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Thomas Dale Ferguson
Sentenced to death for shooting a north Alabama man, Harold Pugh, and his 11-year-old son Joey to death in a fishing boat.Ferguson was one of five vharged in this case.

Richard Jerome Flowers
Sentenced to death in 1998 for the murder of the murder of Annie Addy. It was a cpital murder case, because he commited another murer within 20 years of Addis murder.

Timothy Keith Flowers
Was sentenced to death for intentionally murdering Tommy Philyaw during the course of a kidnapping and a robbery.

Christopher Floyd
Floyd was convicted of killing convenience store worker Archie Waylon Crawford.

Demetrius Frazier
Early on the morning of November 26, 1991, Frazier saw a light on in Pauline Brown's ground-floor apartment at the Fountain Heights Apartment complex in Birmingham. He removed a screen and entered the apartment through a window. Frazier searched the apartment and found $5 or $10 in one of the bedrooms. Frazier then heard a television set on in one of the other bedrooms and went to that bedroom to see if anyone was there. He found Ms. Brown asleep in the bedroom. He awakened her. Armed with a .22 caliber pistol, he demanded more money. Ms. Brown gave him $80 from her purse. Frazier then forced her at gunpoint to have sexual intercourse with him. While he was raping her, Ms. Brown begged Frazier not to kill her. When Ms. Brown refused to stop begging for her life, Frazier put the pistol to the back of her head and fired the gun.

David Freeman
Was convicted of murdering Mary Gordon, 17, and raping and murdering Gordon's mother in Montgomery in 1988. According to trial testimony, Freeman killed them because Gordon told him she did not want to be his girlfriend.

Lasamuel Gamble
Death Row for his role in the 1996 robbery-murder of John Burleson and Janice Littleton at a Shelby County pawn shop. The triggerman was 16 at the time of the crime and not eiligable for the DP.

Keith Gavin
Was convicted of the capital murder of Clinton Clayton JR., 68, a bank courier from Birmingham.

Larry D. George
Fatally shot two people on Feb. 12, 1988. In the same episode, he shot his wife and left her a paraplegic.

Arthur Lee Giles
Was convicted of capital murder in the Nov. 10, 1978 stabbing deaths of a couple killed during a robbery at their rural Blount County home.

Emanuel Gissendaner
Gissendanner assaulted the 77-year-old victim Margaret Snellgrove, kidnapped her by putting her in the trunk of her car, stole her car, and killed her by inflicting severe head and neck trauma.
Update: Dale County Circuit Judge Kenneth Quattlebaum Overturned Conviction on 3/31/10.

Tierra Capri Gobble
Was sentenced to death for beating her 6 month-old son to death.

Carey Dale Grayson
Four teenagers, Trace Royal Duncan, 17, Cary Dale Grayson, 19, Kenny Loggins, 17, and Louis Mangione, 16, kidnapped and murdered hitchhiker, Vicki De Blieux, 37, who was traveling to her mother's home in Tennessee. The defendants picked her up and promised to take her to her mother's but instead took her to a wooded area. After she spurned their sexual advances, they kicked and stomped her and threw her over a cliff. Carey Grayson told Louis Mangione that he was going to "sacrifice the bitch." Three defendants then returned to the scene and proceeded to mutilate, cannibalize part of her body, and remove all of her fingers, both to thwart identification, and to keep as souvenirs. The defendants were arrested after Louis Mangione began showing Ms. De Blieux's fingers to friends. Kenneth Loggins and Carey Dale Grayson were sentenced to death. Louis Christopher Mangione and Trace Royal Ducan received a sentence of life imprisonment.

Colon Lavon Guthrie
Sentenced to death for the 1988 murder of Rayford Howard.

Steven W. Hall
Sentenced to death for the murder of 69-year-old Clarene Haskew, a retired schoolteacher on December 15, 1991.

Phillip HallfordEXECUTED November 4, 2010
He was convicted of the 1986 murder of Charles Eddie Shannon in Dale County.

Doyle Lee Hamm
Hamm was convicted of killing Patrick Cunningham during a robbery on Jan. 24, 1987.

Artez Hammonds
Was convicted of capital murder in Houston County, Alabama, on November 6, 1997, for the 1990 slaying of Marilyn Mitchell, 23.

John Hardy
Sentenced to death for the fatal shooting of Clarence Terry, 51, during a robbery at a Bud's convenience store.

