Listing of Mississippi Death Row Inmates K - Z

Started by Jeff1857, May 25, 2009, 12:47:05 AM

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Jason Keller
Convicted and entenced to death for killing a Biloxi convenience store owner in 2007. A Harrison County jury decided on the verdict Thursday. The 30-year-old Keller was convicted of robbing and killing 41-year-old Hat Nguyen. During closing arguments of the sentencing phase, Assistant District Attorney Scott Lusk told jurors that Keller had wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone. Keller apologized to his victim's family and said he would pray for them. Keller had testified he was high on cocaine when he robbed and shot Nguyen four times. Prosecutors say the capital murder conviction was his sixth felony conviction. Sentenced to Death  10/8/09.

Mack Arthur King
Was convicted and sentenced to death for the Aug. 3, 1980, murder of 84-year-old Lela Patterson. The Lowndes County woman was beaten, strangled and drowned at her home during a burglary. Her body was found in a bathtub. When he was arrested, King had some of her belongings.

Steve Michael Knox
Was sentenced in Franklin County in September 1999 for the Oct. 22, 1998, robbery and murder of retired Liberty school teacher Ella Mae Spears. She was beaten and strangled.

Thong Le
Was sentenced in Jackson County on Aug. 23, 2002, for the Nov. 2, 2001, deaths of Minh-Hieu Huynh Nguyen, 47, and her daughters Truc, 11, and Hang, 14, during a robbery at their home in St. Martin.

Thomas Loden
Was sentenced in Itawamba County for the June 2000 strangulation and sexual assault of a Leese Marie Gray, 16. Loden was a gunnery sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps at the time of the murder.

Willie Jerome Manning
Was sentenced in Oktibbeha County for the 1992 murders of Jon Steckler and Tiffany Miller and the 1993 murders of Emmoline Jimmerson and Alberta Jordan. In May 2004, the state Supreme Court overturned Manning's conviction stemming from the deaths of Miller and Steckler.

William Mitchell
Was sentenced in Harrison County in 1998 for the Nov. 21, 1995, murder of Patty Milliken, 38. Mitchell was on parole from a life sentence for a 1975 murder.

Eric Moffett
Date of crime: 1994
Moffett raped and killed five year-old Felicia Griffin.  He was dating Griffin's mother at the time. Moffett was initially charged with the murder, but was released when no forensic evidence was found. The case was reopened in 2002 because of advancements in DNA evidence. Moffett said that he returned home to find Griffin bleeding in the master bedroom. He claimed that she was killed by an intruder.

Terry Pitchford
Date of crime: November 2004
Grocery store owner Ruben Britt was shot numerous times inside his store. One of the murder weapons was Britt's own gun that he kept at the store for protection. Eric Bullins, Demarcus Westmoreland, and Quincy Bullins were also involved in the crime. Britt's gun was found in Pitchford's car at the time he was arrested. Defense response was Pitchford did not commit crime.

Steven Elliot Powers
Was convicted in 2000 for the 1998 murder of Beth Lafferty, 27, of Hattiesburg.

Larry Matthew Puckett
Was sentenced in Forrest County in 1996 for the 1995 murder and sexual assault of Rhonda Griffis of Sunrise. Puckett, a former Eagle Scout, beat Griffis to death with a club.

Willie Russell
Was sentenced in Sunflower County for the July 18, 1989 , "shanking" of Parchman guard Argentra Cotton.

Kevin Scott
Was sentenced in Bolivar County in October 1998 for the Nov. 15, 1995, slaying of Richard Lee, 75, of Boyle. Fellow death row inmate Leroy Lynch was an accomplice.

Gary Carl Simmons Jr.
Was sentenced in Jackson County in August 1997 for the August 1996 murder and dismemberment of Jeffrey Wolfe during a drug deal gone bad.

Robert t. Simon Jr.
Was sentenced in Quitman County in July 1990 for the Feb. 2, 1990, murders of the four-member Carl Parker family. Fellow death row inmate Anthony Carr was an accomplice.

Clyde Wendel Smith
Was sentenced in Humphreys County in April 1993 for the 1992 murder of Johnny B. Smith during a liquor store robbery. The victim was shot three times.

Eric Leondra Snow
Was sentenced in Jefferson Davis County in February 1997 for the Feb. 21, 1997, murders of Jefferson Davis County deputies Tommy Bourne and J.P. Rutland in their patrol car.

Freddie Sanford Spicer Jr.
Was sentenced in George County on May 21, 2003, for the October 2001 slaying of his roommate, Edmond Hebert, 32. Prosecutors said Spicer killed Hebert by striking him in the head with a sword while Herbert was sleeping.

Benny Joe Stevens
Was sentenced in Marion County in December 1999 for the Oct. 18, 1998, murders of Glenda Lee Reid, Wesley Reid, Dylan Reid and Heath Pounds.

Roger Thorson
Was sentenced in Harrison County for the 1987 murder of his girlfriend, Gloria McKinney.

Edwin Hart Turner
Was sentenced in Forrest County in February 1997 for the Dec. 13, 1995, murder of two Carroll County men - store clerk Eddie Brooks and prison guard Everett Curry.

Justin Underwood
Was convicted in the killing of a Flora woman in 1994. The body of Virginia Ann Harris was found near a lake in Madison County.

Alan Dale Walker
Sentenced to death for the 1990 rape and murder of 19year-old Konya Edwards of Long Beach.

Derrick Walker
Was sentenced in Lee County on June 6, 2003 for the July 17, 2001, slaying of Tupelo personnel director Charles Richardson.

William Wiley
Was sentenced in DeSoto County in December 1981 for the August 1981 slaying of 60-year-old J.B. Turner, who was shot in the back during a robbery of his store.

William Wilson
Was sentenced in 2007 for the killing of 2-year-old Mallory Conlee.

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