Listing of Ohio Death Row Inmates T - Z

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Troy Tenace
Convicted for the aggravated murder of 76-year-old Edward Kozlowski in 1994 during a robbery of the victim's Toledo home. Tenace, who had done some repair work at Kozlowski's house, told friends that he had been paid in cash and that Kozlowski had "a pocketful of money." A few days later, on Jan. 25, 1994, Tenace asked a friend, Ben Covington, to drop him off at Kozlowski's house. A few minutes later, Tenace appeared in an agitated condition at a nearby store where Covington was shopping, asked Covington to take him home right away, and began to vomit in the car during the drive home. Over the next two days, Tenace made several phone calls to New York trying to arrange a place to stay, asked to borrow money to "get out of town," and made comments to Covington and Lori Moore, in whose home he was staying, indicating that he had "stomped" someone and believed that person was dead.

Ashford Thompson
The man convicted of killing Twinsburg Police Officer Joshua Miktarian during a routine traffic stop in July of 2008 was sentenced to death by a Summit County judge Wednesday morning. Though she had the option of reducing his sentence to life in prison, Judge Elinore Stormer went along with the jury's recommendation for Ashford Thompson, 25. The official sentencing comes less than two weeks after the jury, needing only three hours of deliberation, recommended Thompson get the death penalty. Two of the nine charges for which he was convicted carried with them death penalty and firearm specifications. In a tearful statement to the Miktarian family earlier this month, Thompson admitted he fired the shots that killed the officer during a traffic stop in the predawn hours of July 13, 2008, because of loud music coming from Thompson's car. Within two minutes of the stop, a neighbor called 911 saying she heard popping noises outside. Officer Miktarian was shot once through the forehead and three more times through the side of his head as he laid unresponsive on the ground.
Thompson was arrested at his sister's Bedford Heights home a short time later, still wearing Officer Miktarian's handcuffs on one of his wrists. The gun he used was on the top of a stove in the residence.
Sentenced to Death 6/23/10.

Raymond Tibbetts
Convicted of the aggravated murders of Judith Sue Crawford and Fred Hicks. He was sentenced to death for Hicks's murder and life imprisonment without parole for Crawford's

[Mark Wayne Wiles
On 8/7/85, Wiles murdered 15-year-old Mark Klima at a farmhouse in Rootstown. Mark's parents owned the farm where Wiles had worked until January 1983. When Mark caught Wiles stealing valuables from the house, Wiles stabbed Mark 24 times and left the butcher knife buried in his back. Wiles fled to Georgia, but later confessed to authorities in Savannah, Georgia and detectives from Portage County, Ohio.

Andre Williams
On 8/15/88, Williams and an accomplice, Christopher Daniel, murdered 65-year-old George Melnick and attempted to murder Katherine Melnick in their Warren home. After forcing their way into the house, Williams and Daniel beat the Melnicks with a brick, an ax handle and a lamp, killing Mr. Melnick and severely injuring Mrs. Melnick. Williams also attempted to rape Mrs. Melnick. Williams and Daniel bragged to several friends about beating and robbing the elderly couple, and Williams even demonstrated what he had done.

Clifford Williams
On 8/3/90, Williams murdered 39-year-old Wayman Hamilton in downtown Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton was a cab driver who had picked up Williams. Williams shot Mr. Hamilton in the forehead and stole his money. Three days later, Williams robbed and shot another man, who had picked up Williams while he was hitchhiking, but the man survived.

Robert Williams Jr.
On 2/18/99, Williams murdered 88-year-old Velma McDowell in her Toledo apartment. Ms. McDowell lived in the same apartment building as Williams' friend's mother. Williams broke into Ms. McDowell's home, stuffed a rag in her mouth, raped her, beat her in the face, strangled her to death with a pair of her pantyhose and stole $300 from her purse. Williams confessed to police. DNA testing proved that the semen found in Ms. McDowell belonged to Williams.

Jeffrey Wogenstahl
On 11/24/91, Wogenstahl murdered 10-year-old Amber Garrett of Harrison, Ohio. Amber was the daughter of Wogenstahl's friend. Wogenstahl kidnapped Amber as she slept in her bed, stabbed her 11 times in the chest and neck, beat her with a car jack handle and then dumped her body in a heavily wooded area in West Harrison, Indiana. Wogenstahl admitted to a fellow inmate that he had kidnapped Amber to rape her. DNA testing, conducted during federal appeals in 2001, identified Amber as the source of blood in Wogenstahl's car.

Eugene Woodard
On 6/20/90, Woodard murdered 19-year-old Mani Akram on a Cleveland street. Mr. Akram was the target of a carjacking planned by Woodard and his accomplices, John Woods, Curt Thompson and Gary Hill. Woodard opened Mr. Akram's car door and shot him once in the chest at point-blank range, then Thompson pulled Mr. Akram into the street and drove away in his car. Later on, in front of several people, Woodard claimed that he was entitled to the car
stereo because he had shot Mr. Akram.

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