Listing of Oklahoma Death Row Inmates L - Z

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Wade Lay
Wade Lay, now 46, claims that he was arming himself in resistance to government tyranny when he and his son, Christopher Lay, shot and killed a security guard at the bank they were attempting to rob in May 2004. After a joint trial in 2005, a jury convicted both father and son of first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery.  Wade Lay was sentenced to death, Christopher Lay life to without parole. The Lays claimed to be robbing the bank to acquire money for munitions needed to kill the government officials they believed to be responsible for the civilian deaths incurred during the 1993 Branch Davidian incident in Waco, Texas, and the 1992 standoff at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Emmanuel Littlejohn
He was convicted in the 1992 shooting death of convenience store owner Kenneth Meers in Oklahoma City. Littlejohn and Glenn Roy Bethany went to the Root 'n' Scoot with the motive of robbery. Prosecutors say Littlejohn was the triggerman. Bethany was convicted of first-degree murder and robbery and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Clayton Lockett
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 1999 murder of Stephanie Nieman.
The spree in June, 1999, began when Lockett and two others forced their way into Bobby Bornt's residence in Perry, police said. Nieman, 19, of Perry and another 19-year-old from Perry arrived at the home and were accosted by the men and had their hands bound with duct tape. One of the women was raped. Authorities said the women did not know the suspects. Bornt, his nine-month-old son and the two women were taken to a location in Kay County where Neiman was shot. Police said the others were put back in trucks, driven back to Perry and released. The child was not harmed. Neiman's body was found in a shallow grave along a dirt road near Tonkawa. One of the suspects led police to the body. The woman's two friends have said they believed they were allowed to live because they had children. In addition to the murder charge, Lockett was found guilty of conspiracy, first-degree burglary, three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, three counts of forcible oral sodomy, four counts of first-degree rape, four counts of kidnapping and two counts of robbery by force and fear.
Alfonzo LaRon Veasey Lockett, 19, of Ponca City and Shawn C. Mathis, 27, also have been ordered held for trial in Neiman's death. The Locketts are cousins from Ponca City.

Ronnie Lott
Convicted and Sentenced to Death in the 1986 Murder of Anne Laura Fowler. Fowler was raped and murdered at her home in Oklahoma City.

Richard Malone
Convicted and Sentenced to Death in the 2003 Murder of Oklahoma Highway Patrol ("OHP") Trooper Nik Green.
Update: Resentencing Trial put on hold due mental incompetance.

Jeffrey Matthews
He was accused in the 1994 shooting death of his great-uncle, 77-year-old Otis Earl Short, in Cleveland County. Short's wife, Minnie Short, testified that Matthews and his accomplice, Tracy Lynn Dyer, broke into their house at night. Otis Short was shot at close range as he came out of the bedroom, and Minnie Short's throat was slit, although she lived. Matthews was convicted and sentenced to death in 1995. The state Court of Criminal Appeals overturned the conviction and sentence in 1998 after ruling that the arrest warrant was illegal. In asking for the arrest warrant, an Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent showed the judge a copy of information related to the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Matthews successfully argued that the warrant was illegal because it was not based on probable cause. He was given a second death sentence in 1999. Dyer pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

Jervaughn Warren Miller
He shot Timothy Eugene Rucker in 1997 in Comanche County because Rucker showed disrespect to Miller's brother, prosecutors said. Rucker lived for 11 days after the shooting. Miller also shot and wounded Kenneth McKinney.
Update: A state appeals court overturned Miller's convictions in 2001.

Victor Miller
Resentenced to Death 11/08. Miller received the death penalty at an earlier trial for the Aug. 31, 1999 murders of Mary Bowles, 77, a retired Bank of Oklahoma executive, and Jerald Thurman, 44, owner of a trucking company.

Alfred Mitchell
He raped and killed Tulsan Elaine Scott in 1991 at an Oklahoma City recreation center and was convicted in 1992. Mitchell was released from a juvenile detention center about two weeks before the murder. He had raped a 12-year-old in 1988, when he, too, was a teenager. The earlier victim testified during the sentencing phase of Mitchell's 1992 trial. Scott was working part-time at the recreation center when Mitchell entered the center and attacked her. 

