Listing of Texas Death Row Inmates H - J

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Justen Hall
On 10/28/2002 in El Paso County, Texas, Hall fatally strangled a female with a black electrical cord.
Prosecution's case/defense response: Hall strangled Melanie Billhartz, 29, with an electrical cord and left her body in a desert. Prosecutors argued that Hall killed Billhartz to keep her from telling authorities about a meth laboraratory. Chase Hale, a mutual acquaintance of Hall and Billhartz, led police to the body and testified that Hall admitted  that he killed Billhartz. Prosecutors argued that several people said Hall killed Billhartz, including Hall himself through a voluntary statement to police. The defense attorneys argued that Hale was the real killer and that the police carried out a poor investigation. Billhartz was killed while Hall was out on bond on another unrelated murder charge.
Sentenced to Death 5/05.

Michael Wayne Hall
On February 15, 1998, Hall and a codefendant abducted a 19-year-old woman and drove her to a remote location. They shot the woman several times with a pellet pistol and a .22-caliber pistol. They were caught at the border when they were attempting to leave the state.  .  This happened in Arlington, can't find girls name.  One of them worked with her at a grocery store.  They abused her before they killed her.
Victim: Amy Robinson, 19
Sentenced to Death 3/00.
Robert Neville co-defendant, executed

Randy Halprin
On 12/24/2000, in Irving, Texas, Halprin and six codefendants fatally shot a 31 year old white male police officer while on escape from the TDCJ Connally Unit.
Victim: Irving Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins
Sentenced to Death 5/03.

Ronald James Hamilton Jr
On November 7, 2001, in Houston, Hamilton and a codefendant entered a convenience store armed with a handgun and fatally shot two men. Hamilton then removed a cash register and left the store.
Sentenced to Death 11/02.

Robert Wayne Harris
On March 20, 2000, Harris entered his former place of employment and began shooting co-workers. Harris had been fired three days prior to the shooting after exposing himself to two women. Five people were killed during the shooting.
Victims: Rhoda Wheeler, 45, and assistant manager Augustin Villasenor, 36. manager Dennis Lee, 48,
Benjamin Villasenor, 32; Roberto Jimenez Jr., 15
Sentenced to Death 10/00.

Larry Hatten
Hatten was convicted in the shooting death of five-year-old Isaac Jackson in Corpus Christi. Hatten broke down the rear door to the residence of the victim's mother Tabatha Thompson and fired six shots from a .357-caliber handgun. Isaac was struck with five out of the six bullets. Has a history of cold ears.
Sentenced to Death 2/96.

Anthony Haynes
On May 22, 1998, in Houston, Texas, Haynes and a codefendant (Michael Turner) shot and killed a Houston police officer.
Victim: Houston police Sgt. Kent Kincaid
Sentenced to Death 11/99.

Yokamon Hearn
On March 26, 1998, Hearn and three co-defendants approached a 26-year-old male with a gun. They forced the victim into his own car, took him to a deserted area and shot him 12 times in the head and upper body, resulting in his death. Hearn and the co-defendants took the victim's wallet and personal items and fled in the victim's vehicle
Victim: Frank Meziere
Sentenced to Death 12/98.

Cathy Henderson
1-21-94,   Cathy Henderson was convicted in the abduction and murder of three-month-old Brandon Baugh. Henderson had been babysitting the young boy and his two-and-a-half-old sister for three months prior to murder without incident. Henderson later told police that Brandon died after she dropped him accidently on his head. She said she panicked, buried the boy and fled to Missouri,
where she was later arrested. Using a map drawn by Henderson, authorities found Brandon's body inside a cardboard box buried in a shallow grave outside of Temple on February 8. 1994. An autospy determined that Brandon died of a fractured skull.
Sentenced to Death 5/95.

James Lee Henderson
James Henderson was convicted in the shooting death of 85-year-old Martha Lennox during the attempted burglary of her home. Lennox was shot in the head by Henderson after he broke into her home.
Codefendent Willie Pondexter Executed
Sentenced to Death 6/94.

