Texas DR offenders not housed on Polunsky

Started by Henrik - Sweden, December 27, 2010, 01:24:11 PM

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Henrik - Sweden

This information was new to me when I found it by coincidence today. I was under the impression that all male DR offenders regardless of their mental state was housed at Polunsky unit, but apparently that is not the case.

This link provides information which may not be completely up-to-date, but probably is correct in most cases. It seems like a couple of inmates are housed (permanently or at least for a long period I guess?) on the psychiatric unit Jester IV. Those inmates are:

#541 Raymond Riles (His mental issues are well known and have been discussed in a couple of topics here. Is ruled ineligible for execution since the late 1980ies)
#652 John Henry Selvage (No information)
#868 Nelson Mooney (No information)
#910 Syed Rabbani (From what I've heard he has been very ill for many years)
#999006 Steven Kenneth Staley (Recently had his execution stayed due to issues regarding his mental state)
#999290 Ignacio Gomez (No information)
#999493 Andre Thomas (The man who cut out both his eyes at separate occasions. Long history of serious mental issues both before and after he murdered 3 family members)
#999498 Moises Mendoza (No information but it seems he was transfered to Jester IV only a couple of months after his death sentence. On DR for the murder of a 20 year old woman)
#999524 Christoper Jackson (No information, seems he was transfered directly to Jester IV)

One woman is not housed on the Mountain view unit:
#999329 Suzanne Basso (Housed on Estelle unit. The reason for that is unknown to me)

Anyone who have access to more information? I know there are other persons on Texas DR that are ruled ineligible for execution but as it seems are housed on Polunsky anyway.


Maybe Estelle unit has a feeding trough for that slob Basso?  I'm only guessing though. ???


May be if they are crazy enough they put them somewere else .

My guess is , that it is hard enough to keep everything in order without these crazy guys
in the Polunsky Unit.

Thatīs just my guess.

Kind regards , Willem van Essen // Holland Europe


WOW very interesting Henrik, im stunned . what reason could basso not be with other females. This jester is it at huntsville also or what city in tx ? I wonder why they never moved talbert, god knows he is as crazy as it gets. It seems we have a new mission loloool
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Interesting reading .

I know in Ohio there was at one time 43 inmates that was still at Manci instread of at OSP with the rest of the DR population . They kept them at Manci because of mental health issues . I just might have to research that .
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I was justing wondering if this nut Ignacio Gomez is being treated like the other dead row inmates that are housed in Polunksky Unit? I read that they are only given 1 hour to bath and have time outside of their cell. I think they should only be given 20 minutes a month and that is to take a bath so they won't sink up and infest the guards who have to keep eye on them.  Well wait, we should just schedule an excution everyday in the year and that will sure cut down on our tax payers having to pay such high taxes!

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