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Calvn Neyland
On 8/8/07, Neyland shot and killed his boss, 44-year-old Douglas Smith, multiple times in the head and chest in Perrysburg. Smith had just fired Neyland. Neyland proceeded to the parking lot where he then shot and killed former trooper, 58-year-old Thomas Lazer, who had been dispatched to the scene.

Tyrone L. Noling
On 4/5/90, Noling murdered an 81-year-old couple, Bearnhardt and Cora Hartig, at their home in Atwater Township.The Hartigs were the target of a plan between Noling and his accomplice, Gary St. Clair, to rob elderly people. When Mrs. Hartig opened the door, Noling and St. Clair pushed their way into the house and robbed them. During the robbery, Noling shot Mr. and Mrs. Hartig multiple times at close range.

James D. O'Neal
On 12/11/93, O'Neal murdered his estranged wife, 31-year-old Carol Ann O'Neal, at her home in Cincinnati. Ms.
O'Neal had filed for a protection order against O'Neal, who had brutally beaten her before moving out of their home. O'Neal kicked in the front door and chased Ms. O'Neal upstairs. When Ms. O'Neal closed a bedroom door to keep O'Neal out, O'Neal shot through the door, entered the room and shot Ms. O'Neal, who had fallen to the floor. O'Neal confessed to police.

Gregory Osie
Convicted and sentenced to Death of aggravated murder, murder, aggravated burglary, aggravated robbery and tampering with evidence in the 2009 Valentine's Day stabbing of David Williams, 53, of Liberty Township.
Sentenced to Death 5/3/10.

Gary Otte
On 2/12/92, Otte murdered 61-year-old Robert Wasikowski in his home at the Pleasant Lake apartment complex in Parma. Mr. Wasikowski had let Otte in to use the telephone. Otte shot Mr. Wasikowski in the head and stole about $413. On 2/13/92 Otte murdered 45-year-old Sharon Kostura in her home at the same apartment complex. When Ms. Kostura answered her door, Otte shoved his way inside, shot her in the head and stole $45 and her car keys. Otte later confessed to police.

Donald L, Palmer
On 5/8/89, Palmer murdered Charles Sponhaltz and Steven Vargo on County Road 2. Mr. Sponhaltz had an accident with the car that Palmer was a passenger in. Palmer got out of the car, approached Mr. Sponhaltz and shot him twice in the head. When Mr. Vargo, a passing motorist, stopped at the scene and got out of his car, Palmer shot him twice in
the head. Palmer confessed to police.

Kerry Perez
On 3/6/03, Perez murdered 43-year-old Ronald Johnson during an attempted robbery of the Do Drop Inn Bar in Clark County. Perez shot Johnson in the back.

Ronald Phillips
On 1/18/93, Phillips murdered his girlfriend's daughter, 3-year-old Sheila Marie Evans, at her home in Akron. Phillips had been sexually and physically abusing Sheila for some time. Phillips severely beat Sheila in the head, face and abdomen, threw her against the walls, dragged her by her hair and anally raped her. Phillips confessed to police.

Mark Pickens
Pickens was convicted in the June 1, 2009 shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend, 19-year-old Noelle Washington, her 9-month-old son, Anthony Jones III and Sha'Railyn Wright.
The triple shooting happened in a West 13th Street apartment in Pendleton near Over-the-Rhine.
Jurors deliberated for 14 hours over the span of two days before reaching a verdict.
Key evidence in the case that led to Pickens' conviction were the phone records showing the contact between the two leading up to the time of the murder, statements from friends that said Washington was worried Pickens might take action after she accused him of rape and graphic photos of the crime scene shown during the week-long trial.
Sentenced to Death 7/1/10.

Ronald Post
On 12/15/83, Post murdered 53-year-old Helen Vantz at the Slumber Inn in Elyria. Mrs. Vantz was the desk clerk at the hotel. Post shot Mrs. Vantz twice in the back of the head and stole various items, including a bank deposit bag of money and Mrs. Vantz's purse. Post confessed to Elyria police detectives.

Wayne Powell
On 11/11/06, Powell murdered his ex-girlfriend, 33-year-old Mary McCollum; her mother 52-year-old Rose McCollum; her son 4-year-old Jamal McCollum-Myers; and her niece 2-year-old Sanaa Thomas in Toledo. The night before, Powell and Mary had been arguing. Powell then set fire to the McCollum house leaving the victims to burn to death.

Walter Raglin
On 12/29/95, Raglin murdered 41-year-old Michael Bany in a parking lot in Cincinnati. Mr. Bany was the target of a plan between Raglin and his accomplice, Darnell Lowery, to rob a vulnerable victim. When Mr. Bany, carrying musical equipment, tried to unlock his car door, Raglin approached Mr. Bany and demanded money. Mr. Bany handed Raglin $60, but as Mr. Bany turned to face Raglin, Raglin shot him in the neck. Raglin later confessed to police.

