Listing of Louisiana Death Row Inmates A - H

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John Dale Allen
Convicted and Sentenced to Death in the Murder of Shirley ("Elaine") Posey Oliver, 51 years of age, an owner and operator of the Riverside Live Bait and Tackle Shop located in the "Old Town" section of Coushatta, Louisiana, was found stabbed to death in her bait shop in Red River Parish on July 6, 1999.

Willard Allen
On September 7, 1993, police responded to a call at the Cherokee Club (Club) in Campti, Louisiana. Upon arrival at the club, police discovered the body of Herman Ferguson, who had been shot six times with a .380caliber weapon. His body was discovered by Kathy Jacobffy (club bartender) and Mary Messick (club co-owner). There was also evidence that indicated money had been stolen from the club's safe. Allen Sentenced to Death Oct 17, 1994.

Henry Anderson
Date of crime: September 2000
Anderson was convicted of stabbing to death Nita Brinson, 85. Brinson had hired Anderson to do some yard work. It was Anderson's fifth felony conviction. The defense claimed that Anderson was mentally retarded, thus could not be legally sentenced to death.

Michael Anderson
Convicted and sentenced to Death for 5 2006 Murders
Prosecutors relied on the testimony of three convicted felons who said Anderson admitted to the shootings in jail, and an eyewitness, Torrie Williams, who was at first reluctant to come forward because she said she didn't want to be involved. Witnesses in New Orleans have often been reluctant to testify, fearing reprisals.
Williams said she was on the street looking for her boyfriend June 17, 2006, when saw Anderson shoot the teenagers _ brothers Arsenio Hunter, 16, and Markee Hunter, 19; Warren Simeon, 17; Iraum Taylor, 19; and Reggie Dantzler, 19.
Sentenced to Death 8/29/09.
Update: Judge Lynda Van Davis Tossed Conviction on 3/5/10.

Phillip Anthony
Convicted and sentenced to Death for the triple killing at the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen in the French Quarter. On Sunday morning, December 1, 1996, in the French Quarter in New Orleans, four employees of the Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Cara LoPiccolo, Santana Meaux, Michael Witkoskie, and Damien Vincent, were systematically shot, one by one, in the restaurant's tiny walk-in cooler. The booming report of the gunshots, delivered by a potato-shrouded .357 revolver, reverberated in the cramped cooler. The ensuing silence belied the horrible scene: Cara LoPiccolo, a wife and mother of two, dead, slumped on the lifeless body of Santana Meaux, an elementary school teacher moonlighting as a waiter, across from Michael Witkoskie, a tenor with a love for music and drama, whose nearly dead body rested beside Damien Vincent, the wounded sole survivor. Meanwhile, the restaurant safe was open, with its contents, $2,549.84, save the coins, taken by the perpetrators.

James Baldwin IV
7-23-1994, Shotguned his wife Elizebeth Baldwin, J.O. Woodfin, Rocky Baggott and Volly Jack Grimsley.  He thought his wife was involved with all three men.

Elzie Ball
5/15/1996 shot (handgun) Budwiser delivery man Bernard "ben" Scorsone, in a hold up of a bar.

Anthony Bell
Bell was convicted of shooting and killing four-in-laws inside the Ministry of Jesus Christ Church in Baton Rouge on May 21st, 2006. Bell was also convicted of shooting and killing his wife, Erica Bell, later that day at a nearby apartment complex. During the guilt phase of the trial, Bell represented himself.

Daniel Blank
He has confessed to these murders, the authorities said, which occurred between October 1996 and June 1997: Victor Rossi, 41, of St. Amant; Barbara Bourgeois, 58, of Paulina; Lillian Philippe, 71, of Gonzales; Sam Arcuri, 76, and his wife, Louella, 69, of LaPlace, and Joan Brock, 55, of LaPlace. Mr. Blank is to be arraigned in LaPlace on Monday.

Scott Bourque
On April 15, 1990, Bourque murdered his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Perry and sevely wounded her mother Therese Stoute.

David Bowie
Bowie convicted in 1999 for the strangeling death fo General John Smith, Jr in BatonRouge, La.  The murder occured in January, 1996.

