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Its over!

Georgia has executed the oldest man on the state's death row, Brandon Astor Jones.

At 12:46 a.m. Wednesday, Jones, just 10 days shy of his 73rd birthday, took his last breath, ending a decades-long journey for the daughter and widow of the man he murdered in 1979.

The execution had been scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday. Jones, the fifth-oldest inmate executed in the nation, waited in a holding cell a few steps from the death chamber as the appointed time came and went amid a flurry of last-minute court filings for mercy.
Georgia executes Brandon Astor Jones photo
Attorney Daniel Kolber uses a megaphone to voice his opposition to the death penalty while standing just outside the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison grounds in Jackson on Tuesday evening, Feb. 2, 2016, where Brandon Astor Jones was set to be put to death.

It took more than an hour to prepare Jones for his lethal injection. According to a media witness who monitored the setup, it appeared they had to insert an IV into his groin area, which is protocol if the nurses cannot find accessible veins in the inmate's arms.

Jones fought death. His eyes closed within a minute of the warden leaving the execution chamber, but 6 minutes later his eyes popped open. He looked at a clock on the wall, and then appeared to look at the man who prosecuted him in 1979, former Cobb County District Attorney Tom Charron, who was sitting on the front row.

After he died, about 15 of his supporters and death-penalty opponents, who were gathered about a mile from the execution building, held hands and prayed.


Thats a case which let me thing: the cruelness is the time between the judgement and its final *doing*. So all the attorneys that delay justice do their clients a bad job! The cruelness of knowing "the day will come" growth with each day more on the death row. So the ones that do cruelty to the inmates are those who delay justice!

Greetings from Europe
Hmm this is a case i get *doubts* wether the correct person is done.

And i doubt that i can call it *just* that the triggerman is not executed but another person, who MAYBE innocent in the case of: "Giving the order".
Deals like : "Claim the one who gave order to kill and you are saved from DP when we can execute another..." leave a bad taste.

Perhaps i think to simple: when someone *pays* another to kill a person - the triggerman and the person who did the order should die side by side....
That would be *just* in my eyes and not: one gets away and one is out.

Not a case i would ring a bell......

thoughtful greetings from Germany
Congrats USA for a job well done!  :-*

One   :-\ less, next please! (Gaddafi would be a good choice...)
The best for all sides would be to give that A****** to the american Justice without any 'agreements before'.
Since he no citizien of Germany we could give him over. (Our 'Grundgesetz' does not  allow to give german citizens to other countries).

Take that guy, judge him and finally execute him (as fast as possible)
Just for the protocol

The first execution which was mentioned in german TV since a long time.

They made the points on the fact "Low IQ <-> nearly retarted "
and "No Merci in America for Teresa"

Short Interviews (with no subtitles "Who is saying this?")
One must have come from 'Correctional Sources' one from the 'Govenors Office'
and the last - in which was said 'the sentence is unjust' - don't know

So all the 'news' were unemotional 'facts' that last interview had a subtile 'tendency'.

Okay friends: I tell u too WHY the whole thing was 'unjust'.

Real Justice had been: All Three (Hirer and Hitmen) are sitting in a gas chamber (hanging from the same gallow) 1) and go on their last journey together!
And that this had happened 7 years ago.

May the spirits of the victims find peace.

1) My normal prefered method of "Guillotine" would be inpractical if u want them go at the same time....
Call me an 'oldfashioned' - but Firing Squad has more dignity in my eyes than any other method.
Its just that odd feeling - at least dying in boots - upright - like a man
It was thought for long times as a 'honorable death' - mostly reserved for the military.
I'm sure i WOULD choose firing squad if faced with the choice of 'my method of execution'   :P

Respect for states which allow that as an option!
Introductions / Re: Greetings from Germany!
June 15, 2010, 12:52:25 PM
Hello from one german Stefan to another german Stefan ;)

I find a lot of common, but one sentence i have to ask about:

Some hundred years ago witches were burned all over Europe,
and it served a similar purpose as in nowadays more practically
oriented nations as China and the USA: Cleanse society of unwanted
parasitic individuals that do not contribute to society.

That sounds for me u see something 'just and right' in the witch hunts of early times? ? ?
Hi Michael,

sure are there some things mixed up - but they all are 'part of the problem'!

So its a good thing per se to hook a 'big fish' like Zumwinckel its still pissing me on that for such actions is enough money left, but not for 'Schutzpolizei' (security officers).
Okay, there is no such a thing like 100% security.

But if i had to choose - it had been better if a police officer had get that bastards who beat an old man near to death before they could start the crime and Zumwinckel gets away with one million bucks than the other way.

It feels to me that 'our' judical system sets 'wrong' preferences.

..... Germany, i also ask myself, why a sexual offender gets 8 years and will be released and a defrauder gets the same sentence.

Thats a question most german people ask ...  :'(

And also: when in December a man in a subway station was beaten nearly to death because there is no money for security officers and 3 days later a few dozend officers search a home and office because of 'tax evasion' the same people ask "Whats wrong with our nation/law?"   ???

Hi Lady, u wrote:

Why is it that 2 people can commit the same crime but one is sentenced to death and the other to life with or without parole ? Why is it that in two different parts of the state and or country ,can one inmate get death, but another inmate for the same crime gets life with or without parole ?

