Listing of Oregon Death Row Inmates

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Robert James Acremant
Convicted and Sentenced to Death in the murders of  Roxanna Ellis ("Ellis") and Michelle Abdill ("Abdill") in Medford, Oregon, on December 4, 1995. Before her death, Ellis had operated a property management company with her daughter, Lori Ellis ("Lori"). On the morning of December 4, Ellis left her office for an 11:00 a.m. appointment to show a residence on Sheraton Court in Medford. When Ellis later missed a 2:00 p.m. appointment scheduled for that day, Lori became concerned for her mother. Lori repeatedly paged and called Ellis on her cellular telephone but initially received no response. Eventually, at about 4:00 p.m. that afternoon, Ellis telephoned Lori and told Lori that she was doing some shopping. Lori testified that Ellis normally responded immediately to any page or telephone call from Lori and that Ellis was uncharacteristically quiet during their telephone conversation. When Lori asked Ellis why she had missed her 2:00 p.m. appointment, Ellis responded that she must have had the wrong address. When Lori asked Ellis why she had not answered Lori's pages and telephone calls, Ellis responded that all the telephone circuits must have been busy.

Gregory Bowen
On December 29, 2001, defendant and Colby traveled to Gold Beach, where they began experiencing problems with their vehicle. While in Gold Beach, defendant decided to visit his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Dalton. Upon arriving at Dalton's house, defendant told her that he wanted to pick up some extra clothes and give her money that he owed her. After entering the house, however, defendant and Dalton began to argue. During that argument, defendant struck Dalton in the face with his fist, knocking her to the floor. He then grabbed Dalton by her hair, pulling her up from the floor, and proceeded to hold a knife to her throat. Defendant then took Dalton into the bedroom and exchanged his knife for a black-powder pistol, which he used to repeatedly to beat Dalton. During that altercation, Dalton grabbed the barrel of the pistol and cut her hand on the gunsights. Shortly thereafter, someone knocked on Dalton's front door. Defendant told Dalton that, if she made a sound, he would shoot the person at the front door. After defendant left the bedroom to check the front door, Dalton escaped the house by jumping through a bedroom window. As Dalton ran to her neighbor's house, she yelled for someone to call the police. In response, defendant and Colby fled to a friend's house to listen to a police scanner.
Resentenced to Death 3/31/10.

Jason Brumwell
Sentenced to Death in the 2003 murder of fellow inmate David Polin.

Jesse Celeb Compton
Sentenced to death in the murder of 2 1/2 yr old Tesslyn O'Cull
Tesslynn O'Cull was beaten, burned, bound, sexually assaulted, starved, tortured and brutalized by her mother's boyfriend, Jesse Compton, and her own mother, Stella Kiser, in the days leading to her death. Her back was broken 2-3 weeks prior to her death and rubbing alcohol had been poured into open wounds on her body.

David Lee Cox
David Lee Cox also known as "Rooster," was convicted by a Marion County jury in 2000 of killing Mark Davis because of a dispute largely revolving around drugs. Davis was a fellow inmate of Cox.

Clinton Cunningham
Cunningham is on Oregon's death row for the murder of Shannon Faith in 1991.

Michael Andre Davis
Date of Crime:  November 2, 1991
Davis was convicted of killing a man and a stripper in a motel in 1991.  Shortly after the killing, some witnesses came forward and told police that Davis had killed the two, but they later retracted their statements apparently because Davis threatened their lives.  Six years later, Davis was sentenced to 60 months in prison on a drug charge.  While in prison, he confessed to the killings to other inmates.  The inmates were contacted by police and stated that Davis admitted to killing the two people because the stripper rejected him and owed him money, and he was jealous of the man. 

Jesse Fanus
On the night of June 28, 1998 broke into the home of the victim, Major General Marion Carl, and his wife, Edna Carl, in Douglas County, Oregon. Fanus was armed with a shotgun that he had stolen from D & D Towing, a Roseburg vehicle towing business, on or around June 17, 1998. Fanus shot and killed Marion Carl, and shot and wounded Edna Carl. Fanus then forced Edna Carl at gunpoint to give him several hundred dollars and the keys to the Carls' vehicle.

Travis Lee Gibson
Sentenced to Death in the 2000 murder of Joshua Copp during the commission of a home robbery.

Randy Guzek
In 1988, Randy Lee Guzek convicted of two counts of aggravated murder in the 1987 brutal slayings of Rod and Lois Houser in Terrebonne. His partners in crime, Mark Wilson and Donald Ross Cathay, receive life sentences in exchange for testifying against him.
Resentenced to Death 6/17/10.

Conan Wayne Hale
Conan Wayne Hale was sentenced to death for his role in the slaying of three Springfield, Oregon teenagers in 1995. He was sentenced after being found guilty on all 33 counts that he faced, including 13 charges of aggravated murder. The three teenagers killed in the incident were 15-year-olds Kristal Bendele and Brandon Williams and 13-year-old Patrick Finley.

