Started by ChevyWolken, March 15, 2013, 05:26:22 PM

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04/03/2013 Offender Information  McCarthy Kimberly 999287 05/11/1961 B 12/07/1998 Dallas
04/09/2013 Offender Information  Lewis Ricky 999097 07/21/1962 B 05/06/1994 Smith
04/10/2013 Offender Information  Avila, Jr.  Rigoberto 999391 08/05/1972 H 07/19/2001 El Paso 
04/16/2013 Offender Information  Threadgill Ronnie 999424 02/20/1973 B 07/22/2002 Navarro
04/24/2013 Offender Information  Chester Elroy 999280 06/14/1969 B 08/26/1998 Jefferson
04/25/2013 Offender Information  Cobb

Seems that TEXAS is gettin back to business after slow start of year, hope all goes as planned  :-*
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I know there is more noise about the possible McCarthy execution, but I'd most want to see the Avila event go through.  Stomping on a toddler and causing the little one massive internal injuries........ >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

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Welcome Fantasia to the forum.  I agree, baby torturers and killers are beyond contempt.  I don't even refer to them as animals as this is a disgrace to our two and four legged friends.  Pond scum is a good description.

Looking forward to your posts.

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