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Started by turboprinz, December 16, 2012, 10:19:24 PM

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DEATH PENALTY: Governor To Meet With Parents Of Victims

Posted on: 8:05 pm, December 13, 2012

Governor Terry Branstad will meet with the parents of several kidnapped Iowa children next week.

Their discussion is expected to center on the death penalty for cases involving the kidnapping and murder of a child.

Heather and Drew Collins, parents of Elizabeth, kidnapped and murdered in July, will join Noreen Gosch, and Adonnis Hill.

Noreen's son Johnny was kidnapped in West Des Moines in 1982, and Adonnis' daughter Donnisha was kidnapped and murdered in Waterloo in 2006.

The parents are expected to ask the Governor to reinstate the death penalty for certain cases.

State Senator Kent Sorenson of Indianola is already preparing legislation to do just that.

Sorenson says he's still working on the details, but the bill will be presented when the session begins in January.

The meeting with parents is scheduled for Monday, December 17th.

Governor Branstad has said he supports the death penalty in limited circumstances, but doesn't feel this is the time for lawmakers to bring it up.

Iowa abolished the death penalty in 1965.
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