Listing of Texas Death Row Inmates A - BO

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Daniel Acker
On March 12, 2000, Acker kidnapped a 32-year-old woman and murdered her by strangulation and blunt force trauma. The womans's body was found along side a county road. 
Victim: Marquetta George, 32.
Sentenced to Death 4/01
Beunka Adams
On 09/02/2002 in Cherokee County, Texas, Adams entered a convenience store and robbed a twenty-four year old white male and shot him one time in the head. Adams then attempted to rob, kidnap and sexually assault two other adult white females. Adams then fled the scene with an unknown amount of money.
Adams and co-defendant Richard Cobb (also sentenced to death in 2004) robbed a convenience store, and then forced two store clerks, Nikki Ansley Dement and Candace Driver, and a customer, Kenneth Vandever, into their car. After kidnapping the victims and sexually assaulting Dement, Cobb and Adams shot each of them. Vandever died of his injuries, while Dement and Driver survived. Sentenced to Death 8/04.

Timothy Adams
On February 20, 2002, Adams shot his child, a 19-month-old boy, twice in the chest resulting in his death.
Sentenced to Death 4/03.

Rulford Aldridge
Rulford Aldridge was convicted in the January 1990 robbery of a McDonald's restaurant and the murder of the restaurant manager. Aldridge, an employee of the restaurant, opened with restaurant manager Ben Stone. After Stone opened the safe Aldridge forced him to lie face down on the floor then shot him twice in the back of the head. Aldridge, who is also known as Salim El-Anwar Shabazz, fled with $2,000 stolen from the safe, but was arrested while attempting to flee to an Islamic country.
Sentenced to Death 6/90.
Update: U.S. District Judge Gray Miller Overturned Conviction 3/21/10.

Guy S. Alexander
Guy Alexander was convicted of the January 1989 robbery and murder of 75-year-old Wilma Jewel Wofford of Houston. Wofford was beaten with a brick and then strangled with a cord and cloth belt. She died of strangulation and head injuries. Alexander stole Wofford's property and then fled to Mississippi where he was arrested driving the victim's car.
Sentenced to Death 9/89.

Guy Allen
On April 3, 2002, in Travis County, Texas, Allen got into a physical altercation with his 47-year-old girlfriend. After witnessing the assault, the victim's 19-year-old daughter called the police. When the police arrived they found the girlfriend and her daughter stabbed to death.
Victims: Barbara Hill - 47, Janette Johnson - 19.
Sentenced to Death 3/04.

Kerry Allen
On 05/10/2000 in Houston, Allen sexually assaulted and murdered a two year old black female in her home. The mother of the victim had left her four children under the care of Allen while she went to work. The cause of victim's death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the abdomen and chest.
Victim - Kienna Lashay Baker
Sentenced to Death 5/01.

Juan Alvarez
On June 20, 1998, in Houston, Alvarez and three codefendants participated in two drive-by shootings.
On June 6, 1998, Alvarez fired an SKS assault rifle at a group of people at an apartment complex. Alvarez suspected that some of the group were members of a rival gang. Two of the codefendants fired handguns. Although ballistics test determined that Alvarez did not fire the fatal bullets, testimony revealed he helped plan the drive-by shooting and supplied one of the cars used. Two people (who were brothers) were killed and six were injured by gunfire.
On June 17, 1998, Alvarez shot and killed two young men with shotguns in an apartment complex in Southwest Houston. The victims were shot at close range in the back and face. In this shooting, Alvarez supplied the shotgun and the same SKS assault rifle. Alvarez was identified at trial as the shooter.
Officers found the shotgun and the SKS assault rifle in his closet. Testimony showed that none of the four victims in these incidents were members of the rival gang.
Evidence presented at the punishment phase of the trial showed that Alvarez shot and killed a man in an apparent random attack on May 30, 1998, as the victim was driving home.
Sentenced to Death 11/99.

Arturo D. Aranda
On 7/31/76 Aranda Arturo shot a law officer to death during a drug bust. Aranda and his brother were
carrying 500 lbs of marijuana when stopped by undercover agents.
Victim: Police Officer Pablo Albidrez
Sentenced to Death 5/79.

Douglas Armstrong
On April 21, 2006 in Hidalgo County, the subject cut the throat of a 50-60 year-old Hispanic male with a box cutter. The subject then robbed the victim of an unknown amount of money. The subject was arrested a short time later.
Victim: Rafael Castellan (sp?)
Sentenced to Death 1/07.

Perry Allen Austin
On August 19, 1992, Austin went to the Harris County home of the victim, a nine-year-old boy, looking for the victim's older brother. The boy got in the car with Austin and left, presumably to look for the older brother. The skeletal remains of the victim were found on April 23, 1993, in a landfill located in Harris County.
Victim: David Karim Kazmouz
Sentenced to Death 4/02.

Rigoberto Avila Jr
On February 29, 2000, in El Paso, Avila was babysitting a 19-month-old boy and his sibling at their residence. Avila struck the victim in the abdomen, causing the death of the child.
Victim: Nicholas Macias
Sentenced to Death 7/01.

Carlos Ayestas
On September 5, 1995, in Houston, Ayestas murdered an Hispanic female during the burglary of her home. Ayestas strangled the victim, causing her death.
Sentenced to Death 9/97.

