.

Banks' execution at Florida State Prison was scheduled for Nov. 13.

In the motion, Banks' attorney Terri L. Backhus of Tampa says that his client's post-conviction counsel did not have the resources, staff or experience to take on capital litigation.

"Mr. Banks alleged that his post-conviction counsel, Gary Printy, abandoned him during his post-conviction appeal in this court by not completing briefing or a motion for a rehearing," Backhus wrote in the seven-page motion.

Backhus filed an appeal with the state court last week, which announced Wednesday morning oral arguments on Nov. 4 on the case had been cancelled.

Backhus wrote that Banks' previous attorney failed to obtain his client's public records and uncover details about mental illness and child abuse and missed the deadline to file a federal appeal.

He continues that Printy admitted after Banks' death warrant was signed by Gov. Rick Scott that he was unqualified and his client did not have proper representation until Oct. 1, 10 days after the warrant was signed.

"Our system will be irreparably broken if Mr. Banks is not allowed a remedy for the vested right that Florida created," Backus wrote.  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

on: October 30, 2014, 08:07:20 AM 14 General Death Penalty / Scheduled Executions / Scott Panetti - TX - 12/3/14

Texas adds 11th killer to 2014 execution list

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice on Wednesday added an 11th inmate — double killer Scott Panetti — to its roster of 2014 executions.

The addition of the Kerr County killer to the execution list came one day after the execution of San Antonio triple killer Miguel Parades, who was the 10th inmate to be executed this year. Six other killers with execution dates received stays, although the execution of one of them has been reset for next year.

Executions may be scheduled at any time during the year, provided a 30-day period passes between the date the execution was ordered and the date it is carried out. Executions typically are not scheduled around Christmas.  :D

Panetti, 56, was condemned for the 1992 murders of his mother and father-in-law. His execution is set for Dec. 3.

He will become the 519th killer to be executed in Texas since the state began lethal injections in 1982.

Texas was worried that Missouri might lead the league this year so they gave this scumbag an early X mas present.  ;D

on: October 29, 2014, 11:10:12 AM 15 General Death Penalty / Stays of Execution / Re: Mark A. Christeson - MO - 10/29/14

Please excuse my ignorance but what does this actually mean?

It means that three dogooder ambulance chasers stepped in with a last minute appeal.  The court had to determine if Christeson had authorized them to act on his behalf.  Since it would save his sorry ass from a hot shot he gladly approved.

Not to worry though...this scumbag will go back to his cage for another year and then get snuffed in due time.  8)
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