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Off Topic - Anything / Sean has passed (papastalkin)
February 12, 2016, 03:58:03 PM
It is with a very heavy heart that i inform you our good friend and longtime member here, Sean, passed away early this morning. You all know him by his website moniker PAPASTALKIN. I don't have any details yet but he sure will be missed. Sean was a sweet, thoughtful, funny man with a big heart and he's definitely going to be missed. I'm in shock and at a loss for additional words. As soon as I know more I will share.

Rest in peace Seany 
The (imagined) Horror of Dennis McGuire's Execution
Dudley Sharp

Ohio justly executed rapist/torturer/murderer Dennis McGuire.

Unconscious, McGuire snored and the media went apoplectic.

The Horror is that the media will have 10,000 more articles about the imagined
suffering of this executed rapist/torturer/murderer than they did about the real
suffering of his victims, Joy Stewart, her husband Kenny, unborn child Carl and
their families and friends.

There is no indication that McGuire was in pain, at any time, or that he was
conscious after the first 1-3 minutes of the 25 minute execution process, as
pharmacological realities would dictate (see below).

There is every indication that Joy Stewart was conscious throughout the eternal
horror of her savage rape and murder. McGuire forced Joy from her car, choked
her, attempted to rape her vaginally, raped her anally, slashed her throat so
deeply it severed both her carotid artery and jugular vein, all the while Joy
realizing the horror of her own death, as well as that of her unborn child.

The baby’s name would have been Carl, his mother’s grave marker shows.

Joy's husband, Kenny, committed suicide within a year after their murders.

McGuire had more time on death row than Joy had in life.

"State prison records released Monday say McGuire told guards that (McGuire's
counsel, Robert) Lowe counseled him to make a show of his death that would,
perhaps, lead to abolition of the death penalty. But three accounts from prison
officials indicate McGuire refused to put on a display." (1)

"Amy Borror, a spokeswoman for the public defender's office, said all accounts
from execution eyewitnesses - which did not include Lowe - indicate McGuire was
unconscious at the time he struggled to breathe." (1)

"Medical experts would not comment on Mr. McGuire’s execution or speculate about
what he experienced. They agreed that used for surgery, the two drugs would not
cause pain. (2).

“By virtue of what they do, they cause unconsciousness, and they inhibit pain,”
said Dr. Howard Nearman, professor of anesthesiology at Case Western Reserve
University (2).

As there was no surgery, both drugs were given at overdose levels and both drugs
would enhance the effects of the other, of course there was no pain.

Do folks wheeze, snore, move or cough etc. while sleeping? Do those with opiate
overdoses wheeze, snore, move, cough, have spasms, etc.? Of course, which is all
that happened with McGuire, as some predicted.

The Associate Press witness:

"McGuire was still for almost five minutes, then emitted a loud snort, as if
snoring, and continued to make that sound over the next several minutes. He also
soundlessly opened and shut his mouth several times as his stomach rose and
fell." "A coughing sound was Dennis McGuire’s last apparent movement, at 10:43
a.m. He was pronounced dead 10 minutes later." (3)

No evidence of consciousness or pain.

Sadly, we have ignorant, anti death penalty folks, who just can't wait to get
their word out, such as McGuire's spiritual advisor, Father Lawrence Hummer,
stating, "There is no question in my mind that Dennis McGuire suffered greatly
over many minutes. . . . this experimental two-drug concoction had taken 26
minutes. I consider that inhumane." (4)

McGuire's children have threatened to sue the state over their father's just
execution.  So foul. They have learned so very little.

Their only comments should have been:

"We are truly sorry for the horror and suffering that our father has caused to
Joy, her husband, Kenny, their unborn son, Carl and to their family and friends. 
Our thoughts and prayers will be with them, always."

Maybe Father Hummer's only words should been along those lines, as well.

Possibly, someone in the media, and others, will look up the overdose properties
of the drugs involved (below) and tell us how McGuire could, possibly, have been
conscious. He couldn't have been.

The properties of the drugs and their overdosing effects are very well known -
by no means an experiment.

ASSOCIATED PRESS, Jan 27, 2014, 9:48 PM EST,

2) Family Sues in Protracted Ohio Execution, ASSOCIATED PRESS, New York Times,
JAN. 25, 2014

Legal Affairs Writer, The Daily Record, January 16, 2014 2:57PM

4)  "I witnessed Ohio's execution of Dennis McGuire. What I saw was inhumane",
Lawrence Hummer, The Guardian,, 22 January 2014 13.51 EST

FACT CHECKING: Midazolam, a sedative,  & Hydromorphone, an opiate/painkiller

The Ohio lethal injection protocol is 10mg of midazolam & 40mg of hydromorphone,
mixed together then injected.

The injection took 20 seconds.

The toxicity of benzodiazepines (including midazolam) overdose and risk of death
is increased when combined with opiates and when used intravenously, with
symptoms including respiratory distress, coma and death.