Louise Harris
Sentenced to death for paying Michael Sockwell and Alex Hood each 100$ and an additional amount from the life insurance for killing her man, a sheriff deputy. She had an affair with Lorenzo McCarter who arranged the contact with the killers.

Westley Devone Harris
Sentenced to death for killing his girlfriend's three teenage brothers along with her mother, father and grandmother, authorities said

James Allen Harrison Jr.
Was convicted of stabbing to death Thomas Fred Day Jr. while stealing his car in 1998 in Russell County.

Anthony Hinton
Sentenced to death for the 1986 robbery-murders of two Birmingham restaurant assistant managers.

Melvin Gene Hodges
Sentenced to death, because he had brutally killed a shop clerk by beating and pistol-whipping her, then running over her repeatedly with a car.

Joseph Hooks
Was convicted in the 1984 killing and robbery of Donald and Hannelore Bergquist.

Gregory Hunt
Sentenced to death for the 1988 beating death of a former girlfriend, Karen Lane, in Parrish. Hunt was accused of torching her house, going to an apartment where she was staying, sexually assaulting and fatally beating her.

Christopher Shane Hyde
Sentenced to death for killing three people at a funeral home robbery in Walker County.

Robert S. Ingram
In a dispute over a drug debt, ingram and three others taped a man to a bench, doused him in gasoline and set him on fire on July 31, 1993. Ingram was the person who poured the gasoline and lit the fire.

Michael Irvin
Sentenced to death for the robbery and shooting death of Jackie Thompson in Macon County.

Esau "Wolf" Jackson
Was sentenced to death today for the 2006  shooting at a traffic light in Ensley last year that left two people dead and two wounded.

Demetrius Jackson Jr.
Sentenced to death for the Oct. 23, 2006, fatal shooting of Fairfield Police Officer Mary Smith.

Shonelle Andre Jackson
Jackson was convicted of murdering Lefrick Moore during the course of a robbery and was sentenced to death.

Willie Jackson
Sentenced to death for the murder of Alisa Desha Roberts as he tried to shot George Prickett inside a car.

Joe Nathan James Jr.
Sentenced to death for the burglary and shooting death of his former girlfriend, Faith Hall, on Aug. 15, 1994, in Jefferson County.

Mark Allen Jenkins
Mark Allen Jenkins was convicted on March 18, 1991, of capital murder in connection with the death of Tammy Hogeland on or about April 17, 1989, in St. Clair County, Alabama.

Christopher Thomas Johnson
Sentencd to death for killing his infant son. He told the jury that he deserves the DP and he got it.

James Allen Johnson
Was sentenced to death for a murder during a robbery.

Shonda Nicole Johnson (aka Richards)
Johnson was convicted in 1999 of the shooting death of Randy McCullar in a church parking lot in rural Walker County on Nov. 30, 1997. The capital murder charge involved killing a person who had been a grand jury witness. Testimony at the trial showed that Johnson was still married to McCullar when she married William Howard McIntyre Jr. in 1995 and when she married Tim Richards in 1997. McCullar testified before a grand jury and got Johnson prosecuted for bigamy. He also filed for divorce and custody of their child three weeks before he was killed. Johnson was so mad that she tried to get a former boyfriend she lived with between the McIntyre and Richards weddings to kill McCullar, but he wouldn't. Then she persuaded Richards to cut McCullar's tire while he was in a lounge. According to testimony, Richards and Johnson followed McCullar to a church parking lot, where Johnson gave Richards a loaded gun and got him to kill McCullar. In a plea deal, Richards testified against Johnson.

Toforest Johnson
During the early morning hours of 19 July 1995, Deputy Hardy, a 23 year veteran, who was working an off-duty job at a local hotel, went outside to check on a problem in the parking lot. While in the parking lot, Deputy Hardy was ambushed, and shot twice in the head, by Toforest Johnson and Alfred Bahakel. The first bullet dismembered the ring finger on Deputy Hardy's left hand (as he used it to try to protect himself), passed through his mouth, and out the back of his head causing him to fall to the ground; alive. As Deputy Hardy attempted to get up, one of these animals stood over him and shot him in the head again. Deputy Hardy was taken to UAB Regional Medical Center where he died from his injuries a short time later. Deputy Hardy, who was affectionately known for always wearing his hat, was a very good friend and is missed by all who knew him.
Toforest Johnson was sentenced to death for capital murder

Antonio Jones
Jones beat 80-year-old Ruth Kirkland to death during a home invasion burglary.

