Listing of Mississippi Death Row Inmates A - J

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Bobby Batiste
A former Mississippi State University student has been sentenced to death for killing his roommate last year. Bobby Batiste was convicted of capital murder in the death of 28-year old Andreas Galanis and sentenced to death Saturday. Batiste was accused of killing Galanis
by blunt-force trauma to the head after they got into a fight March 7, 2008, in their off-campus apartment when Galanis discovered money missing from his checking account.
He suspected Batiste, now 29, had used his debit card without his permission. Batiste told police Galanis attacked him first, but evidence at the trial refuted that, according to The Commercial Dispatch. The Oktibbeha County jury of eight men and four women deliberated for
three hours before returning its decision. Family members of victim Andreas Galanis
were in tears after Circuit Court Clerk Angie McGinniss announced Batiste's sentence.
Sentenced to Death 10/31/09.

Frederick Bell
On May 6, 1991, Robert C. "Bert" Bell was working as the store clerk at Sparks Stop-and-Go in Grenada County. That day Frederick Bell accompanied by Anthony Joe Doss, Robert Kennedy James, and Frank Coffey purchased beer and potato chips from Bert. The two Bells are not related. The four exited the store, sat at a nearby picnic table and talked. Planning to go to Memphis, Bell said that he needed money. Bell announced that he was going to rob the store and showed the group a .22 caliber pistol. Doss also had in his possession a gun, which turned out to be inoperable. Refusing to take part,
James and Coffey departed the premises as the other two went back into the store. Minutes later, James and Coffey heard hollering accompanied by gunshots. When Bell and Doss caught up with the other two, they showed them items they had taken from the store, including a money bag, .38 caliber pistol and a box of bullets. Because he did not want any witnesses, Bell then threatened to kill James. Coffey and Doss stepped in to prevent this. Both James and Coffey testified that Bell said he shot Bert. Later that day, Bernard Gladney drove Bell, Doss, and Coffey to Memphis. On the way, Bell again stated that he wanted to kill James to prevent him from telling anyone about the murder. Eventually, Bell was arrested in Memphis on another crime. Two guns were found in the house where he was arrested, a third was found in Gladney's vehicle. Leland H. Jones, III, represented Bell during both the trial and the direct appeal. During the trial, there was no direct testimony regarding what actually occurred inside the store. Bell maintained that he was in Memphis the day of the murder. However, there were no witnesses to corroborate his alibi. Both James's sister and Coffey's girlfriend
testified that they saw Bell with Coffey, Doss and James the day of the murder. The store owner, James Shelby Sparks, testified that a .38 caliber pistol (which was later recovered during Bell's arrest), a box of shells, and a money bag were taken from the store during the robbery. An autopsy revealed that Bert was shot several times. Ballistics tests showed that Bert was shot
with the .38 and a smaller caliber gun, likely a .22 caliber.

Devin Allen Bennett
Was sentenced to death Friday for killing his 10-week-old son, in the 1st capital murder trial in Rankin County in more than a decade.
The jury rejected defense arguments that Brandon Bennett died after his father, Devin Allen Bennett, 22, accidentally kicked the child off a bed in 2000.

James Billiot
On January 29, 1982, petitioner, James E. Billiot, was indicted for capital murder by a Hancock County, Mississippi grand jury. The indictment charged that, on November 26, 1981, Thanksgiving Day, Billiot, using an eight-pound sledgehammer, bludgeoned to death his step-father, mother, and fourteen-year old step-sister. In addition, the indictment alleged that the murder of Billiot's step-father, Wallace Croll, Jr., occurred contemporaneously with a robbery upon him.

Lawrence Branch
Was sentenced to death in 2002 in the beating and robbery of Dorothy Broome Jorden of Coila. Jorden, 57, was found on her living room floor on Jan. 21, 2001. She had been struck in the head at least eight times, authorities said.

Jan Michael Brawner
Was convicted in Tate County in 2002 for the murders of his ex-wife, their three-year-old daughter, and his ex-wife's parents

Joseph P. Brown
Was sentenced in Adams County in March 1994 for the August 1992 murder of Natchez convenience store clerk Martha Day. Day was shot four times and died at the scene.

Sherwood D. Brown
Was sentenced to die by lethal injection in 1995 after being convicted on 2 counts of murder and one count of capital murder for the Jan. 7, 1993, slayings of Betty Boyd, 82, her daughter-in-law, Verline Boyd, 49, and Evangelo Charmain Boyd, 13, the daughter of Verline Boyd and Betty Boyd's granddaughter.
The 3 were found hacked to death in Betty Boyd's home south of Eudora.

Xavier Brown
Was sentenced to death in 2002 in a murder-for-hire case. He was convicted in the shooting death of Felicia Newell of Hattiesburg.