"More than 80 deaths have occurred after the use of midazolam  . . . 78% of the
deaths associated with midazolam were respiratory in nature." (MIDAZOLAM
HYDROCHLORIDE: Human Health Effects,

"The initial intravenous dose for sedation in adult patients may be as little as
1 mg, but should not exceed 2.5 mg in a normal healthy adult.", Midazolam

4 times that initial maximum dose was given to McGuire.

However, " . . . total dose >5 mg (of midazolam) "usually" (my emphasis) not
necessary to reach desired sedation . . .", Medscape, midazolam (Rx) - Versed,

Hydromorphone overdose,

"IV initial dose: 0.2 to 1 mg every 2 to 3 hours (given slowly over at least 2
to 3 minutes)",  Hydromorphone Dosage,

40-200 times those dosages were given to McGuire.
Site Support / Please welcome Chris back to the site.
September 12, 2013, 10:35:48 AM
I would like everyone to welcome Chris (Metfan62) back to the site. He has been a silent administrator on this site for many years, he is the person who coined our phrase "Execute the guilty, Honor the victims, Educate the uninformed". If ya'll have any questions or need any help he has made himself available to us again.

PS: I met Chris here on this site many years ago, over the years he has proven to be a good friend, most recently he came to visit Ali and I this past spring when she was at her worst in the hospital. Real people are here on this site, real friendships are developed, strong bonds are made and I just wanted to point that out. I think we all should remind ourselves of that when things get a little heated.   :-*
Richard Ramirez / Ding Dong the monster is DEAD!!!
June 07, 2013, 07:08:09 PM
Richard Ramirez, a mass murderer and serial rapist known as the "Night Stalker" for his 1984-85 crime spree in California, died Friday morning of natural causes at age 53, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said.
The California death row inmate died at Marin General Hospital north of San Francisco, the department said.
Ramirez was convicted in 1989 of 13 murders -- 11 in Southern California and two others in the San Francisco area -- along with five attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries.
Ramirez, a professed "satanist," was dubbed the "Night Stalker" for his preference of breaking into houses in the wee hours of the morning.
His attacks, many of them on elderly couples, terrified Southern California. His preferred method of attack was to quickly kill the male and rape -- sometimes repeatedly -- the female after ransacking the home for valuables. Some of his victims survived and provided descriptions, but police were unable to name a suspect.
Arrested in 1985, Ramirez was sentenced to die after his conviction in 1989.
Ramirez is the 59th inmate condemned in California to have died of natural causes since the state reinstated capital punishment in 1978, the department of corrections said. Twenty-two others committed suicide, and six died of other causes.
The state, which has 735 offenders on death row, has executed 13 inmates since 1979; one other California offender was executed in Missouri, the department said.

Off Topic - Anything / Update on my daughter! :)
February 27, 2013, 09:14:11 PM
I am just going to copy and paste my facebook updates here also.   I thought I would have time to sit at the computer each day but it just hasnt been the case. Every minute is devoted to her.

Ali is in the Rehab hospital. She has limited use of her hands and a little bit of range of motion from the elbows down along with "some" movement of her shoulders, the right arm being the strongest. Her face, trunk and legs are still paralyzed. She had developed an infection and more recently she has gall bladder issues and her liver tests came back high so a gastroenterologist has been in to see her and is watching her closely. She is in excruciating pain, she's very fatigued but bless her little heart she attempts to do anything they ask of her which isn't much, hold a spoon, hold her pill cup, etc, very basic stuff but she is my hero!!! :) I've taken over caring for her from the minute I arrived and oh boy what a team we are, a pathetic team at times but we get things done. :)

Even though I was well aware of her condition every step of the way before I got here, nothing could have prepared me for the reality of it, I feel like I have been going on adrenaline only and haven't allowed myself a moment yet to step back and take it all in. I am afraid if I do I will just explode.  The nurses and staff are amazing!!!!   They brought a bed into her room for me and I am staying with her 24/7. If I take a 2 minutes break to step outside Ali is on the phone ushering me back to her room, it is quite adorable. Before GBS struck her she could be quite a demanding little chit, but here and now she is so full of love and sweetness. I cannot express how proud I am of her and her determination to fight this.   

And the video below is for my special someone here, he will know why!!! I already told her when she is up and walking that her and I need to have someone video us doing the happy dance together.  :)

I am posting this here to try and get the most visibility since not everyone can see the support thread in the other section.

Many of you already know that my daughter is in ICU in Florida diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome and I am stuck up in New York trying to get down to her and I am not having any luck whatsoever.

I came up here to work and the girl I was working with closed up shop back at the beginning of January (actually Amazon shut her down with no notice, just here today and now gone and no explanation given) and the only work I have done since then is one website and I am still awaiting final payment on it so needless to say I am down to my last $51 with no leave date in site.