James Lawrence Mitchell III
Mitchell murdered  in August 2000 Charita Rashawn Frerene (age 3) by beating her to death. The defense argued the child's mother was to blame. In 2005, Mitchell's 2003 death sentence was overturned when the appeals court ruled inadmissible evidence that had been used against him. Mitchell had the chance to avoid the death penalty in a plea agreement with Oklahoma County prosecutors, but he refused. After Mitchell declined the deal, the jury again sentenced him to death.

Patrick Dwaine Murphy
He killed his girlfriend's ex-husband, George Jacobs Sr., and dismembered him in August 1999 in McIntosh County. He was convicted in May. Murphy and his accomplice, Billy Jack Long, dragged Jacobs from a car on a county road. Jacobs was beaten and mutilated, and his genitals were left
in the middle of the road. A passenger in Jacobs' car was beaten and threatened in an attempt to
force his silence. Long is expected to go on trial this month. 

Karl Myers
He was convicted in Rogers County for the 1996 rape and killing of Cindy Michelle Marzano and the 1993 rape and death of Shawn Marie Williams. Myers' arrest and DNA evidence in the Marzano case led authorities to link him to the Williams case. He had received a 20-year prison sentence in 1976 for a conviction for assault with intent to rape a 12-year-old and two sexual assaults in 1981 against a 13-year-old relative. Testimony indicated that, after receiving immunity, he admitted to a Cherokee County, Kan., sheriff in 1978 that he killed Charles ``Chink'' Enders of Picher, Okla. Defense attorneys say he suffers from organic brain damage, is mildly retarded with an IQ of 77 and suffered a brain injury as a child.

George Ochoa
Convicted and sentenced to Death for the 1993 murders of an Oklahoma City couple, Francisco Morales and Maria Yanez.

James Pavatt
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the murder ofRob Andrew, an advertising executive, was gunned down in his garage in 2001. Brenda Andrew also sentenced to Death.

Ernest Phillips Jr.
He fatally stabbed teenager Jason Roderick McFail in 1996 in a convenience store parking lot in Durant in Bryan County. He was convicted in 1997. Phillips made a racial remark to McFail, who was black. Phillips then stabbed McFail once in the chest and chased two other teens before entering the store to argue with the clerk. 
Update: 10th Circuit Overturned Conviction 5/12/10.

Gilbert Postelle
An Oklahoma County judge has sentenced a man to death for the deaths of two people on Memorial Day 2005. Gilbert Ray Postelle also was sentenced  to two terms of life in prison plus 10 years for conspiracy in the slayings of four people at an Oklahoma City trailer house. Postelle, who said nothing during his sentencing hearing, showed no emotion when the judge set a December execution date. That date is essentially meaningless because all death penalty cases are appealed automatically. Postelle, 22, was convicted by a jury on Sept. 9 of killing James "Donnie" Swindle Jr., Amy Wright, Terry Smith and James Alderson. Two days later, the Oklahoma County jury that heard evidence in the case decided Postelle should die for killing Wright and Alderson and spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole for killing Swindle and Smith.

Edward Bruce Primeaux
Convicted and Sentenced to Death in the murders of Warren Littlecook and Julia Bear in Ponca City, Oklahoma.  They were found stabbed to death on Thursday July 6, 2000.  The evidence revealed that Littlecook was initially stabbed in the chest with a knife, which severed a major artery.  Then, he was stabbed six times in the back.  Littlecook died as a result of a loss of blood from the initial stab wound, which severed his pulmonary artery.  He also had four post-mortem stab wounds in the stomach.  He had defensive wounds on his left hand. Julia Bear was stabbed forty-one times.  She was sitting in a wheelchair when she was attacked.  She was stabbed one time each in front of both shoulders.  She was stabbed once in the upper left quadrant of her abdomen.  She was stabbed eight times below the right breast area (three of these punctured the liver, causing internal bleeding).  There were stab wounds to both hands.  She was stabbed once in the right side of her back (one stab wound was to the chest cavity, which punctured the right lung and caused it to collapse).  She was stabbed six times on the left side of her back (two of these entered the chest cavity and punctured the left lung and caused it to collapse).  She was stabbed four times in her left upper arm.  She was stabbed seven times in the left rear side of her neck.  She was stabbed six times on the left front side of her neck and face (one of these severed the left external carotid artery).  There were two superficial stab wounds on the right side of her chin.  A vacuum cleaner cord was wrapped once around her neck, but there were no signs of strangulation.  She died as a result of multiple stab wounds.

