Listing of Alabama Death Row Inmates A - E

Started by Jeff1857, May 23, 2009, 04:27:39 AM

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Nick Acklin
Acklin, 26, was convicted of capital murder in the deaths of Charles Larnar
Hemphill, Bryan Carter, Michael Beaudette and Johnny Couch. The jury also
returned a guilty verdict on charges of attempted murder in assaults on Ashley
Rutherford and Michelle Hayden Mills.
He was accused of starting a shooting spree Sept.25,1996, at Rutherfords
home on U.S. 72, just west of the Huntsville city limits. The incident occurred
around midnight over a report that Hemphill filed with authorities over his
missing cellular telephone.
Sentenced to Death 11/10/98


Charles Gregory Clark
Was sentenced to death in the October 1998 stabbing death of Fort Morgan store owner William "Manzy" Ewing. Court testimony showed Clark, who was 41 when convicted, was high on crack cocaine when he stabbed Ewing 17 times.

Eugene Clemons
Was sentenced to death for the killing of a federal drug agent.

Donald Dallas
Sentened to death for the capital murder for the robbery, kidnapping and slaying of Hazel Liveoak of Millbrook on July 12, 1994. Liveoak was abducted, robbed for money to buy crack cocaine and left in the trunk of her car in a Montgomery parking lot. She died from a heart attack.

Renard Marcel Daniel
Was convicted of capital murder for the killings of Loretta A. McCulloch and John Wesley Brodie

David Eugene Davis
Sentenced to death for the 1996 murder of Kenneth Douglas and John Fikes. After the killings he robbed several items.

Jimmy Davis
Sentenced to death for murdering a sales clerk in a robbery attempt.

Melvin Davis
Was convicted in 1998 for murdering two people during a 1996 shootout in Montgomery.
Victims: Timothy Ray, John Bradley

Donald Deardorff
Sentenced to death for the murder of minister Ted Turner.

Derrick Debruce
Killed a man in the Aug. 16, 1991, robbery of an auto parts store.

Oscar Doster
Sentenced to death for his part in the murder of Oscar Doster Paul Lemaster. During a prison-break Doster and Bobby Phillips killed Lemaster to steal his truck.

Garrett Dotch
Sentenced to death for the murder of his former girfriend Tamarla Taldon outside the sandwhich shop where she worked.

Larry Dunaway
Sentence of death for the murder of James Patterson, additionaly sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for the murder of Tressa Patterson.

Dionne Eatman
Kidnapped and killed together with Aundra Marshall Clarence and Allison Kile because of a drug debt owed to Marshall. Clarence and Allison Kile were tied up, beat with a lead pipe, forced into the trunk of their car. Eatman and Marshall doused the car with gasoline and burned the Kiles alive.

Michael Wayne Eggers
Sentenced to death for the brutal 2000 murder of Bennie Francis Murray.

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