I created a donation campaign on the website to see if I can get outside help. i know it might be tacky but I am desperate. Not only do I need to come up with gas money but I will also need food money and back n forth gas money until I can get settled in south florida and find work for the times when I am not with my daughter at the hospital. Really, I am in the worst position a Mother could be. I feel like a failure as a Mom right now not being with my daughter when she needs me more than she ever has.

Here is a link to my campaign that I started.  The minimum donation this website allows is $10, so if someone would like to send a smaller amount which is also MOST WELCOMED please message me and I will give you a paypal address to send it to. Or, if you are a regular member here and have a TD Bank near you message me and I will be happy to give you my bank account info and you can just make a deposit that way and avoid fees. If you want to send something in the mail like gas cards they are most welcomed and again just message me for the mailing address.

Please keep my daughter in your prayers.

Much Love to you all!!!!
Off Topic - Anything / Hi Everyone
February 20, 2013, 03:42:59 AM
I had some spare time tonight and just thought I would pop my head in and say hello.  It's been rough in my world the past couple weeks. My daughter, Ali, has been in the hospital in icu for the past 10 days, diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. She is trapped within her own body and it is heart wrenching not being able to do a damn thing to help her except love her with every fiber of my being.  Life sure doesn't give us any breaks, just one blow after another and it never seems to end. But, we endure!!!!

Anyway, just thought I would pop over here tonight and read a bit and say hello....    I do hope you are all doing well, many of you I keep in touch with on facebook and for those of you not on facebook I do miss you! This website is never far from my thoughts even if I am not on here.


Off Topic - Anything / Ummmm... Ahhhhh... Seany???????
January 12, 2013, 04:52:04 PM
PAPASTALKIN!!!! ?????   

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I really need to come on here more often, I just realized you changed your name again, OMG   I'm laughing so hard I cant swallow my coffee!
Off Topic - Anything / Happy New Year
December 31, 2012, 10:09:34 PM
Happy New Year everyone!!!    I hope the new year brings you all happiness and prosperity!!  xoxoxox  Love You all!!
Off Topic - Anything / Merry Christmas !!!
December 22, 2012, 06:27:49 AM
Merry Christmas everyone!!!    :-*
The photograph below is being passed around on facebook and I took one look and my immediate thoughts were:

"Yep, at the end of the day that is all that matters right?   You forgot the free munchies and free cell phone to invite your buddies over to the party!!  This country is doomed.  Core values are lost! But hey, just smoke a joint and all yer worries will just fade away!"
Off Topic - Anything / When you have had enough!
September 13, 2012, 08:31:56 PM
When you have had enough!!!!  (allow a minute for the image to fully load and then click on it!!!!)
Site Support / SORRY!!!!
August 25, 2012, 12:46:46 AM

For this one time only you may throw rotten eggs at me, call me goofy names, super glue my ass to my computer chair.....     go ahead...  I deserve it...    :'(

Please resume your regular posting now.................................   :(

I think rumors are floating around that this site is shutting down, it is not. I am just an absent owner and will continue to be for the coming months.

I moved to florida, my granddaughter was born, I had to baker act my son, I am heading up to new york in 2 weeks for work, just a tremendous load of stressful issues going on at the moment preventing me from being here. I am so sorry but my priorities are that my family is first....   

now stop with the rumors.    ;D
Catherine Marie was born last night at 7:51 pm  she weighed 7 pounds exactly and is 20.5 inches tall.    :)   I am so proud of my daughter, she pushed for 4 minutes and Catherine was born. 

U.S. Death Penalty Discussion / Prayers Needed!!
June 28, 2012, 03:14:57 AM
I heard through the grape vine that a corrections officer in Texas was speared by one of the inmates on death row. The officer will now have to go through 2 years of blood tests because this particular inmate is "dirty". Please pray that everything comes back fine for this officer and let's never forget that officers such as this one put themselves on the line every day to protect the rest of us from these criminals.
I leave NY in a week and a half and head south!!   My daughter is due July 1st with my first grandbaby and there is no way I am going to be a long distance grandma to little Catherine (yes, it is a girl) so I'm packing it in and heading back to Florida... 

Many of you can reach me on facebook...  if there is a problem with the site my phone number is on my facebook page so please do not hesitate to use it.  I plan on checking in but who knows when she will go into labor and once she does i wont be online much for a while - I'll be too busy spoiling a baby  ;) I'm moving back home to just north of orlando but my daughter lives in hollywood and she has already asked me to stay a while after the baby is born to help her out, so I think I might be very busy for the next month or two.... 

I'm so excited!!!

Yep, I heard it through the grapevine that the ACLU is going to the Polunsky Unit today to investigate rumors that the inmates are being fed meals that aren't "hot enough"   

;D   ;D   ;D
Off Topic - Anything / CHAT !!
May 01, 2012, 11:52:27 PM
YES, I DO KNOW CHAT ISN'T WORKING....    I received about a dozen messages about it, I am sooooooooooooooooo sorry, I thought I had fixed it earlier and apparently not.   I really dont have the mindset to stay focused on it right now so check back over the weekend please.