Lonnie Richie
He and his accomplice, Daniel Paul Waller Jr., kidnapped Laura Elaine Launhardt in 1991 from a Tulsa shopping center and later killed her. Richie was convicted in 1993. He and Waller killed Launhardt and left her bound body in an abandoned house near Lake Keystone. Waller pleaded guilty to murder, kidnapping and robbery charges and was sentenced to life plus 15 years in prison.
Update: U.S. District Judge Terence Kern Overturned Conviction 5/23/08.

Richard Rojem Jr.
He raped and killed his 7-year-old stepdaughter, Layla Dawn Cummings, in 1984 in Washita County. Rojem was in the process of getting a divorce from Layla's mother. He kidnapped, raped and stabbed Layla while her mother was at work and then dumped her body in a field. Rojem was on parole from Michigan after serving three years of a six- to 15-year sentence for two counts of criminal sexual conduct. He had violated his parole, and an arrest warrant had been issued for him at the time of the killing.

James C. Ryder
He killed Sam Hallum and his mother, Daisy Hallum, in 1999 in Pittsburg County. Ryder had been living with the Hallum family. Daisy Hallum was found bludgeoned to death in the back yard; Sam Hallum was found shot to death in the front yard. Ryder was convicted May 6 and given a no-parole life term for Sam's killing and the death penalty for Daisy's slaying.

Anthony Castillo Sanchez
Convicted and sentenced to Death in 2006 for the 1996 slaying of University of Oklahoma dance student Jewell "Juli" Busken. In 2004, state investigators found a match between the profile and a profile taken from Sanchez when he entered the prison system on a burglary conviction. State law mandates all violent offenders and convicted burglars submit a blood sample so their DNA profiles can be entered into a statewide database.

Michael Selsor
He fatally shot Clayton Chandler in 1975 at a Tulsa convenience store. His co-defendant, Richard Eugene Dodson, admitted to shooting store employee Ina Louise Morris several times. Morris survived, and Dodson received sentences of 50 years for robbery and 199 years for shooting with an intent to kill. A jury sentenced Selsor to die for Chandler's killing, 25 years for robbery and 20 years for being a principal player in the wounding of Morris. But the state's death-penalty statute was declared unconstitutional, and Selsor's punishment was modified to life in prison. He had served 22 years when he successfully won a new trial on appeal in 1996 after the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that his convictions were "constitutionally invalid." He had the option of stopping appeals and serving the modified sentence. A second trial resulted in a conviction and death sentence.

Kendrick Simpson
Kendrick Simpson, a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, recieved the DP for his role in the murders of two men during a drive-by shooting.
Simpson was convicted of using an assault rifle to kill two men,Glen Palmer and Anthony Jones, and injure another during the shooting last year.

Michael Dewayne Smith
Michael DeWayne Smith, was a member of the Oak Grove Posse, a subset of the Crips gang in Oklahoma City.  On November 8, 2000, three members of the Oak Grove Posse attempted to rob Tran's Food Mart in south Oklahoma City.  The three robbers were Teron "T-Nok" Armstrong, Kenneth "Peanut" Kinchion, and Dewayne "Pudgy-O" Shirley.  During the course of the robbery attempt, the owner of the store shot and killed Armstrong.  Kinchion and Shirley were eventually arrested.  Smith was not involved in the attempted robbery but had close personal ties to Armstrong.   
On Friday, February 22, 2002, two days before the trial of Kinchion and Shirley was scheduled to start, Smith left his apartment in the Del Mar Apartments in Oklahoma City early in the morning.  His roommate, Marcus Berry (also known as Marcus Compton), saw Smith take a .357 caliber revolver with him.  Smith went first to Janet Moore's apartment looking for her son Phillip Zachary who he believed was a police informant.  Smith had earlier told Berry that "snitches need to be dead."   
The evidence supports the conclusion that Smith arrived at Moore's apartment sometime before 6:30 a.m.  Shoe prints indicated that Smith kicked in her front door and then her bedroom door.   Moore began screaming, and, at approximately 6:30 a.m., a downstairs neighbor heard arguing between a man and a woman and then a single "pop" followed by footsteps.   
Later that morning around 7:30 a.m. Smith arrived at A-Z Mart, a convenience store approximately fifteen miles from the Del Mar Apartments.  A-Z Mart was immediately next door to Tran's Food Mart, the site of the earlier robbery attempt where Armstrong had been killed.  The clerk on duty that morning at A-Z Mart was Sarath "Babu" Pulluru.  Pulluru was filling in for the store owner who was taking the day off.  Smith told detectives that he emptied two pistols into Pulluru, took some money, and used bottles of Ronsonol lighter fluid to start fires in the store.  Smith said he set fire to the cash register, Pulluru's body, and a back room in order to destroy evidence.  Shoeprints at the scene tracked Pulluru's blood from the cash register area, where his body was found, down the aisle to where the Ronsonol lighter fluid was displayed for sale.  The bloody shoe prints at the A-Z Mart were similar to the shoe prints found at Moore's apartment.