Michelle Byrom
Was convicted in 2000 of killing her husband of 20 years and recruiting her son in the plot. Edward Byrom Sr., an electrician, was shot to death June 4, 1999, with a World War II weapon that had belonged to his father.

Anthony Carr
Was sentenced in Alcorn County in September 1990 for the Feb. 2, 1990, murders of the four-member Carl Parker family. The victims were sexually assaulted, tortured, then burned.

Lisa Jo Chamberlin
Was one of two people charged in the March 2004 deaths of Linda Heintzelman and Heintzelman's boyfriend, Vernon Hulett, both of Hattiesburg. Their bodies were found inside the freezer at an abandoned farm in Russell County, Kan., by law officers who were searching for drugs.
Her former boyfriend and accomplice in the murders, Roger Gillett, received the same fate

Ricky Chase
Was convicted in February 1990 of capital murder for the robbery and murder of Elmer Hart outside Hazelhurst in Copiah County

Ronnie Lee Conner
Was convicted of capital murder for the kidnap, robbery and murder of an elderly woman, Celeste Brown, by a court of the Lauderdale County Court.

Charles Ray Crawford
Was given a death sentence in Lafayette County in 1993 or 1994. It was a change of venue case from Tippah County. Crawford kidnapped Kristy Ray, a college student, from her home in rural Tippah County, raped her, handcuffed her to a pine tree and stabbed her to death.

Jeffrey Davis
Was sentenced in Greene County in May 1992 for the 1991 robbery and murder of Linda Hillman. Hillman was shot and stabbed in her rural Greene County trailer during a robbery.

Kenneth Leon Davis
Kenneth Leon Davis was convicted of capital murder in the shooting death of Bobby Joe Biggert.

Anthony Doss
A Grenada County jury sentenced Doss to death in 1993 for his role in the armed robbery of a store and the killing of clerk Robert Bell.
Update: Mississippi Supreme Court Tossed Death Sentence 10/22/09.

Curtis Flowers
Curtis Giovanni Flowers should die for killing four people in a furniture store in 1996, jurors said today.
After deliberating for about 90 minutes, jurors gave Flowers the death penalty for four counts of capital murder. They had found him guilty Friday after 30 minutes of deliberation. "If anyone deserves the death penalty, Flowers does," said prosecutor Doug Evans. The defense unsuccessfully renewed its request for a mistrial. The sentence comes after Flowers' sixth trial in the shooting deaths of Tardy Furniture store owner Bertha Tardy and three of her employees. Killed were Tardy, 59; bookkeeper Carmen Rigby, 45; delivery worker Robert Golden, 42; and part-time employee Derrick Stewart, 16.
The state Supreme Court reversed three earlier convictions against Flowers, and two trials ended in mistrials.
Resentenced to Death 6/19/10.

Kristi Fulgham
A Union County jury in Oktibbeha County convicted her in December 2006, and she is being held at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility near Whitfield. Joey Fulgham was shot once in the head while he slept in May 2003. Fulgham's lawyers argued that her husband had abused her and she suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome. They did not call any witnesses. One appeal claim is that the judge would not let them.

Leslie Galloway III
A jury has determined that Leslie Galloway III deserves the death penalty for raping, burning, and running over a 17 year old Harrison Central High School student. Just before 2:00 pm today, jurors returned to the Harrison County courtroom. They spent about two hours deliberating a sentence for the convicted capital murderer. Yesterday, the same jury determined that the Moss Point man was guilty of the December, 2008 murder of Shakeylia Anderson. Prosecutors convinced a jury that Leslie Galloway used his mother's car to drag Shakeylia Anderson after he had raped her, cut her throat,
and set her on fire.
Sentenced to Death 9/24/10.

Roger Gillett
Was one of two people charged in the March 2004 deaths of Linda Heintzelman and Heintzelman's boyfriend, Vernon Hulett, both of Hattiesburg. Their bodies were found inside the freezer at an abandoned farm in Russell County, Kan., by law officers who were searching for drugs.
Gillett's former girlfriend and accomplice in the murders, Lisa Jo Chamberlin, received the same fate during her trial in August 2006.

Joseph Bishop Goff
Was sentenced to death in George County in 2005 for the killing of Brandy Stewart Yates. He also got 10 years for arson for setting fire to the motel room where Yates' body was found.

