AG Seeks Execution Date For Convicted Ottawa County Murderer

Started by ScoopD (aka: Pam), October 04, 2011, 01:14:54 PM

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ScoopD (aka: Pam)

Oklahoma City -

A 49-year-old convicted murderer is closer to execution after Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt requested that an execution date be scheduled.

Pruitt requested a date from the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Monday in the case of Gary Roland Welch.

Welch was sentenced to death after being convicted of first-degree murder in the 1994 stabbing death of Robert Dean Hardcastle in Ottawa County.

Prosecutors said Welch and another man, Claudie Conover, held Hardcastle down and repeatedly stabbed him with a knife and a broken beer bottle.

Conover was twice sentenced to death, but was given a life without parole sentence at a third re-sentencing hearing.

Pruitt has asked the court to schedule Welch's execution within the next sixty days.

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