Gary Haugen
Sentenced to Death in the 2003 murder of fellow inmate David Polin.

Michael James Hayward
Sentenced to Death in the robbery robbery of a Dari-Mart store in west Eugene that ended in the murder of clerk Frances Wall. Another clerk, Donna Ream, barely survived the April 10, 1994

Jesse Lee Johnson
Date of crime: 3/20/98
Johnson robbed Harriet Thompson in her home, stabbed her repeatedly, and slashed her throat. Johnson had a long record of violent crime. The defense attacked the prosecution's circumstantial proof at the guilt/innocence phase, and Johnson claimed innocence throughout the proceedings.

Martin Allen Johnson
Sentenced to death  for the  February 24, 1998 murder of Heather Fraser, a Portland-area teenager. A forensic pathologist examined the body and concluded that Fraser had died by strangulation.

Robert Langley
Date of crime: 1998
Langley was convicted and received death sentences for the murders of Anne Gray and Larry Rockenbrant. Rockenbrant's body was buried underneath a garden on the grounds of the Oregon State Mental Hospital, where Langley was residing. Both convictions were overturned because the jury was not allowed to hear mitigating evidence during the Gray case, and evidence was presented on the Gray murder during the Rockenbrant murder trial. At the first retrial, Langley was given life in prison for the Rockenbrant murder and a death sentence for the Gray murder. The Oregon Supreme Court again overturned the death sentence conviction in 2000, ruling the judge should have allowed the jury to consider giving Langley life in prison without parole. Langley has fired the four different attorneys who were appointed to represent him and the court also fired his attorneys at another instance when they were accused of stalling. Langley refused to participate in the latest trial stating he was not granted attorneys to his liking. Langley is thought to have tortured and killed eight other people.

Christian Longo
Sentenced to Death in the murders of his son, Zachery, 4, and daughter Sadie, 3. He had previously pleaded guilty to killing his wife, MaryJane, 34, and daughter Madison, 2. The authorities have said that Mrs. Longo and Madison were strangled but that how the older children were killed was not clear.

Ernest Lotches
Ernest Lotches sentenced to 1992 murder of William Hall a security officer. 1) Lotches initiated a confrontation that triggered the chase through downtown Portland; 2) he shot an unarmed Portland Guide who was following him; 3) William Hall, an armed security officer, then exchanged gunfire with Lotches; 4) Lotches fled and tried to carjack a woman and her 9-year-old grandson at gunpoint; 5) he then shot and killed Hall, who had continued to pursue him; 6) uninjured, Lotches fled again and carjacked a truck at gunpoint; 7) when a police officer caught up to him, he shot at that officer and 8) finally, when surrounded by armed police officers, he surrendered.

Michael McDonnell
He was 33 years old and high on meth on Dec. 22, 1984, when he forced his way into Joey Keever's car at a stop sign near Yoncalla and stabbed her 42 times.
Want to see just how convoluted an Oregon death penalty case can get? Read all the gritty details in the next five paragraphs.
McDonnell killed Keever, 22, just 16 days after Oregon's death penalty law went into effect. During his first trial in 1985, defense attorneys argued successfully in Douglas County Circuit Court that Oregon's new death penalty law might be unconstitutional. The case went to the state Court of Appeals, which rejected the appeal in 1986, sending the case back to Douglas County, where a jury convicted McDonnell of aggravated murder and sentenced him to death in 1988.

Marco Montez
Convicted of  1988 arson, three murders and abuse of a corpse;

Billy Lee Oatney Jr.
Sentenced to Death for the 1996 abduction and murder og Susi Larsen, 34, a Tualatin graphic artist.
Johnston and Oatney then tied up the victim and took her to the bedroom. They cut off her clothes with scissors and both of them raped and sodomized her. After forcing her to give them the personal identification number to her bank card, Oatney sent Johnston out to get some money from an ATM using the victim's card. When Johnston returned, he saw that the victim had blood on her face and was not moving. Johnston testified that defendant had told him that defendant had hit and choked the victim because she "just wouldn't [have sex with] me." Defendant said that he had tried to kill her, but "the [victim] just won't die." Defendant and Johnston then held a plastic bag over the victim's head until she stopped breathing.

Mark Pinnell
Convicted of murdering John Wallace Ruffner, a Tualatin man they met through a sex ad in "Swing and Sway" magazine.

Horacio A.Reyes-Camarena
A Douglas County jury sentenced Alberto Reyes-Camarena to die for aggravated murder.  He stabbed 32-year-old Angelica Zetina, whom he met working on a farm near Woodburn, 17 times, then stabbed and robbed her sister Maria, 18, nearly killing her.  Both women were dumped on the side of the highway.  Two days after his conviction and before the punishment phase of his trial began, Camarena and another inmate escaped from a holding cell.  Camarena suffered a spinal injury when he fell four stories as the pair climbed down a makeshift rope.  Both inmates were re-captured when they were discovered hiding in the basement of a nearby church nearly three weeks later.  Camarena underwent surgery and was returned to finish his trial after his recovery.