Quincy Broaden
Was found guilty and sentenced to die in 1999 for strangling a 70-year-old fish dealer with the victim's own shoelaces.

Henri Broadway
He killed Baton Rouge policewoman Betty Smothers. Officer Smothers was shot while escorting a grocery store manager making a bank deposit. Broadway's case has been going through the state post-conviction process.

George Brooks III
1/13/1996, Broaden and an accomplice shot Edward Black and Allen Rutledge in Baton Rouge, La.  A handgun and shot gun were the weapons involved.
Update: Death Sentence Tossed 08/08.

Gregory Brown
10/4/1998 murdered William and Ann Gay of Clinton, La

Kevan Brumfield
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the January 7, 1993 murder of Betty Smothers, a police officer for the Baton Rouge police department. She was ambushed during a robbery and shot multiple times.

Sanchez Brumfield
Brumfield was convicted in the shooting death of Aaron Arnold in the parking lot of the Olive Garden on Siegen Lane.

Laderick Campbell
Date of crime: 2/11/2002
Kathy Parker was working behind the counter of a liquor store. Campbell and his cohort James Edward Washington approached the counter and committed robbery by demanding money. Parker told them she would give them everything and not to hurt her. But Campbell stuck his shotgun across the counter and shot her in the chest, killing her. Campbell argued that the eyewitnesses had mistakenly identified him. He rejected a plea deal offered by the prosecution that would have allowed him to avoid the death penalty. Kathy Parker was working behind the counter of a liquor store. Campbell and his cohort James Edward Washington approached the counter and committed robbery by demanding money. Parker told them she would give them everything and not to hurt her. But Campbell stuck his shotgun across the counter and shot her in the chest, killing her. Campbell argued that the eyewitnesses had mistakenly identified him. He rejected a plea deal offered by the prosecution that would have allowed him to avoid the death penalty.

Terrance Carter
Sentenced to death for the July 2006 death of Corinthian Houston. Houston, the son of Carter's ex-girlfriend, was abducted from the front yard of his grandmother's Natchitoches residence and taken to an abandoned house in Coushatta, where he was tied to a chair, doused with gasoline and set on fire.

James M. Casey
Raped and strangeled Christina Wolfe in Bossier City, 5/24/96.  Wolf was his 12 year old daughter's best friend.

Teddy Chester
Shot cab driver John Adams in the back of the head on 12/27/1995.

Sedwric Clark
Killed 68yo Bertha Anderson and his own daughter Mariah Barnes on 2/12 or 13/2000. He beat and stabed the old lady, the little girl raped and shot with a .22 cal. The crime occured in Oak Grove, La.

Nathaniel Code
From 1984 to 1987, Code went on a killing spree across Shreveport. Prosecutors say they proved at trial that Code killed eight people. He was convicted in four of those deaths and sentenced to die. The question of lethal injection is just one of several issues Code's defense team is expected to raise during this week's court action, prosecutors said. "In every death penalty case, the main issue is going to be a claim that the defense council was ineffective in the representation, no matter what they did," Estopinal said. "I think the underlying assumption by a defendant is that if I got the death penalty, my lawyer did something wrong."
Code was convicted in 1991..In 1989, Nathaniel Code, Jr., a Shreveport, Louisiana, man, was convicted of murder. The jury determined that on three separate occasions between 1984 and 1987, Code murdered a total of eight people. The jury returned a guilty verdict, even though several disparities existed among the three crime scenes.
For example, the offender gagged the first victim with a piece of material obtained at the crime scene, but brought duct tape to use on the seven victims in the other two incidents. Also, the killer stabbed and slashed the first victim, whereas the victims of the other two crimes were also shot and showed signs of ligature strangulation. The victims ranged in age from 8 years to 74 years and included both sexes; however, all were black. And, the offender took money from one crime scene, but not the other two.

Robert Coleman
Coleman and his girlfriend, Brandy Holmes, robbed Julian and Alice Brandon in their home. Rev. Julian Brandon died from gun shot and stab wounds. Alice Brandon was shot in the head and survived but never made a full recovery. Julian and Alice Brandon were found four days after the attack. The prosecution's evidence included blood on Coleman's boots and jewelry taken in the robbery that was found at the house where Coleman and Holmes were staying. The defense contested guilt by arguing someone else robbed and killed the Brandons with Holmes. When Alice Brandon was found four days after she was shot, she said two white men had robbed them.
Update: Louisiana Supreme Court Overturned Conviction 11/07.