Fabian Hernandez
Jurors sentenced a 34-year-old man to death for the murders of his former wife and her friend.  The defendant, Fabian Hernandez, will get an automatic appeal and can expect to spend at least six years on death row. As Thanksgiving approached, the jury handed up the death sentence a little more than two weeks after Hernandez's trial began. The jurors deliberated for 17 hours across three days before deciding Hernandez should die for killing Renee Urbina Hernandez, 28, and Arthur Lee Fonseca, 24.
Sentenced to Death 11/25/09.

Jesse Joe Hernandez
On April 11, 2001, in Dallas, Hernandez struck an 11-month-old boy and his sister in the head with a flashlight. The children had been left in the care of Hernandez when the incident took place. The sister survived her injuries, but the boy did not.
Sentenced to Death 8/02.

Ramiro Hernandez
On October 15, 1997, during the nighttime in Kerrville, Texas, Hernandez broke into his 49-year-old employer's home and beat him to death with a metal bar. Hernandez then tied up the victim's wife and raped her repeatedly.
Victim: Glen H. Lich
Sentenced to Death 02/00

Ramon Hernandez
On March 31, 2002, in San Antonio, Hernandez and two codefendants abducted, robbed, sexually assaulted and murdered a 37-year woman, later transporting her body to a wooded area and burying her in a shallow grave. Hernandez asked one codefendant to purchase the shovel used to dig the grave while the victim was still alive and being assaulted.
Victim: Rosa Rosado
Co-defendent Santos Miniarez also sentenced to Death.
Sentenced to Death 10/02.

Rodrigo Hernandez
On February 19, 1994, in Bexar County, Texas, Hernandez abducted a 38-year-old woman from a grocery store parking lot. Hernandez restrained the victim by placing his hands around her neck and then sexually assaulted her. When Hernandez realized the victim was not breathing, he transported her body to a park and left her in a garbage
Victim: Susan Verstegen
Sentenced to Death 4/04.

Bobby L. Hines
Was convicted in the October 1991 robbery and murder of 26-year-old Michelle Haupt. Haupt was stabbed repeatedly with an ice pick and strangled with a cord inside her Dallas apartment.
Four packs of cigarettes, a bowl containing pennies and a gold charm were taken from the apartment.
Hines was staying next door to Haupt in the apartment of the complex's maintenance man who had master keys to all of the units.
Sentenced to Death 4/92.

Brittany Holberg
Holberg robbed and murdered an 80-year-old man in his home. The victim was struck with a hammer and stabbed nearly 60 times. The weapons used were a paring knife, butcher knife, grapefruit knife and a fork. A lamp pole had been shoved more than five inches down the victim's throat.

Raphael Holiday
On September 6, 2000, in Madison County, Texas, Holiday killed his stepdaughters, ages seven and five and his one-year-old natural daughter, by burning their home.

Charles D. Hood
Charles Dean Hood was convicted in the November 1989 murders of Ronald Williamson and Williamson's girlfriend, Traci Wallace. The two were found shot to death inside Williamson's home.
Hood was living at Williamson's home and was also employed by him and his son.Following the murders, Hood attempted to cash a $400 check forged against Williamson's company account. He also stole Williamson's car, his jewelry and credit cards.
Sentenced to Death 09/90.
Update: TCCA Tossed Death Sentence 2/24/10.

Jamaal Howard
On May 12, 2000, Howard robbed a convenience store and shot a 42-year-old female clerk one time in the chest, causing her death. Howard took $114 from the cash register during the robbery.

Preston Hughes III
Preston Hughes was convicted in the September 1988 stabbing deaths of 15-year-old Shandra Charles and her three-year-old cousin Marcell Taylor.
The two children were found lying on a dirt path behind a Houston restaurant. Charles was still alive and told police that "Preston tried to rape me." Lab tests later revealed that the girl had been raped.
The girl's dying statement led police to an apartment complex at the end of the dirt path. Hughes was the only "Preston" living there and police found the girl's glasses in his apartment and evidence of blood on his clothing. Hughes gave two statements to the police before finally admitting to the murders of the two children.

Calvin Hunter
On October 25, 2003, in Harris County, Texas, Hunter entered a convenience store and robbed the store clerk, an adult male, of an unknown sum of money. Hunter then shot the victim one time in the head resulting in his death. Hunter fled the scene and was arrested one month later.

Ronnie Hyde
On 5/8/1998 in Bedias, Hyde burglarized the residence of a 72 year old white male. Hyde had worked for the victim in previous weeks, and therefore was acquainted with the victim. Hyde beat the victim in the head with a hammer, killing him. Hyde took $1,000 and fled on foot.