Jason Robb
During the riot at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility ("Lucasville"), Robb murdered 40-year-old prison guard Robert Vallandingham, and prison inmate, 31-year-old David Sommers. Robb was the leader of the prison's Aryan Brotherhood, who along with other prison inmates, held prison guards and inmates hostage. On 4/15/93, Robb, Carlos Sanders, who was the leader of the prison's Muslim group, and James Were, another inmate, ordered inmates to strangle Mr. Vallandingham to death with a cord and baseball bat. On 4/21/93, Robb arranged for inmates to stab, choke and beat Mr. Sommers to death with baseball bats. At the time, Robb was serving a sentence for voluntary manslaughter. Sanders and Were also received a death sentence for the aggravated murder of Mr. Vallandingham.

Donna Roberts
On 12/11/01, Roberts and her boyfriend, Nathaniel Jackson, murdered her former husband, 57-year-old Robert
Fingerhut, at the home Roberts and Mr. Fingerhut shared in Howland Township. Roberts gave Jackson entry into her home where he shot Mr. Fingerhut twice in the back and once in the head. Roberts and Jackson had planned the murder for months prior to Jackson's release from prison. Jackson also received a death sentence for the murder of Mr. Fingerhut.

Martin Rojas
On 5/14/87, Rojas murdered his fellow church member, 28-year-old Rebecca Scott, in her Cincinnati apartment. Ms. Scott had devoted herself to weaning Rojas from drugs and alcohol, but she rejected his advances to be his girlfriend. Rojas hid outside Ms. Scott's apartment, dragged her by the hair inside the apartment when she arrived home and stabbed her twice in the back. After stabbing her in the back, Rojas raped Ms. Scott twice, stabbed her in the chest, stole $25 from her purse and left her to bleed to death after unsuccessfully trying to set the house on fire. Rojas confessed to police detectives from Denver, Colorado, police from Cheviot, Ohio, and a minister from the church he
and Ms. Scott attended.

Carlos Sanders
During the riot at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility ("Lucasville"), Sanders murdered prison guard, 40-year-old Robert Vallandingham. Sanders was the leader of the Muslims at the prison, who along with other prison inmates, held prison guards and inmates hostage. On 4/15/93, Sanders, Jason Robb, who was the leader of the prison's Aryan Brotherhood, and James Were, another inmate, ordered inmates to strangle Mr. Vallandingham to death with a cord and baseball bat. At the time, Sanders was serving a sentence for aggravated robbery. Robb and Were also received a death sentence for the aggravated murder of Mr. Vallandingham.

William K. Sapp
On 8/22/92, Sapp murdered 11-year-old Martha Leach and 12-year-old Phree Morrow near downtown Springfield. Sapp raped Martha and Phree and then beat them to death. Sapp was connected to the rapes and murders through DNA testing in 1996. Between 1993 and 1995, Sapp murdered 31-year-old Belinda Anderson and buried her body in a garage floor. Sapp was also convicted for the 1993 attempted murder of Hazel Pearson. Sapp confessed to the crimes against Martha, Phree, Ms. Anderson and Ms. Pearson. Sapp received a death sentence for the aggravated murders of Martha, Phree and Ms. Anderson. At the time of his trial in 1997, Sapp was serving a prison sentence for
assaulting and attempting to rape another Springfield woman in 1993.

Michael Dean Scott Jr.
On 9/12/99, Scott murdered 21-year-old Ryan Stoffer in Jackson Township. Mr. Stoffer was teaching Scott and his girlfriend how to drive a stick-shift, thinking that the couple wanted to buy his car. Scott shot Mr. Stoffer six times in the back of the head, dumped his body in the woods and stole his car. Earlier, on 8/24/99, Scott murdered 19-year-old Dallas Green, by shooting him when Scott thought that Mr. Green had insulted him. Scott confessed to both murders. Scott received a death sentence for the murder of Mr. Stoffer.

Kevin Scudder
On 2/7/89, Scudder murdered 14-year-old Tina Baisden in Columbus. Tina had gone out with Scudder to celebrate his birthday. Scudder took Tina to a secluded field, attempted to rape her and stabbed her 46 times with a knife.

Bobby T. Sheppard
On 8/19/94, Sheppard murdered 56-year-old Dennis Willhide in Cincinnati. Mr. Willhide owned a drive-thru beverage store that Sheppard and his accomplice, Antwan Little, planned to rob. Sheppard forced Mr. Willhide, face-down, on the floor, while Little removed money from the cash register. After Little ran out of the store, Sheppard shot Mr. Willhide in the back of the head. Sheppard admitted to his friend and police that he shot Mr. Willhide so that he could not identify Sheppard.

Duane A. Short
On 7/22/04, Short murdered his estranged wife, 31-year-old Ronda Michelle Short, and her friend, 32-year-old Donnie Ray Sweeney, at Ronda's residence in Huber Heights. Short shot Mr. Sweeney with a sawed-off shotgun in the yard, then went inside the house and shot Ronda.