Jeremy Bryan Jones
On October 26, 2005, Jeremy Bryan Jones was convicted of the rape, burglary, sexual abuse, kidnapping and capital murder of Lisa Nichols. He now faces prosecution for the murder of Katherine Collins of New Orleans and Amanda Greenwell of Douglas County, Georgia. Police suspect Jones is a serial killer and may be linked to at least 10 other murders across the country.
The Murder of Lisa Nichols: On September 18, 2004, the body of 45-year-old Lisa Nichols was found in her partially burned home in Chunchula, Alabama. It was determined that she had been raped, shot three times in the head and her body burned. The police identified a suspect from a car reportedly seen in front of Lisa's home on the night of the murder. He was John Paul Chapman, also known as "Oklahoma."

Jimmy Lamar Killingsworth
Killingsworth was convicted of capital murder for a drive-by shooting that killed Steven Spears.  Killingsworth was the driver of the vehicle.  He pulled alongside Spears' vehicle while 16-year-old Troy Connell actually fired the shots.  Killingworth then entered the car and stole Spears' wallet.  The other defendant beat Spears wife with a chain.  The all-woman jury recommended life without parole, but the judge denied that recommendation and issued a death sentence.  Connell received life in prison, since he was ineligible for the death penalty because he was less than 18 years old at the time of the crimes.

Ronne Kirksey
A Gadsden man was sentenced to death on Friday by Etowah County Circuit Judge David Kimberley for the 2006 murder of Cornell Norwood, his girlfriend's 23-month-old son.
Ronnie Lynn Kirksey was convicted in February, and a jury unanimously recommended a death sentence. Kimberley said the extenuating circumstances approved by the jury showed the crime was especially "heinous, atrocious or cruel."  He said the death penalty recommendation overrode any mitigating circumstances presented by the defense, such as the defendant's lack of criminal record and comments by family members. Kirksey declined to comment when asked by Kimberley if he had anything to say. Jurors in February deliberated less than two hours before returning the death sentence recommendation. The same jurors earlier had convicted Kirksey of capital murder in the child's death, after deliberating for about two hours following a two-week trial. Cornell had a skull fracture that caused his death but had several more injuries that would have killed him had he not died from the head injury first, a forensic pathologist testified in the trial. The child had traumatic injuries to his stomach, heart, lungs and diaphragm, and the aorta -- the main artery through his body -- was torn, according to testimony. Kirksey gave statements soon after Cornell's death, explaining how he kicked and stomped the child. During testimony during the trial, Kirksey said he fell on the child and that, along with the damage from CPR, caused the injuries.
Sentenced to Death 4/30/10.

William Kuenzel
Fatally shot a Sylacauga convenience store clerk on Nov. 9, 1987.

Andrew Lackey
Sentenced to death for the slaying of Charlie Newman, 80, in Newman's Hine Street home on Halloween night in 2005.

Thomas Robert Lane
Lane drowned his estranged "mail-order" wife Teresa in a bathtub after invading her home.  He then stole her jewelry in order to pay for a new wife.
Update: AL Court of Criminal Appeals Tossed Conviction on 3/3/10.

James Largin
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the murder of his parents Jimmy and
Peggy Largin in March 2007. Prosecutors said Largin shot his parents with a rifle,
stole their money and a car and spent the next day smoking crack cocaine. They called witnesses who said they heard Largin admit to the killings in jail and played
a taped conversation with an off-duty police officer in which he appeared
to be discussing the murders.
Sentenced to Death 10/1/09.

James Lawhorn
Lawhorn's aunt paid him $100 to kill a man.

Jeffrey Lee
Sentenced to fdeath for the Orrville robbery and murder of Jimmy Ellis and his wife. Lee also shot another woman during the robbery that was captured on video surveillance.

Michael Jerome Lewis
Lewis was convicted in the beating and shooting death of Timothy John Kaye at a mobile home in Houston County on April 25, 1997.

Randy Lamont Lewis
Convicted of the shooting death of Taurus Frost during the kidnapping and robbery of Frost's girlfriend on March 27, 2006, in Birmingham. The court threw out separate convictions for robbery and kidnapping because they duplicated the capital murder conviction.

Lam Luong
Lam Luong was sentenced to death today for throwing his four children from the Dauphin Island bridge 2008.
Victims: Danny Luong, Hannah Luong, Lindsey Luong, and Ryan Phan

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