Listing of Ohio Death Row Inmates D - I

Started by Jeff1857, May 25, 2009, 04:41:02 AM

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Rodeick Davie
On 6/27/91, Davie murdered 38-year-old John Ira Coleman and 21-year-old Tracey Jefferys and attempted to murder William Everett at the Veterinary Companies of America in Warren. Mr. Coleman, Ms. Jefferys and Mr. Everett were Davie's co-workers at the distributor plant until Davie was fired two months before the murders. Davie shot Mr. Coleman and Mr. Everett several times, but Mr. Everett survived. Davie caught up with Ms. Jefferys, who tried to escape, and beat her to death with a folding chair. Davie later confessed to police.

[ in the head with a padlock placed in a sock. Mr. Copas died as a result of his injuries on 9/10/97.

Brett Hartman
On 9/9/97, Hartman murdered his friend, 46-year-old Winda Snipes, in her apartment in Akron. Hartman tied Ms. Snipes to her bed with a pair of pantyhose, stabbed her 138 times, slit her throat and cut off her hands, which were never found. Police arrested Hartman after he made several anonymous 911 calls to police, admitting that he was in the apartment and revealing the exact location of Ms. Snipes' body in her apartment. Hartman admitted to a fellow inmate that he murdered Ms. Snipes and cut off her hands to eliminate evidence. DNA testing, conducted during federal appeals in 2003, identified Hartman as the source of semen found in Ms. Snipes' vagina and rectum.

Shawn L. Hawkins
On 6/12/89, Hawkins murdered 18-year-old Terrance Richard and 19-year-old Diamond Marteen in Mount Healthy. Mr. Richard and Mr. Marteen had driven to the residential neighborhood to purchase marijuana. Before they had an opportunity to do so, Hawkins shot them both in the head "execution-style" and stole their money and jewelry.

Jerome Henderson
On 3/3/85, Henderson murdered 26-year-old Mary Acoff in her Cincinnati apartment. Henderson broke into Ms. Acoff's apartment, attempted to rape her, stabbed and beat her multiple times in the head, chest and neck and slashed her throat at least 13 times. Ms. Acoff's nude body was found by her 10-year-old daughter, when she returned home. DNA testing, conducted during federal appeals in 2003, identified Ms. Acoff as the source of blood, and Henderson as the source of semen, found on Henderson's coat.

Warren K. Henness
On 3/20/92, Henness murdered 51-year-old Richard Myers in Columbus. Henness knew Mr. Myers because Mr. Myers was helping him seek drug counseling and treatment for Henness' wife. On the day of the murder, Mr. Myers picked Henness up in his car. Henness shot Mr. Myers five times in the head and stole his car, credit cards and checks. He sold the car and forged the checks and used the money to buy drugs.

Willie Herring
On 4/30/96, Herring murdered 69-year-old Herman Naze, Jimmie Lee Jones, and 44-year-old Dennis Kotheimer at the Newport Inn bar in Youngstown. Herring and accomplices Adelbert Callahan, Antwan Jones, Eugene Foose, Louis Allen and Kitwan Dalton robbed the Newport Inn, shooting the bartender and four customers. Mr. Naze, Mr. Jones and Mr. Kotheimer were all customers at the bar who died as a result of the shootings.

Danny Hill
On 9/10/85, Hill and an accomplice, Tim Combs, murdered 12-year-old Raymond Fife in a wooded field in Warren. Raymond was riding his bicycle through the field when Hill and Combs abducted him. Hill and Combs raped Raymond, bit his penis, choked him and burnt his face with lighter fluid. Hill later inquired with police about a $5,000 reward and told them facts that were not disclosed to the public, which eventually lead to his confession.

Genesis Hill
On 5/31/91, Hill murdered his 6-month-old daughter, Domika Dudley, in Cincinnati. On the day of the murder, Hill and his former girlfriend, Teresa Dudley, had gotten into an argument over child support. Later that night, Hill snuck into Ms. Dudley's apartment and kidnapped Domika while she slept. Domika's body was found two days later, wrapped in trash bags, in a vacant lot behind Hill's house. Domika had been beaten several times in the head.

Timothy Hoffner
On 9/22/93, Hoffner and his accomplice, Archie Dixon, murdered their roommate, 22-year-old Christopher Hammer in a park in Toledo. Hoffner and Dixon planned to kill Mr. Hammer to assume his identity and collect the anticipated insurance proceeds that Mr. Hammer would receive from an automobile accident. Hoffner and Dixon repeatedly beat Mr. Hammer, tied him up, took him into the woods and buried him alive. Hoffner and Dixon stole $11 in cash from Mr.
Hammer's wallet, his driver's license, his Social Security card, his birth certificate and his car. Hoffner and Dixon confessed to police, and Hoffner showed police where they buried Mr. Hammer alive. Dixon also received a death sentence.

Gary Hughbanks
On 5/13/87, Hughbanks murdered 55-year-old William Leeman and his wife, 53-year-old Juanita Leeman, at their home in Springfield Township. Hughbanks broke into their home to rob them and was still in the house when Mr. and Mrs. Leeman returned home. Hughbanks stabbed Mr. Leeman with a hunting knife about 17 times, repeatedly stabbed Mrs. Leeman and cut both of their throats. The crime was unsolved for 10 years. In 1997, Hughbanks admitted the murders to his family, who told police and turned over the murder weapon. Hughbanks later confessed to police in Tucson, Arizona.

Lamont Hunter
On 1/19/06, Hunter shook, raped with a sharp object, and beat 3-year-old Trustin Blue in Cincinnati. Trustin died the following day from his injuries. Hunter, who had a previous court order to have no contact with Trustin because of abuse, was the boyfriend of Trustin's mother and was babysitting him in their house while she was working.

Percy Hutton
On 9/16/85, Hutton murdered 24-year-old Derek "Ricky" Mitchell in Cleveland. Hutton kidnapped Mr. Mitchell and his friend, Samuel Simmons Jr., at gunpoint while accusing Mr. Mitchell of stealing tires and a sewing machine from him. After recovering the sewing machine, Hutton shot Mr. Simmons twice in the head. Hutton then drove Mr. Simmons to the hospital. Mr. Simmons survived his injuries. Mr. Mitchell was never seen alive again. His body was located two weeks later. He had been shot to death.

Ahmad Fawzi Issa
On 11/22/97, Andre Miles, at the instruction of Issa, murdered Maher and Ziad Khriss in a parking lot in front of Save-Way Supermarket in Cincinnati. Issa had hired Miles to kill Maher. He supplied him with the weapon and arranged the time and place of the murder. On the night of the murders, Miles hid behind the Save-Way, which was owned by Maher. When Maher returned with his brother, Ziad, Miles robbed them of their money and shot them both in the head.

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