Darrell Wayne Frederick - OK - 03/20/2015 - SENTENCED

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Oklahoma man sentenced to death after being convicted of killing mother
Darrell Wayne Frederick, 59, was convicted by a jury in November of the first-degree murder of his mother, 87-year-old Connie Bernice Frederick. A judge sentenced him to die on Monday, the punishment the jury chose in November.

January 6, 2015

The death warrant has been signed for a man convicted of a beating that left his mother dead.

Darrell Wayne Frederick, 59, was convicted by an Oklahoma County jury in November of the first-degree murder of his mother, 87-year-old Connie Bernice Frederick. The jury sentenced him to death, and to an additional 26 years on two other violent crimes stemming from the same incident, which occurred in northeast Oklahoma City.

Monday, Oklahoma County District Judge Timothy Henderson sentenced Frederick to death in accordance with the jury's choice of punishment.

The execution date is set for March 20, but Frederick's lawyers have notified the court they will appeal. Death sentence appeals typically take several years before they run their course.

The judge asked Frederick is he wished to say anything in court, and the convicted killer took issue with several matters during the trial, including the fact that his lawyers chose not to call a witness he wanted to testify.

"All the truth wasn't told in this case," Frederick said.

About the case

On March 26, 2011, Frederick began arguing with Connie Frederick. His niece fled the house and Frederick chased after her with a brick. He went back into the house, and his mother was found soon after with severe swelling to her face and head. She was taken to a hospital, where she died April 30, 2011.

During the trial, jurors heard about Frederick's previous convictions for robbery and burglary, among other crimes.

"It's just tragic by all accounts. Connie was a wonderful woman that was loved by many. Loved by her neighbors ... and extended family. She was one of the few people who was always there for Darrell, and always nurtured and tried to take care of him. It's tragic that she lost her life at his hands," prosecutor Suzanne Lavenue said.

Frederick remains in the Oklahoma County jail pending a transfer to the custody of the state Corrections Department.

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