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Walter Ogrod
In October 1996, Walter Ogrod was sentenced to die for sexually assaulting and bludgeoning to death four-year-old Barbara Jean Horn, a neighbor. Ogrod was formally sentenced on November 8, 1996. Ogrod, 39, was convicted in 1996 of murder and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse in the death of 4-year-old Barbara Jean Horn. Ogrod killed Barbara Jean on July 12, 1988, by luring her into the basement of his home in Castor Gardens. The little girl, who lived across the street, thought she was going inside to get candy. Instead, Ogrod tried to sexually assault her. When she screamed, he hit her over the head with an iron bar from a weight-lifting set. Ogrod placed Barbara Jean's lifeless body in a plastic bag, stuffed it into a cardboard television box and carried the box around the corner to be taken out with the trash.

Lamont Overby
Overby was convicted and sentenced to die for the random shooting death of John James,  Jr., 19, who was shot five times in what prosecutors believed was a robbery. Overby was formally sentenced to death on July 22, 1998.

Donyell Paddy
The murder of 20-year-old LaShawn Whaley in 1993 is that tragically classic example, and it had a direct impact on the decision to create the current version of the program.
In 1991, Whaley was an innocent bystander at a North Philadelphia playground when she allegedly saw neighborhood thug and drug dealer Donyell Paddy shoot and kill two men during a pick-up basketball game.
Whaley initially fingered Paddy as the shooter to police, but on the eve of the murder trial, she disappeared. Without their key witness, prosecutors were forced to withdraw the charges and set Paddy free.
Informants later told investigators that Paddy's criminal allies kidnapped Whaley and took her to Maryland, where they kept her, supplying her a room and food, until the double-murder case was dropped. She returned to Philadelphia.
When prosecutors later tracked down the witness, she again agreed to testify against Paddy. A short time later, Paddy showed up at the woman's doorstep wearing a floral dress and wig. He shot Whaley six times and killed her.
Paddy, now 36, was convicted of first-degree murder in 1995 and now sits on Pennsylvania's death row. He also is serving a life sentence for shooting boxer Wilbur "Little Man" Thomas to death in 1989.

Miguel Padilla
Date of crime: August 28, 2005
Padilla, a Mexican citizen, was convicted of killing three people outside of a social club after his friend was not allowed in. 

Maurice Patterson
Convicted and sentenced to Death on charges he set up the murder of a Philadelphia man. Now they must decide if he deserves the death penalty or will serve life in prison. Thirty-eight-year-old Eric Sawyer was shot twice in the head in a Williamsport alley in March 2007. Prosecutors say Patterson ordered the shooting because drug-dealing associates told him Sawyer was working with police.
Forty-one-year-old Sean Durrant pleaded guilty to murder and acknowledged being the shooter, but testified that Patterson set up the shooting. Another man is serving a life sentence in the case.
Patterson testified he dealt drugs but never sanctioned a shooting.
Sentenced to Death 5/28/10.

Kevin Pelzer
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 1988 robbery/murder of Alexander Porter.

Al Peoples aka Kevin Matthews
Murdered two girlfriends and was sentenced to die for the second slaying in 01/09/1990. Al Peoples, 26, who also goes by the name Kevin Matthews, should be executed for the September 1987 stabbing death of Sarah Mae Brown, 28. He stabbed the woman 67 times inside the apartment they shared on Crittenden Street near Tulpehocken and robbed her of jewelry.

Albert Perez
Sentenced to Death on 5/27/09 for killing 22-year-old Duceliz Diaz-Santiago and her daughter Kayla on Jan. 15, 2007. Perez was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder on May 19. Prosecutors say he hanged Diaz-Santiago and her daughter in an apartment in Bernville, about 60 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

Bortella Philisten aka borgela  Philistin
On June 16, 1993, Philistin fired a shot through one of Officer Robert Hayes'eyes and another into his chest and badly wounded Hayes'partner, Officer John Marynowitz, shooting him in the head. Brain-damaged and unable to walk, Marynowitz sat in a wheelchair on the opposite side of the courtroom at the trial.

Michael Pierce
Pierce repeatedly argued with his parents and threatened to kill them. After they kicked him out of their house, he set it on fire with a can of gasoline while they were inside. His mother and father died, along with his 95-year-old grandmother. The crime occurred in 1989.

Ernest Porter
Sentenced to death for the shooting death of Raymond Fiss, a beautyshop owner.

Gregory Powell
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the murder of his 6-year-old son in 1997 in Philadelphia; Powell obtained sole custody of his son, Raymond Graves, while the child's mother was in a drug and alcohol treatment program, and evidence at Powell's trial indicated that his son had suffered months of physical abuse before Powell killed him. In 2000, a jury convicted Powell of first-degree murder and endangering the welfare of a child and sentenced him to death. The state Supreme Court affirmed that judgment in September 2008, and the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Powell's appeal in March 2009.

Michael Pruitt
Sentenced in January 2006. He raped and strangled Sunday school teacher Greta A. Gougler, 69, in September 2002 in her Reading home.

