Listing of Tennessee Death Row Inmates I - Q

Started by Jeff1857, May 26, 2009, 01:07:18 AM

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Billy R. Irick
Billy Ray Irick is on Tennessee's death row for the 1985 rape and murder of seven-year-old Paula Dyer.

David Ivy
On June 8, 2001, the victim, LaKeisha Thomas ("Thomas"), was shot to death while sitting
in her car in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Memphis, Tennessee. Ivy was convicted and sentenced to Death.

Akil Jahi aka Preston Carter
Sentenced to death in 1995 for the 1993 felony murders of Thomas and Tensia Jackson.

Donnie E. Johnson
On December 8, 1984, Donnie Johnson signed Ronnie McCoy out of the Penal Farm where he was serving a four month sentence for charges of false reporting. Johnson took McCoy to their place of employment, Force Camping Sales. At the close of the work day, Johnson's wife Connie met them there. McCoy testified that he left Connie Johnson alone with her husband in a sales office, and when he returned Johnson showed him Connie's dead body. McCoy testified that he thereafter helped Johnson clean up the office and dispose of the body because he was scared of Johnson. Johnson's story was that he left the room and when he returned, McCoy had killed Connie and that he had helped McCoy clean up the crime scene and dispose of Connie's body because he was scare of what McCoy would do if he did not cooperate. The jury convicted Johnson of first-degree murder.

Nikolaus Johnson
Johnson was sentenced to Death for ambushing Bristol, Tennessee police officer Mark Vance in November 2004 shooting him in the face with a .357 magnum. Vance was responding to a domestic disturbance call over Johnson getting his 17 (at the time) year-old girlfriend pregnant. (It's reported she had triplets.)

Pervis Payne
Sentenced to death in a Tennessee state court for the murder of Charisse Christopher and her daughter Lacie Christopher. Charisse Christopher was 28 years old, divorced, and lived in Hiwassee Apartments, in Millington, Tennessee, with her two children, three and one-half yearold Nicholas and two and one-half year old Lacie.

Christa Pike
Christa Gail Pike was convicted in 1996 for the Jan. 12, 1995, torture slaying of 19-year-old Colleen Slemmer, who was slashed and beaten by Pike and Pike's boyfriend, Tadaryl Shipp, for 30 minutes to an hour before Pike finally killed her by smashing Slemmer's skull with a chunk of asphalt. In letters literally splattered with blood, a Tennessee death row inmate reveals her passion for brutal pain to trusted "soul mate" and fellow convicted killer John Lee Fryman.

Sidney Porterfield
Sidney Porterfield, was also sentenced to death. Gaile Owens committed her crime on February 17, 1985 and was convicted on January 4, 1986. She entered prison on February 21, 1986.
According to court documents in early 1985, Owens solicited several men to kill her husband before Porterfield agreed to commit the crime.

Gerald Lee Powers
Gerald Powers, of first degree felony murder and aggravated robbery. He was sentenced to death for the 1996 murder of Shannon Sanderson and to a consecutive thirty-year prison sentence for the aggravated robbery charge.

Corinio Pruitt
Sentenced to Death for the carjacking and murder of 79 year old Lawrenece Guidroz in August of 2005.

Derrick Quintero
Derrick Quintero and William Hall were sentenced to death for the 1988 murders of Myrtle and Buford Vester in their Stewart County home. Quintero and Hall, escapees from Kentucky State Penitentiary at Eddyville, entered the Vesters' home through a window, shot and stabbed the couple and stole their car.

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