Michael Cooks
On January 20, 1995, the defendant, Michael Cooks, along with Victor Norris, Alvin Bratton, Eric Williams, Justin Griffin, and a man referred to as "Rule Dog," agreed to commit an armed robbery at 3526 Darien Street in Shreveport. The house was occupied that night by the victim, Joe Frazier, and by Ronald Ford and Carlos Bryant. Williams testified as follows. Upon entering the house, Cooks asked for
marijuana and was given four bags by Ford. Victor Norris, also known as "Slap," pulled out his gun and hit Bryant. One of the men held a gun to Bryant's head and lead him through the kitchen. Defendant and another of the men remained in the back room with Frazier where he had been taken. Williams and Bratton dragged Ford towards the front of the house while defendant kicked a padlocked bedroom
door in. At some point, Williams heard a gunshot coming from the back room where Slap remained with Frazier. Williams and Bratton dragged Ford into the formerly locked front bedroom and ransacked the room finding a pound of marijuana. Shortly thereafter, Slap came into the back room, hit Ford, then shot him as he fell to the floor near the window. At the same time, Williams testified that defendant shot Bryant in the hallway. Allegedly scared by the shooting, Williams, Bratton, and Griffin ran from the house, passing Frazier in the front room who was lying on his stomach. As they ran from the house towards the car,

James Copeland
Sentenced to death for his role in the sodomy and slaying of Joseph Cook Owen, 11, of Baton Rouge, on July 6, 1979.

Frank Ford Cosey
Cosey slashed the throat of 12 yo Delkie Horton on 7-6-90.

Percy Davis
Davis, 39, was sentenced in 1992 to die for killing Calvin Moore, owner of
Fats Exxon on North Market Street, and Mark Sanchez, a night clerk at
Circle K on North Market, two nights apart.

Curtis Deal
Sentenced to death for the first degree murder of his two-month-old son Joshua in November 1999.

Clifford Deruise
On 11\4\1995, Deruise shot and killed Gary Booker after he refused to give Deruise a dollar.  Two days latter (11\6\1995) Deruise approached a family getting into their car to have a family portrait taken, and in a failed robbery attempt shot and killed infant (11 months old) Etienne Nachampassak while the child was strapped into his carseat.  Deruise was indicted on 1-4-1996

Felton Dorsey
Sentenced to Death 5/28/09 in the murder of 51-year-old Fire Capt. Joe Prock on April 1, 2006.
Trial testimony detailed how the 35-year-old Dorsey and accomplice Randy Wilson knocked Prock to the floor, then beat him with a pistol butt as his mother sat nearby, bound with her face covered but able to hear her son's anguished cries. The robbers then set Prock's body and the house in Greenwood on fire before leaving.

Darryl Draughn
Date of crime: April 2000
Draughn burglarized the home of his 64-year-old neighbor Lauretta White to rob her. In the process, he stabbed her about 60 times, killing her. At the penalty phase the prosecution presented evidence that Draughn had killed a teenager in an execution-style killing, and had committed another serious assault. No information is available on the defense approach to the case. Draughn was convicted in mid-2003, but final imposition of sentence was delayed until late in 2004 because of post-trial motions.

Dustin Dressner
Date of crime: 6/6/2002
Dressner killed Paul Fasullo and tried to kill Fasullo's wife by stabbing her 20 times, while she attempted to protect her 2-year-old daughter. Dressner was one of three attackers who went to the Fasullo home. Fasullo's wife identified Dressner as the attacker. The defense argued Dressner went to the Fasullo home for drugs and not to kill them. In mitigation, the defense said Dressner had a history of mental disorders, including bipolar disorder. The defense also urged the jury to consider that Dressner's co-defendant received a life sentence, instead of the death penalty.

Jimmy Christian Duncan
Sentenced to death for the sexual abuse and drowning death of his girlfriends child.

James Dunn
Dunn was convicted of the June 1998 deaths of Dupuis and Guillot inside the Iberville Bank in Napoleonville.

