Listing of Idaho Death Row Inmates

Started by Jeff1857, May 24, 2009, 10:19:43 PM

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Azad Haji Abdullah
Was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife, Angela Jewitt Abdullah.

David Leslie Card
Was sentenced to death for the June 5, 1988, shooting deaths of Eugene and Shirley Morey.

Thomas Eugene Creetch
Convicted killer, whose 1st death sentence led to overturning Idaho´s original death penalty law in the mid-1970s, pleaded guilty to the May 13, 1981, killing of a fellow prison inmate.

Timothy Alan Dunlap
Was sentenced to death for the shotgun slaying of Tonya Crane.

Zane Jack Fields
Was sentenced to death for the stabbing Mary Catherine Vanderford to death at Feb. 11, 1988.

James Harvey Hairston
Sentenced to death for the shooting deaths of William and Dalma Fuhriman at Jan. 6, 1996.

Erick Virgil Hall
Sentenced to death for the September 24, 2000 murder of Lynn Henneman.
Note: He was the first person in Idaho to be sentenced to death under the state's newly-adopted jury system for death penalty cases in October, 2004.

Michael Alan Jauhola
Fourth District Judge Deborah Bail reinstated the death penalty for Michael Jauhola Tuesday, saying there was no reason to keep him off Idaho's Death Row since he voluntarily waived his right to a re-sentencing hearing in front of a jury. Bail originally sentenced Jauhola to death in 2001 for beating fellow inmate John Alfred Williams to death with a baseball bat in 1998. That death sentence was vacated by Bail two years later following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that juries -- not judges -- must decide whether to impose the death penalty. The Idaho Legislature -- like those in several other states whose death penalty statutes were overturned by the decision -- adopted a new scheme in 2003 requiring juries, not judges, to impose the death penalty. Since his death sentence was still on the state appeal level at the time of the Supreme Court decision, Jauhola had the right to ask for a jury hearing. That jury would have had to determine if there were aggravating factors -- like a propensity to commit murder or a reckless disregard for human life -- needed to sentence Jauhola to death. But Jauhola waived his right to that hearing and signed a waiver acknowledging that he knew Bail had already found a "statutory aggravating circumstance beyond a reasonable doubt" that would qualify him for the death penalty. So Bail ruled this week that he should go back on Idaho's Death Row.
"Now that Mr. Jauhola has waived his right to be sentenced by a jury, the reason for vacating the original death sentence is not present," Bail said in her order. "Therefore, the (death sentence is) reinstated." According to court documents, the now 40-year-old Jauhola hit fellow inmate Williams in the head with a baseball bat several times during an exercise break on April 16, 1998. Williams, 38, died shortly after the attack. Jauhola was in the Idaho Maximum Security Institution for a voluntary manslaughter conviction for the October 1993 stabbing death of 17-year-old Geraldo Malacara.
Resentenced to Death 5/11/10.

Richard Albert Leavitt
Was sentenced to death for the July 18, 1984, death of Danette Jean Elg.

Randy Lyn McKinney
Was sentenced to death for the April 1981 shooting death of Robert Bishop Jr.

Darrell Edward Payne
Was sentenced to death for the July 6, 2000, abduction, robbery, rape and murder of Samantha Maher.
Resentenced to Death 3/12/10.

Gerald Ross Pizzuto
Was sentenced to death for the July 1985 beating deaths of Berta Herndon and Del Dean Herndon.

Paul Ezra Rhoades
was sentenced to death for the murders of Susan Michelbacher and Stacy Dawn Baldwin.

Robin Lee Row
Waas sentenced to death for the February 1992 murders of her husband Randy, and children, Joshua Cornellier and Tabitha Cornellier.

Dale Carter Shackleford
Was sentenced to death for  the 1999 slayings of Donna Fontaine and Fred Palahniuk.

Lacey Mark Sivak
Was sentenced to death in 1981 for the stabbing and shooting murder of his former co-worker, Dixie Wilson, at a gas station in Garden City.

Gene Francis Stuart
Was sentenced to death in 1982 of first-degree murder by torture for the beating death of his live-in girlfriend's child

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Here is the updated list.

Abdullah, Azad - IDOC #76321
Card, David - IDOC #28020
Creech, Thomas - IDOC # 14984
Dunlap, Timothy A. - IDOC #35385
Fields, Zane - IDOC #17483
Hairston, James - IDOC #50337
Hall, Erick - IDOC #33835
Jauhola, Michael - IDOC #40676
Leavitt, Richard, IDOC #23081
Payne, Darrell - IDOC # 66593
Pizzuto, Gerald IDOC #23721
Row, Robin IDOC #40171
Sivak, Lacey IDOC # 18114
Stuart, Gene IDOC #1823

other info on old inmates , inmates resent to life and so on.
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