Ramiro Ibarra
Ibarra sexually assaulted and murdered a 16-year-old girl. The victim was looking after her two young nephews inside her home when she was attacked by Ibarra, a family acquaintance. She was beaten, raped and then strangled with an electrical cord.

William Irvan
On February 14, 1987, in Harris County, Texas, Irvan entered the home of a 24-year-old woman, sexually assaulted her and stabbed her multiple times, resulting in her death.

Christopher Jackson
On December 5, 2005 in Harris County, Jackson approached an adult male and robbed him of his vehicle at gunpoint. Jackson fled the scene in the vehicle, but returned moments later and fatally shot the victim at pointblank range. The subject then fled the scene on foot.
Victim -
Sentenced to death - 04/19/2007

Ray Jasper
On November 29, 1998, Jasper and two codefendants were responsible for the death of a 33-year-old man during a robbery. The victim was a musical engineer who owned a recording studio in San Antonio and was a business partner of Jasper.
Jasper had created his own record label and had his own rap group. He went to the recording studio of the victim, walked up behind him and grabbed him by the hair and slit his throat.
The victim was then stabbed to death. Jasper covered the victim with a black sheet in order to "not have to look at him" and then began loading vehicles with the equipment inside the studio, estimated to be worth between $10,000 and $30,000.
Jasper and his codefendants made several trips taking the property from the studio, and upon returning to the scene of the crime, he was observed to be suspicious and eventually apprehended by police.
Co-defendants Russell, Steve and Williams, Doug
Victims - David Alejandro
Sentenced to death - 02/04/2000

Robert M. Jennings
Was convicted in the July 1988 murder of a Houston police vice officer. Jennings and co-defendant David Lee Harvell had just finished robbing an adult movie theater when they decided to rob a book store.
Jennings entered the store with Harvell's gun and found the police officer arresting the store clerk for a municipal violation.
The clerk later told police that Jennings simply walked up to the officer and shot him twice, then a third time after the office collapsed.
After robbing the store, Jennings and Harvell fled. When Jennings told Harvell he had shot a "security guard," Harvell ordered him out of the car. Jennings refused and Harvel shot him once in the hand. Hennings was later found and arrested at the hospital
Victim - Houston Police Officer Elston Howard
Sentenced to death - 11/10/1989

Dexter Johnson
Dexter Johnson, 19, was found guilty of the capital murder of Maria Sally Aparece, 23, after 2 hours of deliberations.
Her boyfriend, Huy Ngo, 17, was also killed in the crime spree last summer.
Sentenced to death - 07/02/2007

Quintin Jones
On September 11, 1999, Jones murdered his 83-year-old aunt with a baseball bat. He struck her numerous times over the head and took property from her home.
Victim - Berthena Bryant
Sentenced to death - 03/16/2001

Shelton D. Jones
Convicted in the shooting death of Sgt. Bruno D. Soboleski, a Houston police department officer. Soboleski was on a patrol with a civilian observer  when he stopped two men in the 6600 block of Calho. The officer searched one of the men and was turning to search Jones when he was shot twice by Jones. Soboleski fell to the street and was shot a third time by Jones as he lay on the pavement. The civilian observer, Linda Logon, was not injured and later indentified Jones as the killer. Soboleski died five days after the shooting.
Sentenced to death - 01/09/1992

Clarence Jordan
Jordan was convicted of capital murder in the October 14, 1977, shooting death of 40-year-old Joe Williams, a clerk at a food store in Houston. A number of employees identified Jordan as the robber. He was later implicated in eight other aggravated robberies in the Houston area.
Jordan has a history of bizarre behavior, claiming at one point that Jesus Christ had endowed him with unique and superior abilities.
Sentenced to death - 09/12/1978

Elijah Dwayne Joubert
On April 3, 2003, in Harris County, Texas, Joubert and two co-defendants arrived at check-cashing store and forced a 25-year-old woman to open the store and give them the money from the safe. During the robbery, a responding Houston ploce officer entered the store and was fatally shot one time in the face. The store clerk was also fatally shot.
Victims - Alfredia Jones and Houston police Officer Charles Clark
Sentenced to death - 01/13/2005

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