Howard Dean Goodin
Was sentenced in Lamar County in May 1999 for the Nov. 5, 1998, armed robbery and murder of Union store owner Willis Rigdon, 64

Rodney Gray
On the morning of August 15, 1994, 79-year-old Grace Blackwell drove to the drive-through teller window of her bank in Jasper County. Blackwell presented a blank check and asked the teller to fill the check out in the amount of $1200. The teller's view of the car's back seat was blocked by hanging clothes. The teller testified that after giving her the money, she heard Blackwell say, "I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying." The teller notified the police, and they went to Blackwell's home only to find the front door open and the phone disconnected. Witnesses testified that they saw Blackwell's car around noontime being driven by a young black male, and one witness identified the driver as Rodney Gray. 4. Police found Blackwell's body at the end of a bridge in Newton County at 1:40 p.m. Her car was found elsewhere in Newton County. Investigators determined that Blackwell had been killed by a shotgun blast to the mouth. Later, an autopsy revealed that Blackwell had also been raped and that her body had been run over by a car. 5. Investigators questioned Rodney Gray on August 15 about Blackwell's disappearance and arrested him that same day. While in jail, Gray phoned his girlfriend, Mildred Curry, to tell her that he had hidden money in a bathroom vent. A search of Curry's trailer turned up $1,123 hidden in the bathroom air duct. The clothes and boots which Gray had been wearing on the day of the murder were found in a bucket behind Curry's trailer.

Blayde N. Grayson
Was convicted in the 1996 slaying of 78-year-old Minnie Smith during a house burglary. Smith sustained more than 30 stab wounds on the night she died in her rural home at the edge of the Pascagoula River flats. Grayson had confessed to the crime, saying he entered the house through a window and intended to steal a gun to get money for drugs. He said he killed the woman when she woke up unexpectedly.

Jeffrey Havard
Havard is on death row in Mississippi after being convicted of killing and sexually abusing his girlfriend's infant daughter.

Quintez Hodges
Hodges was sentenced to death for the July 21, 1999, fatal shooting of Isaac Johnson, 17.
Hodges also was sentenced to 20 years for kidnapping Johnson's sister, Cora Johnson, and her baby. Authorities said Hodges was the ex-boyfriend of Cora Johnson and the father of her child. The woman and her daughter were not harmed.
Authorities said Isaac Johnson's body was discovered in the bedroom of his mother's home in Caledonia. Johnson died of a single gunshot wound to the abdomen.
Update: Fed Judge Tossed Death Sentence for Hodges on 9/15/10.

Erik Hollie
A Copiah County man gets the death sentence after confessing he killed  a Wesson pawn shop operator in September 2009.
The jury returned the unanimous decision after deliberating for just over an hour and ten minutes.
25- year-old Erik Hollie pleaded guilty to the murder then asked to for the death penalty.
Hollie stood up in court and told the jury considering his fate that he was guilty. He had confessed to the crime the day after he was arrested in September of 2009, and told investigators he wanted the death penalty. 
He got what he wanted for shooting 54-year-old Denmon Ward at least five times in the robbery of Ward's Pawn Shop in downtown Wesson. 
Hollie had also robbed a convenience store in Georgetown the day before and was caught on surveillance tape during the commission of that crime.   
The star witness in the trial was Milton Twiner, the chief investigator for Copiah County, who had gotten the confession on tape.
"He wanted what he got. He asked for the death penalty, it's a crime that warranted the death penalty, and a jury of his peers handed him the death penalty. He showed no remorse at any time during the whole thing, he was kind of, he was real cooperative, he was up front with it, I just wish that he had told me how it happened," said Twiner.
In death penalty cases, there is an automatic appeal to the state Supreme Court.   
Families on both sides had very little to say to the media.
Sentenced to Death 3/16/10.

Eddie Lee Howard
has been found guilty and sentenced to death twice by a jury for raping and murdering 84 years old Georgia Kemp.

Marlon Howell
Was convicted in 2001 of capital murder and sentenced to death for killing David Pernell, 61, during a robbery. Pernell, a retired postman who delivered the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, was killed after he was flagged down on a city street in New Albany.

William Ray Hughes
Ashley Galloway, a 16-year-old junior, was raped and killed in early 1996. Her car had broken down and she was last seen getting into a pickup truck. On Jan. 22, 1996, 13 days after her disappearance, Galloway's body was found by children under the floor of an abandoned house in Quitman County. Prosecutors linked Hughes to the crime by piecing together testimony of
various witnesses, the identification and location of items of physical evidence and DNA evidence, according to the court record.

Henry Curtis Jackson
Jackson murdered four children, two of his nieces and two of his nephews, in an attempt to steal money kept in his mother's safe in her home.2 On the evening of November 1, 1990, Jackson's mother, Martha, and four of her older grandchildren went to church. Martha's daughter, Regina Jackson, stayed home with her two daughters, five-year-old Dominique whom Jackson murdered that night, two-year-old Shunterica whom Jackson murdered, and four other of their nieces and nephews, three-year-old Antonio whom Jackson murdered and twoyear-old Andrew whom Jackson murdered, and eleven-year-old Sarah and one-year-old Andrea who were severely injured during these murders but survived.

Kelvin Jordan
Was convicted of capital murder in 1996 in Clarke County. He was sentenced to death for the 1995 killings of Codera Bradley and Tony Roberts.

Richard Jordan
Was sentenced in Jackson County for the January 1976 kidnapping and murder of Edwina Marter, who was shot in the back of the head when she tried to escape.

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