Dayton Rogers
Convicted in the 1987 serial murder of Jennifer Smith  Cynthia "Dee Dee" Diane DeVore, Maureen Ann Hodges, Reatha Marie Gyles, Nondace "Noni" Kae Cervantes, Lisa Marie Mock, and Christine Lotus Adams. He was convicted in 1989 of killing all seven women, and was sentenced to death. An eighth victim believed killed by Rogers was found but never identified, and Rogers was never charged in her death.

Eric Walter Running
Running convicted and sentenced to death in the 1998 murders of Jacqueline J. Anderson, 29, and Barbara J. Gilpin, 44, by shooting them with a shotgun in the head and torso, in a Portland bar in front of 20 witnesses.

Ricardo Serrano
The jury chose the death penalty in Ricardo Serrano's capital murder trial, the judge announced Thursday morning in court.
The Washington County man was convicted last month on 10 counts of aggravated murder for killing Melody Dang and her two teenage sons in 2006. The jury recommended the death penalty for each of the killings during the sentencing phase.
Due to Oregon state laws regarding rights of death row inmates, Serrano's case will now go into automatic appeal.
Prosecutors and defense attorneys presented closing arguments Wednesday afternoon. The jury completed its work around 4 p.m. and left for the day.
The state portrayed Serrano as a vengeful husband who killed the family as retribution for his wife's infidelity with Dang's live-in boyfriend. Jurors reached a guilty verdict less than 10 days after the capital murder case began.
Dang, 37, and her sons Steven, 15, and 12-year-old Jimmy were found dead in November 2006, months after Serrano's wife informed him that she was pregnant with another man's child.
Sentenced to Death 3/11/10.

David Simonsen
Simonsen and co-defendent Jeffrey Williams sentenced to Death for the 1999 murders of German tourists Una Tuxen and Katrin Reith.

Jeffrey Sparks
Convicted and sentenced to death in the 1998 Murder of a 12 year old girl.

Karl Anthony Terry
Convicted of murdering brothers Jeffry and Dale Brown with a samurai sword in 1994, while the three were on a camping trip near Milwaukie.

Matthew Dwight Thompson
While on parole, he broke his mother-in-law's arm and chased her husband down the halls of a hospital with a butcher knife. He also threatened to kill a teacher. His parole officer recommended that his parole be revoked but it was not.
In November of 1994, in another unprovoked attack, Thompson stabbed a young woman and murdered her husband, Andrew J. McDonald, 32. Thompson also murdered Paul Whitcher, age 32, that night.

Jeffrey Dale Tiner
White Supremecist convicted of a 1993 murder while on parole.

Mike Washington Jr.
A Clackamas County jury decided today that Mike Spencer Washington Jr. should be put to death for killing a witness who testified against him. Washington assaulted Mohamed Jabbie in July 2004 and shot him to death a few months later, after Jabbie appeared before a Multnomah County grand jury. Jurors found Washington guilty on April 23. Jabbie, 33, a native of Sierra Leone, legally immigrated to the United States in 1996 to escape civil war in his home county, one of the poorest in Africa. He worked as a medical transport assistant. Relatives described him as a devoted Muslim who loved soccer and reggae music. A month after Jabbie died, his girlfriend gave birth to their only child, a daughter. Jabbie, 33, crossed Washington's path after he started dating Shirleen Stafford, Washington's longtime girlfriend, in early 2004. In July of that year, Washington broke into Stafford's house and beat Jabbie. Jabbie testified about the assault before a Multnomah County grand jury on Sept. 23, 2004. The next night, Washington, who lived in Gresham, walked into Jabbie's apartment near Clackamas Town Center and shot him seven times. Killing Jabbie was meant to keep Washington out of jail and serve as payback for Jabbie's relationship with Stafford, prosecutors said. The case against Washington relied heavily on Stafford's testimony and cell phone records, which mirrored Stafford's account. Stafford was indicted on murder charges but agreed to testify in return for a reduced sentence.
Sentenced to Death 5/10/10.

Jeffrey Williams
Jeffery Ray Williams and co-defendant, David Lynn Simonsen sentenced to death for the 1988 murders of German tourists Una Tuxen and Katrin Reith.

Gary A. Zweigart
Date of crime: 1/10/02
Zweigart hired the 18-year-old nephew of his lover to stage a fake burglary at Zweigart's home, and to kill Zweigart's wife Hong Ha Zweigart in the process for insurance money. The would-be hit-man committed the burglary, and bound the Zweigarts. But the 18-year-old could not go through with the murder, so Gary Zweigart freed himself and shot Hong Ha in the head, killing her.

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