Ronald F. Puksar
Sentenced November 1993. He fatally shot his brother and sister-in-law, Thomas and Donna Puksar, in the couple's Bern Township residence in April 1991.

Derrick Ragan
Sentenced in 1992 for the slaying, two years earlier, of 22-year-old Darren Brown. Ragan shot Brown 13 times following a June 26, 1990, argument over who could use a basketball court at the Tustin playground in West Philadelphia. He is also serving a life sentence for the June 15, 1990,
murder of Anthony Thomas. Ragan shot Thomas following an argument over money.

David Ramtahal
Sentenced to Death 5/19/09
Ramtahal was convicted of first-degree murder in the November 2006 shooting of Jarrett Osborne, 18, of Bristol Township. The teen died from internal bleeding after Ramtahal shot him during a botched robbery in the Winder Village section of the township. Ramtahal was already serving a life sentence in another murder.

Samuel B. Randolph IV
In May 2003, Samuel Randolph was convicted and sentenced to die for the shooting deaths of Thomas Easter and Anthony Burton.

Dennis Reed
Convicted and sentenced to Death 2/1/08  in the 2001 shooting death of his girlfriend, Wendy Miller.

Robert Rega
Sentenced to Death in June 2002 murder of Christopher Lauth in December 2000. Mr. Lauth, 50, of Marienville, Forest County, had been working security at Gateway Lodge, a Jefferson County bed-and-breakfast in Cook Forest. Mr. Rega, 41, a former night watchman himself at Gateway Lodge, conspired with several others to rob a safe containing $20,000 at the bed and breakfast. Mr. Rega shot Mr. Lauth as he knelt at gunpoint.

Albert E. Reid
Albert Reid was convicted in 1998 of fatally shooting his estranged wife, Carla Reid, and her teenage daughter, Diedra Moore, on Dec. 27, 1996. The girl had alleged that Reid had molested her, and he was scheduled to face trial on that charge in January 1997. Carla Reid and her daughter were asleep in their beds when the murders took place. Reid's other children were also asleep in the home just outside of Chambersburg at the time of the murders.

Anthony Reid
Sentenced to for the execution-style slaying in a hallway at the Richard Allen Homes housing project on March 13, 1989.  the victim was Neil Wilkinson.  Reid was a member of the JBM (Junior Black Mafia). He was a hitman of the group. He was on trial with the the reputed Junior Black Mafia boss in North Philadelphia, Kevin Bowman.

Angel Luis Reyes
Sentence to Death for the 1993 drowning death hs 4 year old daughter Marica. Reyes was given a reprieve on his first death-penalty verdict handed down by a county jury 15 years ago. It was subsequently overturned and he was given the right to go before a second jury in March 2007 only on the penalty issue. The first-degree murder conviction had been upheld. Witnesses said Reyes took his daughter by the hand from the backyard of her Chester home, where she was innocently playing ball. He then dropped her in the waters from the Fourth Street Bridge in Eddystone. Her tiny body was fished from the Delaware River a day later.

Timothy Rice
Convicted and sentenced to Death in the 1996 murders of Bernard Jackson and James Jefferson during
an argrument at Jay's Big Shot Bar.

Miguel Rios
Miguel Rios was sentenced to death on April 2, 1996, for the shooting death of Miguel Basilio. On Sept. 19, 1992, Rios and his unidentified partner terrorized Basilio's wife, sister and four small children for more than two hours before shooting and killing Miguel in front of his family. This is the 2nd time Rios has been sentenced to death in Pennsylvania. Rios was sentenced to death on Oct. 5, 1994, for murdering 21-year-old Jose Ortiz.

Cletus Rivera
Sentenced August 2008 in fatal shooting of Reading police Officer Scott A. Wertz in August 2006.

William Rivera
Convicted and Sentenced to Death for the 1995 robbery/murder of Kumok Kang.

Antyane Robinson
In March 1997, Robinson was convicted and sentenced to die for the 1996 murder of his former girlfriend's boyfriend, 23-year-old Rashawn Bass, in Carlisle. Robinson was formally sentenced to death on April 1, 1997.

Harvey Robinson
Convicted in November 1994 of killing Joan Burghardt in August 1992, Charlotte Schmoyer in June 1993 and Jessica Fortney in July 1994.

Saharris Rollins
Saharris Rollins was convicted of first-degree murder, robbery, and possession of an
instrument of crime, then sentenced to death in 1987.
Update: 3rd Circuit Tossed Death Sentence for Rollins on 7/7/10.

Edwin R. Romero
Sentenced on April 17, 1996, for the murder of Allentown architect and landlord David
Bolasky in 1995.

Robert Rompilla
Sentenced on Nov. 3, 1988, for death of city tavern owner James Scanlon.

Christopher Roney
Convicted in the 1996 shooting of Philadelphia Officer Lauretha Vaird during an attempted bank robbery. She was the first female Philadelphia officer to die in the line of duty.

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