Listing of Montana Death Row Inmates

Started by Jeff1857, May 25, 2009, 01:26:54 AM

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William Gollehon
Was sentenced to death in 1992 after he and Douglas Turner fatally beat fellow inmate Gerald Pileggi with a baseball bat at the Montana State Prison in 1990. Mr. Gollehon  was already serving a 130-year sentence for killing a Billings woman in 1985. Mr. Gollehon also is serving time for his role in the 1991 riot at the prison.

Ronald Smith
Was sentenced to death for fatally shooting two young men - Harvey Mad Man Jr. and Thomas Running Rabbit - while he was on a drunken road trip in 1982.

Note: There´s no spearate death row in Montana,they´re housed in the maximum-security unit at Montana State Prison.

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