Roderick Smith
He killed his wife, Jennifer Smith, and her four children, Shameka Nicole Carter, 10; Glen Edward Carter
Jr., 9; Ladarian J. Carter, 7; and Kenesha R. Carter, 6 in 1993 in Canadian County. Convicted in 1994, Roderick Smith was handed five death sentences. Prosecutors say he killed his wife during an argument and then killed the children because they were witnesses. Jennifer Smith and her sons were stabbed; her daughters were strangled. During the sentencing phase, jurors heard from a former girlfriend of Roderick Smith's who was stabbed by him about 30 times in 1986. For that crime, Smith pleaded guilty to assault and battery and was sentenced to two years in prison. Defense attorneys say Smith has a brain disorder that triggers violent episodes,

Timothy Stemple
He conspired with teenager Terry Lee Hunt in 1996 to kill his wife, Trisha Stemple, in Tulsa County. Timothy Stemple was convicted and sentenced to death in 1998. He lured his wife out of the house by telling her that he needed help with a stranded vehicle, prosecutors say. He and Hunt then beat Trisha Stemple with a baseball bat and ran her over with a truck. Hunt said he is the cousin of Timothy Stemple's mistress. Timothy Stemple claims that he is innocent and was at home at the time of the attack. Hunt testified against Stemple and received a no-parole life sentence.

Bigler Stouffer II
He was convicted in 1986 for the 1985 shooting death of elementary schoolteacher Linda Reaves and the wounding of her boyfriend, Doug Ivens, in Oklahoma County. Stouffer had been dating Ivens' estranged wife, Velva Ivens. He went to Doug Ivens' house, asked to borrow a gun and then turned it
on Doug Ivens and Reaves. Doug Ivens was shot in the head, arm and chest and survived to testify. Prosecutors say the motive was for Ivens' wife to collect on a life insurance policy. Stouffer also was given a life sentence for injuring Ivens.

Phillip Summers
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 2004 murders of Shelly and Ples Vann Jr. Shelly Vann was the mother and Ples Vann the stepfather of Lawrence "Bud" Tennyson, who was then a leading member of the Neighborhood Crips gang, evidence showed.

Charles Taylor
He fatally shot Michael Sauer and wounded Stephen Verner, Lindsay Verner, 13, and Adrianne Smith, 12, in 1995 in Pittsburg County. Taylor was convicted in 1996. He and Sheila Pelz went to Stephen Verner's house to collect on a drug debt, prosecutors say. Taylor received three life sentences for shooting with intent to kill along with the death sentence. Pelz was sentenced to life in prison.
Update: 10th Circuit Overturned Conviction 1/30/09.

Steven Thacker
Sentenced to Death for the 1999 murder of Laci Dawn Hill. The Bixby woman was abducted from her home, raped and killed. Thacker pleaded guilty, gave up his right to a jury trial and was sentenced by a Mayes County judge in December 2002. He also received a death sentence in Tennessee for the Jan. 2, 2000, slaying of service station owner Ray Patterson, 52, of Dyersburg, Tenn. He is serving a life term for the Jan. 1, 2000, murder of Forrest Boyd, of Aldrich, Mo.

Kevin Underwood
Convicted and Sentenced to Death in the murder of 10yr old Jamie Rose Bolin. The girl's body was found in a plastic tub in Underwood's apartment in April 2006.