George Skatzes
During the riot at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility ("Lucasville"), Skatzes, with the help of other inmates, murdered prison guard, 40-year-old Robert Vallandingham, and two prison inmates, 31-year-old David Sommers and 41-year-old Earl Elder. Skatzes was a member of the prison's Aryan Brotherhood, who along with other prison inmates, held prison guards and inmates hostage. On 4/15/93, muslim inmates strangled Mr. Vallandingham to death with a cord and baseball bat. Skatzes also directed another inmate to stab Mr. Elder numerous times with a shank. On
4/21/93, Skatzes stabbed, choked and beat Mr. Sommers to death with a baseball bat. Skatzes received a death sentence for the aggravated murders of Mr. Sommers and Mr. Elder. At the time, Skatzes was serving a life sentence for a 1983 aggravated murder conviction. Jason Robb, Carlos Sanders and James Were also received death sentences for their involvement in the murders.

Billy Slagle
On 8/13/87, Slagle murdered his 40-year-old neighbor, Mari Anne Pope, in her Cleveland home. Slagle broke into Ms. Pope's house, stabbed her 17 times and beat her in the head and face. Two children witnessed Slagle attacking Ms. Pope and escaped from the house. Police arrested Slagle in Ms. Pope's house, holding a pair of bloody scissors, where he admitted to the murder.

Kenneth W. Smith
On 5/12/95, Smith murdered 58-year-old Lewis Ray and 54-year-old Ruth Ray in their Hamilton home. Mr. Ray had previously lent Smith $2,500, which Smith had not repaid. Smith struck Mr. Ray in the face with a hammer, slit his throat and signaled to his brother, Randy Smith, to choke Mrs. Ray to death. Then Smith and his brother stole jewelry and money from the house. Smith confessed to police after bragging to his friend about the murder and showing him the stolen jewelry.

Steven T. Smith
On 9/29/98, Smith murdered his girlfriend's 6-month-old daughter, Autumn Frye, in his girlfriend's home. Smith brutally raped and beat Autumn, which inflicted extensive trauma to her head and body and caused her to suffocate. Smith's girlfriend woke up and saw Smith, standing naked beside her bed, trying to lay Autumn's nude body next to her.

David Sneed
On 11/19/84, Sneed and an accomplice, Chevette Brown, murdered 26-year-old Herbert Rowan in Canton. Mr. Rowan agreed to give Sneed and Brown a ride when they approached his car. Sneed pulled a gun and demanded money. When Mr. Rowan refused, Sneed shot him through the temple. Sneed also ordered Brown to shoot Mr. Rowan in the back of the head.

Billy Joe Sowell
On 5/1/83, Sowell murdered his friend, 36-year-old Calvert Graham, and attempted to murder his friend, Pamela JeanBillups, in Cincinnati. Ms. Billups was in Mr. Graham's apartment when Sowell accused her of stealing his money and threatened to shoot her. Mr. Graham asked Sowell to leave, but Sowell later forced his way back into the apartment. Sowell fatally shot Mr. Graham in the abdomen and head and then shot Ms. Billups three times until he ran out of ammunition.

Frank Spisak Jr.
Between February and August of 1982, Spisak murdered 57-year-old Reverend Horace Rickerson, 50-year-old Timothy Sheehan and 17-year-old Brian Warford, on three separate occasions on the Cleveland State University campus. Spisak shot Rev. Rickerson seven times, shot Mr. Sheehan four times and shot Mr. Warford once in the head. On 6/4/82 and 8/9/82, Spisak shot at two other people, but each victim survived. Spisak later admitted to all of the murders.

Warren Spivey
On 1/3/89, Spivey murdered 53-year-old Veda Vesper in her Youngstown home. Spivey broke into Ms. Vesper'shouse, stabbed her multiple times and brutally beat her to death. Spivey also stole Ms. Vesper's car and jewelry.

David Steffen
On 8/19/82, Steffen murdered 19-year-old Karen Range in her parents' home in Cincinnati. Ms. Range had allowed Steffen into the house to demonstrate the household cleaning product he was selling door-to-door. Steffen stuffed a cleaning rag into Ms. Range's mouth, repeatedly struck her in the face, slashed her throat three times with a kitchen knife, stomped on her chest and raped her. Steffen later confessed to police.
Update: Common Pleas Court Judge Beth Myers Tossed Death Sentence on 2/17/09.

John Stojetz
On 4/25/96, Stojetz murdered 17-year-old Damico Watkins at Madison Correctional Institution. Mr. Watkins was a black juvenile inmate, and Stojetz was an adult inmate and head of the Aryan Brotherhood whose members refused to be housed in the same cells as black inmates. Stojetz and five other adult inmates, all followers of the Aryan Brotherhood, attacked Mr. Watkins and repeatedly stabbed him with shanks (homemade knives). When Mr. Watkins escaped his attackers and pled for his life, Stojetz cornered him and stabbed him to death.

John Stumph
On 5/13/84, Stumpf murdered 54-year-old Mary Jane Stout and attempted to murder Norman Stout in their home adjacent to I-70 and County Road 44. The Stouts had invited Stumpf and his accomplice, Clyde Wesley, into their home to use the telephone. While Wesley ransacked the house, Stumpf shot Mr. Stout twice in the head, seriously wounding him. Stumpf then turned to Mrs. Stout, who had witnessed her husband's shooting, and fatally shot her four times.

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