Listing of Oklahoma Death Row Inmates A - K

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Steven Absher
He beat his 22-month-old daughter, Ashley, to death in 1995 in Oklahoma County. He was convicted in 1998. Abshier admitted to a defense psychologist that he had been a heavy user of methamphetamines before the killing. Defense attorneys during the trial's penalty phase focused on his history of drug and alcohol abuse. Abshier is in the third stage of the appellate process. Ashley's mother, Stephanie Abshier, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and testified against her husband in exchange for a 25-year sentence.

Garry Allen
He pleaded guilty in the 1986 shooting death of his ex-girlfriend Gail Titsworth in Oklahoma County. He was convicted in 1987. Titsworth had broken off the relationship with Allen three days before the killing and had sought a protective order. She was picking up her two sons at a child-care center when Allen shot her four times. He then struggled with a police officer and was shot in the head. Allen spent months in mental hospitals after his arrest to be treated for depression and his head injury. He was deemed competent at a 1987 hearing but won a new competency hearing in 1997 after the Supreme Court ruled that Oklahoma's competency standards were too high. In the subsequent hearing, Allen was again ruled competent.

Billy Alverson
He is one of four people who were convicted in the 1995 beating death of QuikTrip employee Richard Yost in Tulsa County. He was convicted in 1987. Michael Lee Wilson and Darwin D. Brown also are on death row for their roles in the attack, and juvenile defendant Richard Harjo is serving a life-without-parole sentence. Alverson was tried jointly with Harjo before two separate juries. A videotape showed the defendants wrestle Yost to the ground, and the sounds of a bat striking Yost and the ground could be heard out of the videotape's viewing range. It was not determined who took part in the actual beating.

Brenda Andrew
Convicted of planning  and then carrying  out the Nov. 20, 2001, shooting death of husband Rob Andrew, 39. Her co-defendant, James Pavatt, 50, was convicted in 2003 on the same charges and also sentenced to death. Sentenced to Death in 2004.

Anthony Rozelle Banks
He was convicted in the 1979 rape and murder of Sun I. Kim Travis in Tulsa County. The conviction came 20 years after the crime because of newly discovered DNA evidence. Banks had been serving a no-parole life sentence for an unrelated killing in which he originally had been sentenced to death. An appeal reversed that conviction, and he made a plea bargain to avoid death. A co-defendant in the 1979 case, Allen Wayne Nelson, received a life sentence.

Johnny Black
He was one of five men who beat to death rancher Bill Pogue and stabbed his son-in-law Richard Lewis in 1998 in Stephens County. He was convicted in 1999. Testimony indicates that the attack was a case of mistaken identity. Black, his two brothers, Jesse J. Black and Jimmy Lee Roy Black, and Cal Eugene Shankles and Robert William Seals stopped a sport utility vehicle on a dirt road and dragged Pogue and Lewis from the vehicle. The defendants had been searching for two men in a similar vehicle for a fight. After the incident, the defendants realized that they had attacked the wrong people, testimony shows. Shankles is serving a life sentence for the fatal beating plus 10 years for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Jesse Black and Jimmy Black each are serving 25 years for first-degree manslaughter and 7 years for assault with a dangerous weapon. Johnny Black had previously served eight years of a 15-year prison sentence for a 1984 manslaughter conviction in Cleveland County. He also escaped from the Jefferson County Jail while awaiting trial and left a threatening letter to the county sheriff.

Michael Allen Browning
Was convicted for killing his pregnant girlfriend's parents, attempting to kill his girlfriend, and setting the parents' home on fire.