Sammy Van Woudenberg
He was convicted along with Terrance James for the 1983 strangulation death of Mark Berry in the Muskogee County Jail. Van Woundenberg was convicted in 1984. James also is on death row. Van Woundenberg was serving a life sentence for a 1972 murder when he escaped from prison in 1993. He was captured a month later and was in jail when Berry's killing occurred.

Donald Ray Wackerly EXECUTED OCTOBER 14, 2010
He shot to death Pane Sayakhoummane in 1996 in Sequoyah County. He was convicted in 1998. The victim, who had been fishing along the Arkansas River, was shot several times in the face and chest.

Charles Warner
He raped and murdered 11-month-old Adrianna Waller in 1997 in Oklahoma County. He was convicted in 1999. Adrianna was the daughter of Warner's live-in girlfriend. During the sentencing phase, jurors heard testimony that he had previously sexually and physically abused his ex-wife and a 5-year-old girl. Warner's 7-year-old son testified for the prosecution that he had witnessed his father abuse Adrianna on previous occasions. During the ultimately fatal attack she was sexually molested. She had a 6-inch skull fracture, a broken jaw, three broken ribs, bruised lungs and a lacerated liver and spleen.

Gary Welch
He stabbed to death Robert Dean Hardcastle in 1994 in Ottawa County. He was convicted in 1996. Welch stabbed Hardcastle more than 50 times with a knife and a broken beer bottle while his accomplice, Claudie Conover, held Hardcastle down. Conover has been sentenced to death twice, but a third resentencing hearing in August resulted in a no-parole life sentence.

Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams was convicted of murdering a bank employee during a 2004 robbery.
The District Attorney's Office agreed to drop a death-penalty request for Williams' co-defendant, Alvin "Tony" Jordan, who was sentenced in June 2006 to a no-parole life sentence upon pleading guilty to murdering the teller, Amber Rogers. Prosecutors maintained that Williams and Jordan were the masked gunmen who opened fire inside First Fidelity Bank, 2642 E. 21st St., killing Rogers and wounding the bank president and a customer.

Sterling Williams
He stabbed to death 22-year-old LeAnna Hand and assaulted her roommate, Elizabeth Hill, in 1997 in their Tulsa apartment. Williams was a door-to-door meat salesman and had sold Hand and Hill meat on a previous occasion. Williams stabbed Hand with a butcher knife and then kicked open Hill's bedroom door and attacked and battered her. He received the death sentence for Hand's murder and a 99-year sentence for Hill's attack. A Kansas City psychiatrist testified that he diagnosed Williams with bipolar disorder. The psychiatrist said Williams had fixated on four women and had intended to rape Hand, not kill her. Williams had five prior felony convictions in 1993 in Jefferson County, Ark. -- two for rape and one each for kidnapping, burglary and battery. He received a 10-year-sentence and 10 years' probation and was paroled in January 1996.

Michael Wilson
He is one of four people who were convicted in the 1995 beating death of QuikTrip employee Richard Yost in Tulsa County. Wilson was convicted in 1997. Billy Don Alverson and Darwin D. Brown are on death row for the attack, and juvenile defendant Richard Harjo is serving a no-parole life sentence. Wilson was tried jointly with Brown before two separate juries. A videotape showed the defendants wrestle Yost victim to the ground, and the sounds of a bat striking Yost and the ground could be heard out of the videotape's viewing range. It was not determined who took part in the actual beating.

Termane Wood
Date of crime: 1/1/2002
Ronald Wipf and Arnold Kleinsasser picked up two women who said they were prostitutes, and took them back to their hotel room. In fact, the women were girlfriends of Termane Wood and his brother Zjaiton who were setting Wipf and Kleinsasser up to be robbed. The masked Wood brothers burst into the hotel room and killed Wipf with a stab wound to the chest as he struggled during the robbery. Kleinsasser was hit over the head with a knife, but managed to escape. He testified and identified Termane Wood person who stabbed Wipf. However, Zjaiton testified that he, not Termane, had stabbed Wipf. At the time, Zjaiton was awaiting his own capital murder trial for the Wipf stabbing. The brothers had committed another armed robbery earlier in the evening. In mitigation the defense presented Termane's mother, who pleaded for his life.

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