Washington Aggravating Factors For Capital Punishment

Started by heidi salazar, March 15, 2010, 12:15:56 AM

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heidi salazar

(1)The murder was committed from a motor vehicle or near a motor vehicle that transported the defendant
(2) The defendant committed or attempted to commit more than one murder at the same time
(3)Defendant is a continuing threat to society
(4) The murder was committed for pecuniary gain or pursuant to an agreement that the defendant would receive something of value
(5) The defendant caused or directed another to commit murder, or the defendant procured the commission of the offense by payment, promise of payment, or anything of pecuniary value
(6) The defendant committed murder as part of a gang activity or to obtain or maintain membership or to advance his or her position in an organization or group
(7) The defendant is a future danger
(8) The capital offense was committed by a person who is incarcerated, has escaped, is on probation, is in jail, or is under a sentence of imprisonment
(9)The victim was a current or former witness in an adjudicative proceeding and the murder was related to the exercise of official duties performed by the victim. The person committed the murder to conceal the commission of a crime or to protect or conceal the identity of any person committing a crime, including any attempt to avoid prosecution as a persistent offender
(10)The victim was a news reporter and the murder was committed to obstruct reporting activities of the victim
(11)The defendant committed treason
(12)At the time the person committed the murder, there existed a court order, issued in this or any other state, which prohibited the person from either contacting the victim, molesting the victim, or disturbing the peace of the victim, and the person had knowledge of the existence of that order
(13)At the time the person committed the murder, the person and the victim were 'family or household members' and the person had previously engaged in a pattern or practice of certain crimes committed upon the victim within a five-year period, regardless of whether a conviction resulted

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