Have a look at what this POS.....

Started by aussie, February 02, 2009, 09:14:52 AM

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....... has been up to now!!!!!! >:( >:(


Oh for him to be under a sentence of death!! For the 1 millionth time, I wish Australia still had the DP. We would be absolutely no chance to have it reinstated now. America, hold on to what you know is true. The DP is a required sentencing/punishment option!

/end rant.


I sure hear you on that one aussie... I wish we still had the DP here in South Africa.
It just makes so much sense to have it...  ???

As for this dude... lol not sure what the purpose was for cutting off his finger!  ::)


Now that was just plain stupid!!! Well he got the attention he was seeking now didn't he.
Justice is not about bringing back the dead. It is not about revenge either. Justice is about enforcing consequences for one's own actions to endorse personal responsibility. We cannot expect anyone to take responsibility for their own actions if these consequences are not enforced in full.


Milat should have got life-victim's mum
Friday, June 08, 2012 07:01pm

Matthew Milat jailed for Belanglo murder
The mother of a teenager killed by Matthew Milat says Milat should be taken out of jail in a body bag, after a judge sentenced him to at least 30 years.

Milat, a great-nephew of serial killer Ivan Milat, was jailed for at least 30 years in the NSW Supreme Court on Friday.

His accomplice, Cohen Klein, received a minimum 22-year term.

The 19-year-olds pleaded guilty to murdering David Auchterlonie on his 17th birthday in the Belanglo State Forest on November 20, 2010.

The axe attack took place, and was recorded on Klein's phone, in the same NSW Southern Highlands forest where Ivan Milat murdered seven backpackers in the early 1990s.

Outside court, David's mother, Donna Locke, said she was glad Milat did not get any less than 43 years 'but it should have been life'.

'He shouldn't have been leaving until he was old and grey in a body bag, like my son left the forest,' she said.

David's grandmother, Sandra Auchterlonie, said she was very happy that the judge order
Milat should have got life-victim's mum
Friday, June 08, 2012 07:01pm


Man that is one odd family.

Have read a few biographies and they are very messed up. Good mate of mine worked with Mr Milat around the time he was active (he washed his truck for him) said he seemed like a very intense but otherwise normal guy...

With regard the new Milat murders.. One must wonder who would go to the Balangalo state forest with anyone from that family??
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Genes will out
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