Yes, thats a good question. If we had DP in Germany i would ask the same - specialy since i work in Hessen and life in Rheinland-Pfalz. (Beside Hessen was the Last 'Bundesland' with DP in the western part of Germany in their constituion)
So if someone kills in Hessen he will be beheaded and in Rheinland-Pfalz he will be imprisoned. Really, that sounds not fair. ;)
Ironical, the last execution in Germany was 1981. A man has been killed/murdered/executed as a spy (in East Germany).
If he had made it to the western part he would have recieved money for informations and been treated like a hero - perhaps.
He was executed according to the laws of a (more or less) souvereign country/nation. My problem with 'their' law is/was, that the government never was 'democratic' installed and they abused the DP as a political weapon.
Thats one cause why there is the 40% Anti in me.

u wrote:
I feel if we are going to have the death sentence then to be fair ,either everyone needs to get it or no one needs to get it

Agreed.. but!
I would prefer to work for: every country executes the evil-doers with the same standard.
As long as it isn't reality i say: Those who are not executed have 'undeserved luck'.
So better put energy to the case that all the beasts are sent to the graveyard instead of getting some away from the edge/needle/gallows who really deserve it.

u wrote:
I will say if my brother was sentenced in 2010 instead of  years ago

I'm not familiar with that case so i can give no opinion.
Basically u are right, i don't think America (or other western nations) would execute people  today for 'witchcraft' or 'adultry' as it has happened long times ago.

Do i understand right: u fight for the life of your brother?
That's totally okay for me and i admire u for that.  :-*
"Blood's thicker than water" and the bonds between relatives SHOULD be stronger than the bonds with rest of society.


No, I prefer executions like L.I. - easy handling and no dirt. At least it doesen´t leave scary feelings for people on the fence.


Me too (Guilotine), but u have to admit: the idea of 'mirroring' has a charming side as in 'This for that'.
Auf deutsch: Die Idee des 'Spiegelbildes' der Execution zur Tat hat etwas charmantes - wie du mir so ich dir!. (Zumindest wenn du wie ich der Meinung bist, daß der Fortschritt uns zwar oft aber nicht IMMER in die richtige Richtung geführt hat.)



Honestly, I sense a public beheading a little bit more civilzed than beating someone two death with a hammer.  ;)

....and I don´t think these executions meet the standards of western democracies.


Hey Michael,

as Europeans 'our' poltical correct statement had to be 'Anti' and NOT something like "a not befitting Execution method in western democratic states" ;)  :P

As we aren't political correct to the bottom as expected from us (at least we are 'Pro's'! Schame on us!   :'( ) so why not go further to the good old german Idea of 'Mirroring Execution' ?
(The method of execution was according to the crime)

So the idea of Clubbing that Pos with a hammer would fit in the medieval 'sense of justice'
Mazzatello - Not original 'german' - but hey, we can learn ;)  ;D

Look here:

But you are right. As 'good Europeans with a bad Idea ('Pro')'  ::) we have to vote for a human killing of the beasts.
It's okay, as long as the DNA of these people is removed from human gen-pool FAST.
I hope i'm still allive the day this will happen ;)

Born? Converted?


I was 'born' into a ProDP Family.
When i think about my family - we could have been residents of a small city in the middle west of US too. ;)
Pro Hunting, Pro DP, Pro Guns (as instruments of Hunting and Sportshooting)

Educated in an 'old school' style of honor, truth and responsibilty - not always in the way of the 'Spirit of the time'
First time i had to think about DP was 1976 - the first execution in US after the memorandum.
So my first position was 'pro' - perhaps a bit unreflected but serious.

When i went to university and started to 'reflect' before taking an opinion i was a long time at that 50/50 % edge.
In a time our nation was split and  one part of our country had a Gouvernment which used Wire Fence, Mines, Walls and Killing Orders at the Border and the DP to kill People as 'Enemys of the state' whose only evil was "They wanted to live in freedom!".
I was a poltical activist to overcome that regime (only on the west side of the fence) and to propagate the Reunion in the 70/80's was not a political Idea which makes u a lot of friends.
Looking on the executions in the DDR u could only be an anti with the heart. Similiar when u look on the dark 12 years (33-45) with about 30000 regular executions.

It took a long time to make the difference; The DP can be a 'just' punishment. But in the wrong hands its an instrument of terror. Like in Iran.
Noone sane can say it is 'just' to hang a 16 year old girl who has been abused for 'unchaste behaviour' according to the Sharia.
So what? Banish the DP from the heart?
I decided to say: "I want the DP for that judge (who personally took the rope about that poor girls neck)! An lets execute him in a good german medival style! (Rädern!)"

The big joke - the DP will come back to europe together with the Sharia because we say not loud enough "NO!!!" to islamic fundamentalism.

And I'm sure none of the europeans here want THAT!
Okay, lets believe she had been abused by her husband.
Lets believe the killing was an act of despair and not evil will or greed.

If she'd done it directly after being beaten - had knifed him by her own hands while lying dead drunk in his bed - i would have no doubt.
A case in which are ONLY victims.

At the other hand,I side with Michael: Why comes that NOW and not first hand? Being in fear and terror is a GOOD Cause for a FALSE Deed.

Mostly irritating is the fact she hired a killer. Is this the work of a despaired and fearful woman?
Perhaps! Thinkable! Untypical???

Her son forgives her. Difficult - he is the nearest relative of both - Evil Doer and victim.
And perhaps the most suffering victim on the whole case.

So i'm inclined to follow his plea and say: "Commute her"
I  don't think she is a dangerous fellow and she will never fail again. There are others who would need the "justice juice" more urgent.
Perhaps its better to show one time too often mercy than on time too less.
In this case i "doubt" - and that lets behind a bad taste. Its good democratic principle: In dubio pro rheo!
Execution would be according to the letters of the law. Commution a sign PRO DP in general as the correct Penalty for the REAL evil ones.

Just my thoughts about that case as far i can understand it.
At least one who did it right!
Applause and next please

Take the money that is spared to take a child from the street so that it never will end up as a scumbag