Ronson Kyle Bush
An Oklahoma man was sentenced to death row Thursday afternoon for killing his best friend. 32-year-old Ronson Kyle Bush was initially offered a different sentence. Prosecutors first offered him life in prison without parole but he refused and was sentenced to death. "My son was a keeper like all my children; big in stature, great heart. He loved to help people," Billy Harrington's mother Kathleen Harrington said. It was a treasured trait his family says lead to his death. They say he was helping Bush who had been staying with Billy Harrington for only a week when he shot and killed him with a handgun. Authorities say bloody footsteps show Harrington was still alive and made his way outside. That's when Bush tied his best friend's feet and dragged his body around their home with a truck for about 600 yards then left him for dead. Harrington's mother knew something was wrong when Bush answered her son's phone. "I said, 'Where is Billy?' He said at that time he was about 50 feet from him. It was just like he walked to where he was at and said Billy couldn't talk anymore." Bush repeatedly admitted what he did, including when he was booked into the county jail. "I just shot my best friend with a .357 six times," Bush told jailers. "I'm just saying what I did. I shot the motherfu**** six times with a .357." "He's tried to escape from our county jail three times," Grady County District Attorney Bret Burns said. "He's threatened to hurt guards, jailers, anybody who gets in his way. He's upped the ante and walked himself into the death penalty." "We're glad that the judge made the decision he made, at the same time it doesn't bring us any great relief," Harrington's brother Bobby Harrington said. "We still don't have Billy. There's still going to be an empty void that will never be filled." Billy Harrington leaves behind an eleven year old daughter.
Sentenced to Death 10/30/09

Jermaine Canon
He stabbed to death Sharonda White Clark in 1995 in her Tulsa apartment. He was convicted in 1996. Canon had made a phone call to a police detective claiming that he was
defending himself when Clark was killed. He had been sentenced in 1991 to a 15-year sentence for shattering a woman's skull during an attack. While serving that sentence, he fled from a minimum-security work center in southwestern Oklahoma, and two weeks later Clark was found dead. 

James Allen Coddington
James Allen Coddington was convicted and sentenced to death in 2003 for killing Albert Troy Hale, a co-worker at a Choctaw auto parts store. Resentenced to death 6/08.

Benjamin Cole
Date of crime: 12/20/02
Cole was playing video games. He was interrupted by the crying of his 9-month-old daughter Brianna. He went to her crib and bent her legs backward and then flipped her over. This broke her spine and ruptured her aorta. He went back to playing video games, but eventually checked on Brianna, found her unresponsive, and called for emergency assistance. Cole had a conviction for abusing his infant son in California in 1987.

Carlos Cuesta-Rodriguez
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the murder of  Olimpia Cardina Fisher shot twice in the face on May 31, 2003.

Brian Davis

Nicholas Davis
Date of crime: January 2004
Davis was convicted of first degree murder for the killing of 17 year old Marcus Smith and was also convicted on two counts of shooting with intent to kill. Davis shot and injured his former girlfriend, Tia Green, and also shot her sister Cinetta Hooks before shooting and killing Hooks' brother-in-law, Marcus Smith. The prosecution argued that Davis had been a violent and aggressive predator since he was young and that he had hurt people his entire life. The prosecution tried to prove the future threat of Davis by eliciting testimony from a probation officer who stated that Davis was in Corrections Department custody even though he was on parole. The defense responded that Davis's mother moved away when he was very young and as a result Davis was not left with any structure in his life. Furthermore, the defense argued that Davis turned his life around after 8 years in prison on drug and theft charges but was simply not able to handle a relationship after being in prison for so long.

