Listing of Colorado Death Row Inmates

Started by Michael, May 06, 2009, 01:10:45 PM

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Nathan Dunlap
Was convicted and sentenced to death in 1996 for the murder of four employees at an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant.

"In the final analysis, Dunlap was competently represented, fairly tried, and duly sentenced to death for having committed four vicious murders of three teenagers and a mother of two children for no intelligible reason at all," wrote Senior U.S. District Judge John L. Kane. "The processes of the law have been exhausted, the defendant's guilt is uncontestable and the penalty . . . meets every requirement of the law." Felisa Cardona, The Denver Post

Read more: Death penalty stands for Nathan Dunlap, who killed four at Aurora Chuck E. Cheese - The Denver Post

Sir Mario Owens
Sentenced to death for the 2005 ambush murders of Vivian Wolfe and her fiance, Javad Marshall-Fields, who wanted to testify against Owens, both 22.

Jury sentences Sir Mario Owens to death

Prosecutors were able to link Owens to the murder scene because of a baseball cap and DNA.

CENTENNIAL -- A jury determined Monday that Sir Mario Owens should be put to death for the June 2005 deaths of Javad Marshall-Fields and Marshall-Fields' fiancee, Vivian Wolfe.

The two were shot to death in their car at an Aurora intersection. Marshall-Fields had been scheduled to testify in a murder trial involving Owens' friend, Robert Ray.

Prosecutors say the aggravators are that Owens:

Was previously convicted of first-degree murder in the July 4, 2004, homicide of Gregory Vann at Lowry Park in Aurora.

Was "party to an agreement" to kill Marshall-Fields and Wolfe, who were shot to death on June 20, 2005, as they drove down an Aurora street.

Participated in the murder of Marshall-Fields and Wolfe to prevent Marshall-Fields from testifying against Robert Ray, a friend of Owens.

Killed "two or more people" (Marshall-Fields and Wolfe) during the commission "of the same criminal episode."

Killed "more than one person in more than one criminal episode."

Robert Ray
Sentenced to death for the 2005 deaths of Vivian Wolfe and Javad Marshall-Fields in Aurora. Fields was going to testify against Ray.
Sentenced to Death 5/5/10.

Convicted killer Ray handed death sentence for ordering witness slaying

An Arapahoe County jury decided Monday that Robert Keith Ray will be sentenced to die for arranging the 2005 killing of a witness to another murder committed by Ray a year earlier, the Aurora Sentinel reports.

The same jury handed down two first-degree murder convictions last month for Ray's involvement in the deaths of Javad Marshall-Fields and his fiancee, Vivian Wolfe, who were gunned down at an Aurora intersection four years ago. Prosecutors said Ray ordered Marshall-Fields killed a week before he was scheduled to testify against Ray in the shooting death of Gregory Vann at a 2004 Fourth of July celebration at a city park. Another jury convicted Ray in Vann's death and a judge imposed a 108-year sentence for that crime.

Ray becomes the third inmate on Colorado's death row, joining Sir Mario Owens -- the triggerman in the slaying of Marshall-Fields and Wolfe -- who was sentenced last summer to die.

Ray & Owens victims

Vivian Wolfe and Javad Marshall-Fields were both 22 when they were killed. (Patrick Kelley | Aurora Daily Sentinel)

Read more: Death penalty for Aurora witness-killer Ray - The Denver Post

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I´m not sure if there´s a hell, but I believe in executed murderers.

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