John Balentine
On January 21, 1998, in Amarillo, Texas, Balentine fatally shot three young men - 17-year-old Edward Mark Caylor, 15-year-old Kai Brooke Geyer and 15-year-old Steven Brady Watson, once each in the head with a 32-caliber pistol. Balentine entered the residence during the night and committed the murders while the victims were sleeping.
Sentenced to Death 6/99.

Delma Banks Jr.
Banks was convicted of the April 1980 murder of Wayne Whitehead, 16, who was shot twice in the head in a park in Nash, Texas. Prosecutors contended Banks shot Whitehead and stole the youth's car to drive to Dallas.
Sentenced to Death 10/80.
Update: Resentencing Pending per US Supremes 2/24/04. Further attempts to have the conviction tossed have failed.

Stephen Barbee
On February 19, 2005, in Tarrant County, Barbee asphyxiated a 34-year-old woman and a seven-year-old boy, transported their bodies to a wooded area and buried them.
Victims: Lisa Underwood, her son Jayden Underwood and her unborn child.
Sentenced to Death 2/06.

Anthony Bartee
On August 15, 1996, in San Antonio, Bartee murdered 37-year-old man by using a nine-millimeter pistol to fatally shoot Cook in the head and neck. Bartee then took Cook's motorcycle and fled the scene.
Bartee was on parole for two counts of aggravated rape when he committed the murders.
Sentenced to Death 9/98.

Suzanne Basso
On August 26, 1998, Basso and codefendants kidnapped a 59-year old retarded man and intentionally caused his death by beating him with belts, baseball bats, steel-toed boots and hands and feet. Basso was the leader of the group and encouraged all the codefendants to abuse the victim.
The murder was committed for proceeds from an insurance policy on the victim (in which Basso was named the beneficiary) as well as other assets in which Basso was named heir.
Basso had wooed the victim into leaving his family and friends in New Jersey and moving to Texas, under the guise that she would marry him. The victim was found in a ditch with injuries so horrendous that the body was unrecognizable.
Victim: Louis "Buddy" Musso, 59
Sentenced to Death 10/99.

John Battaglia
On May 12, 2001, Battaglia shot and killed his two daughters, ages six and nine. The mother of the children was on the phone with the older daughter at the time of the offense and heard the
Victims: Faith Battaglia (9), Liberty Battaglia (6)
Sentenced to Death 4/30/02.

Tracy Beatty
On July 25, 2003, in Smith County, Texas, Beatty strangled his 62-year-old mother, placed her in the bathtub for two days and then buried her in a shallow grave in their backyard.
Victim: Carolyn "Callie" Click, 62
Sentenced to Death 8/04.

Donald Bess
Donald Andrew Bess was sentenced to die for the 1984 murder and rape of a Southern Methodist University student. Bess, 61, was convicted of sexually assaulting Angela Samota, then stabbing her repeatedly, possibly with a kitchen knife from her condominium near the SMU campus.
Samota was 20 at the time of her death. The murder remained unsolved for decades, until recent DNA tests connected Bess with the crime. He is currently serving a life sentence for an unrelated rape in the Houston area. Two women testified that he had raped them as well. Those attacks were in addition to the one for which he is currently serving life. His former wife testified that he physically and psychologically abused her. He'd just been paroled on a rape conviction in 1984 when he raped and killed Samota.
Sentenced to Death 6/18/10.

Danny Paul Bible
On May 27, 1979, in Harris County, Bible attacked and sexually assaulted a woman that came to his home to use the phone. Bible then stabbed her multiple times, resulting in her death.
Victim: Inez Deaton
Sentenced to Death 7/03.

James Bigby
Bigby was convicted of the 12/24/87 deaths of 26-year-old Michael Trekell and 17-week-old infant Jayson Kehler. The victims were two of four people killed during a seven hour murder spree by Bigby in Fort Worth and Arlington. Bigby suffocated the infant with a piece of cellophane and then placed the child face down in a sink full of water. Trekell was shot in the head.
Resentenced to Death in 2006.

Carl Blue
Carl Blue was convicted of the August 19, 1994 murder of Carmen Richards-Sanders. Blue, who once dated Richards-Sanders, went to her apartment with a cup of gasoline. When she opened the door he doused her in gasoline and ignited her clothing with a lighter. He then threw the remaining gasoline on a second person in the apartment, Larence Williams, when he attempted to come to the aid of Richards-Sanders. Blue also ignited Williams' clothing.
Richards-Sanders died of her injuries. Williams survived. Blue turned himself into police, saying the incident was a prank and the victim's death was an accident.
Sentenced to Death 6/95.

Lester L. Bower
Lester Bower was convicted on four counts of capital murder in the October 8, 1983, shooting deaths of four men at an ultralight airplance hangar near Sherman. The bodies were found at one of the victim's ranch. Parts of an ultralight plane missing from the hanger were later found in Bower's garage in Arlington.
Authorities said Bower killed one of the men in order to steal an ultralight he had advertised to sell for $4,000 and then killed the three other men when they showed up unexpectedly at the hangar.
Victims: Bob Tate, Ronald Mayes, Philip Good, Jerry Mac Brown
Sentenced to Death 5/84.

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