William Eugene Davis
William Eugene Davis should die for the murder of his two sisters and another woman, a Cleveland County jury found today after 45 minutes of deliberation.
Earlier this week, the jury convicted Davis, 52, on three counts of first-degree murder for killing his two sisters, Tami Link, 52, and Sheila Ellis, 56, and Link's mother-in-law, Letannah Bishop. Today jurors decided on the death penalty for each murder.
Before issuing its verdict, the jury listened to a defense witness testify that Davis was exposed to alcohol at an early age, physically abused and had suffered at least one serious head injury by the time he was 20. David Musick, a sociologist and university professor from Colorado, testified Davis also was diagnosed as suffering from a bipolar mental disorder five months before the three women were shot to death at the Norman home of Brent and Tami Link. The defendant was drunk and had some sort of sedative in his system the day the shootings occurred, Musick said. "That mix, and his bipolar disorder, I believe contributed to the tragedies," Musick testified. Davis lived with his mother in an abusive household until he was 3; and when he was 5 or 6, he was sent to live with an aunt because his mother was destitute, Musick recounted the family history he had been told. Prosecutor Christy Miller has argued that Davis acted deliberately that day in retrieving a shotgun from upstairs at the Links' home, then shooting three women in their throats and trying to shoot Tami Link's husband, Brent. The jury that convicted Davis of murder also convicted him of assault with intent to kill Brent Link, recommending a five-year sentence for that charge.
Sentenced to Death 3/26/10.

James L. Derosa
Convicted and Sentenced to Deaht in the murders of Curtis and Gloria Plummer. Derosa and co-defendent then robbed them, stabbed them, and cut their throats, leaving them dead on the floor.  DeRosa and Castleberry then stole approximately $73 and left in the Plummers' tan 1998 Chevrolet pickup truck.  The Plummers knew DeRosa, because he had previously worked for them on their ranch.  He and Castleberry were apparently allowed into the home, which had a security system, on the pretense of looking for a further work opportunity.

Rocky Dodd
He is accused of killing his neighbors Kari Sloniker and Shane McInturff in 1994 in an Edmond apartment. The state Court of Criminal Appeals overturned Dodd's 1997 conviction and death sentence in 1999. Three of the appellate judges on the five-judge court questioned the reliability of the prosecutors' jailhouse informant, Kenneth Bryant, who had helped Oklahoma County prosecutors in six death-penalty
cases. The two key pieces of evidence include the informant and alleged statements from Dodd to other people explaining how the victims were killed. Bryant is serving 20 years for burglary and making false declaration to a pawnbroker. Prosecutors deny promising him anything in exchange for his
testimony, and Bryant has given conflicting stories.

John Duty
John Duty asked to be put to death for killing his cellmate, Curtis Wise, in December 2001. Duty had been serving life sentences for convictions of robbery and rape, as well as lesser terms on other counts. Duty persuaded Wise to let Duty tie him up in order to convince guards that he had taken Wise hostage to get what they wanted, Assistant District Attorney Richard Hull said. Instead, once Duty had Wise tied up, he strangled him with shoelaces, Hull said.

Scott Eizember
Date of crime: 10/18/2003
Eizember beat to death 76-year-old A.J. Cantrell and fatally shot Patsy Cantrell, 70. Eizember entered their home when the Cantrells were away, but they returned to their home to find Eizember there with a shotgun. Cantrell was beaten with the butt of his own shotgun. Eizember admitted killing Mr. Cantrell, but he denied shooting Mrs. Cantrell. The defense argued that Eizember had a difficult childhood and suffered from depression. Eizember had also been found guilty of shooting with intent to kill his ex-girlfriend's 16-year-old son, Tyler Montgomery, and had also beaten his ex-girlfriend's mother, Karla Wright. Defense attorneys argued that Eizember had not planned to kill the Cantrells, but instead went into their home to spy on the home across the street where his ex-girlfriend, Katherine Biggs, was staying. When he fled from the Cantrell's home, Eizember stole a vehicle and drove to Arkansas where he allegedly kidnapped a doctor and his wife at gunpoint and forced them to drive him to Texas.

Richard Fairchild
He was convicted for the 1993 beating death of his girlfriend's 3-year-old son, Adam Broomhall, in Oklahoma County. He was convicted in 1996. The boy had severe burns on his back from being held against a heater. Stacy Broomhall pleaded guilty to permitting the abuse of her son and received a five-year deferred sentence. She testified against Fairchild at trial, saying they had been drinking heavily and that she was passed out when the killing happened.

James Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald robbed two Tulsa Git-N-Go stores in the early morning hours of July 16, 1994. He attempted to rob a third at 6938 East Pine Street, but had his SKS rifle wrested from him by store clerk William Russell. Fitzgerald then fought with Russell for the gun, and regained its possession. Nevertheless, Russell had been able to escort Fitzgerald out of the store and lock the doors. Fitzgerald then pointed his gun in Russell's direction and fired several shots into the store. One of the bullets killed Russell. After fleeing Oklahoma, Fitzgerald was apprehended in Missouri. He confessed to the two robberies and attempted robbery, but stated that he had never intended to kill Russell.

Richard Glossip
He was found guilty in 1998 of plotting the 1997 beating death of motel owner Barry Alan Van Treese in Oklahoma County. The killer, 20-year-old Justin Sneed, confessed to the slaying. He testified that Glossip persuaded him to kill Van Treese and take the money he had on him. Van Treese was picking up checks from various motels. Sneed pleaded guilty in exchange for a no-parole life sentence.

John Marion Grant
He was convicted in 2000 of stabbing to death prison cafeteria worker Gary Carter in 1998 at the Dick Conner Correctional Facility near Hominy. Grant had been in prison since 1980, serving various felony sentences from Oklahoma and Cleveland counties.

Wendell Grissom
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the November 2005 shooting death of Amber Matthews.
Prosecutors say Grissom and Jessie Floyd Johns forced their way into the home of Amber Kopf to rob her and they shot and killed Matthews. Kopf was shot three times but managed to escape and call police. Kopf's infant children were also in the home but were not injured.

Phillip Hancock
Date of crime: 4/27/01
Hancock shot and killed Robert Jett and James Lynch. The prosecution argued that he had shot one of the victims while the man was fleeing, and taunted the other victim between gunshots. Hancock argued that he had acted in self-defense.

John G. Hanson
John Fitzgerald Hanson, also known as George John Hanson convicted and sentenced to Death for the murder of Mary Agnes Bowles, 77. Prosecutors asserted that Hanson and Victor Cornell Miller carjacked Bowles from the Tulsa Promenade mall parking lot on Aug. 31, 1999, and drove her to a secluded area in north Tulsa County, where Owasso trucking company owner Jerald Thurman was picking up a load of dirt. At multiple trials, prosecutors maintained that Miller shot Thurman before Hanson shot Bowles.
At a 2001 trial, a jury handed Hanson a death sentence for murdering Bowles and imposed a no-parole life prison term for the murder of Thurman, 44.

Marlon Harmon
Harmon was convicted and sentenced to Death 5/08 in the murder of Kamal Choudhury.
Choudhury, 55, was the owner of Q&S Food Store, 3244 NW 26. He was shot three times in the Aug. 23, 2004 robbery of his store and died the next day.

Jimmy Dean Harris
Date of crime: 9/1/1999
Harris shot Merle Taylor, 63, twice in the back as Taylor was trying to protect his daughter-in-law and Harris' ex-wife. Harris was convicted and sentenced to die for killing Taylor, and was sentenced again to death in a re-sentencing trial. Harris was also convicted of beating and shooting his estranged wife, who survived, during a separate altercation. Harris admitted to the shootings.

Kenneth Hogan
He is accused of fatally stabbing his friend Lisa Stanley in 1988 at her Oklahoma County home during an
argument. In his testimony, Hogan claimed that Stanley initiated the violence by attacking him with a knife and that he acted in self-defense. He was convicted in 1988, but a three-member panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered a new trial, stating that the jury should have been given the option of first-degree manslaughter. The Attorney General's Office is appealing that ruling to the full 10th Circuit panel, and Hogan remains on death row.

Danny Hooks
He fatally stabbed five women in 1992 and left their naked bodies inside an Oklahoma City drug house. Prosecutors believe that Hooks, a cocaine addict, tried to force Sandra Thompson, Phyllis Adams, Carolyn Watson, Fransill Roberts and LaShawn Evans into an orgy and killed them when they tried to flee. The murders remained unsolved until 1997, when Hooks' DNA from a 1988 forcible rape case in California was put on file and discovered to match blood that was found in the drug house. He was convicted in 1998.
Update: 10th Circuit Tossed Death Sentences on 5/28/10.