Winthrop Eaton
Convicted for the 1985 murder of a minister in Monroe

Cedric Edwards
Sentenced tod eath for the murder of Victoria Catanese in Shreveport, Louisiana, on October 27, 1995.

Abdullah Hakim El-Mumit aka Thomas Sparks Jr.
Was condemned to die for the 1984 shooting death of Tangipahoa Parish sheriff's deputy Ed Toefield, who was trying to arrest El-Mumit for the robbery of a New Orleans bank the previous day.

Glenn Ford
Sentenced to death for the murder of Isador Rozeman.

Antoinette Frank
Frank was a 23-year-old rookie New Orleans police officer when she and Rogers LaCaze terrorized the family-owned Kim Anh restaurant, shooting dead Officer Ronald Williams, and siblings Ha and Cuong Vu during a 1995 robbery.

Michael Garcia
Convicted and sentenced to Death  6/08 for the Feb. 8, 2006, first-degree murder of Matthew Millican in a wooded area near Port Allen. Jurors noted the "aggravating circumstances" of armed robbery and aggravated kidnapping on their verdict form to meet the legal requirement for handing down a death penalty in Louisiana. Garcia, 29, of Lansing, Mich.,  showed almost no emotion as the jury's death verdict was read. Several members of his immediate family, who had come to Louisiana for the end of the trial, listened quietly. Garcia was arrested along with his brother, Daniel Garcia, and James Nelson II after Millican and Megan Teresi were robbed and kidnapped after they were found asleep behind a motel on La. 415 in Port Allen. Millican and Teresi were transients who described themselves as travelers.
They were taken to a wooded area where Millican was killed and Teresi was beaten and repeatedly raped.

Fredrick Gradley
Sentenced to death dor his role in the beating death od 82-year old Rita Rabalais in 1994. The white victim had been repeatedly stabbed, slashed, and badly beaten by a group of 9 black man, the so called jena6. the youngest one was 16.

Marcus Hamilton
On the morning of 12/18/1987, Father Patrick McCarthy, was found beaten (with fists and claw hammer) stabbed and strangeled (with extension cord) in the rectory of his church.  Hamilton said the priest made sexual advances toward him and he had to hurt him.  The jury did not agree.

Bobby Hampton
On 8-12-1995, Hampton, Elbert Williams and Michael Williams robbed a liquor store in Sharevepor, La.  KIlled in the robbery was employee Phillip Russel Coleman.  He died of gunshot wounds.

Clarence Harris
Convicted and sentenced to Death for the August 1993 murder of a New Orleans woman who was trying to prevent him from abducting her 11-year-old daughter. Prosecutors said Harris later raped the girl.

Jessie Hoffman
Convicted and sentenced to Death in 1998 for kidnapping, raping and fatally shooting Mary "Molly" Elliott, 28, of Covington, on Nov. 27, 1996.

Dacarius Holliday
A Louisiana judge has formally sentenced Dacarius Holliday to death for fatally beating his girlfriend's 2-year-old son in 2007. An East Baton Rouge Parish jury convicted the 33-year-old Holliday, of St. Louis, of first-degree murder on March 14. Three days later, the same jurors recommended that Holliday die by lethal injection for the killing of Darian Coon on May 14, 2007. The Advocate reports an autopsy revealed Coon suffered 75 contusions to his body and lacerations to his liver and kidney, among other injuries. Shortly after denying Holliday's motion for a new trial Wednesday, state District Judge Wilson Fields formally sentenced him to die. The Louisiana Supreme Court automatically reviews all death penalty cases in the state.
Sentenced to Death 7/7/10

Brandy Holmes
Date of crime: January 2003
Holmes and boyfriend Robert Coleman shot and stabbed retired minister Julian Brandon after he answered a knock on his front door. His wife Alice Brandon survived a gunshot wound. Defense provided testimony that Brandy suffered from fetal alcohol syndrome and an antisocial disorder. Her own mother testified at the sentencing that she drank the entire time she was pregnant and Brandy suffered from mental disorders as a result. Coleman was convicted of the murder and also sentenced to death. The gun used in this slaying was also used to kill Terrance Blaze. Holmes has been indicted for his murder.

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