Victor Hooks
He was convicted in 1989 in Oklahoma County for the 1988 beating death of his common-life wife, Shalimein Blaine, who was six months' pregnant. He was sentenced to die for Blaine's death and received a 500-year sentence on a manslaughter conviction in the death of the unborn child. He admitted during his trial to beating Blaine but said he did not intend to kill her.

Michael Hooper
He was sentenced to die for the 1993 shooting deaths of his former girlfriend Cynthia Lynn Jarman and her children, 5-year-old Tonya Kay and 3-year-old Timothy Glen in Canadian County. The bodies were found buried in a single grave with gasoline poured over them. Sentenced to death in Canadian County, Oklahoma (re-sentence after an appellate reversal of the death sentence)
By: A judge after waiving a jury. Hooper had been sentenced to death by a jury in 1995, but his sentence had been reversed, which led to this second sentencing proceeding.
Date of crime: 12/7/93
Hooper kidnapped his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Jarman and her two children (Tonya, age 5, and Timothy, age 3), shot each of them twice in the head, and buried them atop each other in a field. At the resentencing Hooper did not wish to present evidence that might spare him from death, but his attorney nonetheless pointed out that Hooper suffered from serious mental health issues and was a victim of childhood abuse and neglect.

Michael Howell
He killed Sgt. Charlene Calhoun of Tinker Air Force Base in 1987 outside a Del City apartment in an attempt to steal her car. He was convicted in 1996. The murder was part of a cross-country crime spree with his girlfriend, Mona Lisa Watson. Howell also has been sentenced to death in Tennessee for killing a Memphis convenience store clerk less than 24 hours before Calhoun's slaying. The couple
were arrested in Florida driving Calhoun's car and engaged in a shootout and high-speed chase with police officers. Watson received life in prison for both killings. Defense attorneys for Howell argued unsuccessfully that his violent behavior was caused by brain damage and drug use.

Randal Hunt
Date of Crime:  2/14/04
Hunt stabbed his girlfriend Wynona Reames to death with ten stab wounds.  He claimed while they were both drunk, she had come at him with two knives, and that he was defending himself.
Update: Oklahoma CCA Tossed Conviction on 7/24/09.

Elwood Jackson
Date of crime: 2/10/2003
Jackson shot Lena Jean Bohay (22) John Andrew Limberger (25) in the head and beat Mark Donald Wright (57) to death with a fire poker. Jackson murdered the three co-workers in an effort to cover up his stealing from them to pay for his drug habit. Jackson owed the rental home the employees lived at.

Raymond Lee Johnson
Convicted of first degree murder and one count of first degree arson in the 2007 deaths of Brooke Whitaker and her baby daughter, Kya. Sentenced to Death 6/26/09.

Shelton Jackson
He stabbed and beat to death his girlfriend, Monica Decator, and attempted to burn her body by setting her Tulsa house on fire in 1997. He was convicted in 1998. He also had abused her 2-year-old son, Oz, and concealed him in the cold beneath a vacant house for many hours until he was found, nearly lifeless. Oz survived but has permanent brain damage. Prosecutors say Jackson killed Decator so that she would not report his child abuse to police. Jackson received a life sentence for injuring Oz and a death sentence for killing Decator. 

Jared Jones
Date of crime: 4/12/2003
Jones' girlfriend had an argument with him by telephone about his drinking. Shortly thereafter he burst into the home where she was staying and began firing, killing Joel Platt, Pamela Karr and Brian Galindo. He also injured two other people. Jones claimed self defense.

Julius Darius Jones
Convicted and sentenced to Death for the 1999 shooting of insurance executive Paul Scott Howell during a carjacking in Edmond.

Wesley Jones

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