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Donald "Duke" Smith Jr.
Sentenced to Death in 4 1995 murders over the drug trade. Killed in the Aug. 28, 1988, shootings in Lake View Terrace were convicted Bryant Family hit man Andre Armstrong, 31, and his partner, James Brown, 43. The two men, who according to prosecutors had threatened to steal business from the Bryant Family, were ambushed inside a cage-like metal security door at the house on Wheeler Avenue and fired upon repeatedly by assailants armed with shotguns and semi-automatic pistols. Also killed were Loretha Anderson, 23, of Seaside, and Chemise English, 2, who were waiting for the men in a parked car.
He had been sentenced to death with drug ring leader Stanley (Peanut Head) Bryant.

Floyd Smith

Gregory Calvin Smith
Convicted and sentence to Death in the 1989 murder of Japanese exchange student Ai Toyoshima, 16, stalked his victims across bus stops and schoolyards and assaulted at least 18 girls and women over the past year.

Gregory Scott Smith
Pleaded guilty in April 1992 to the kidnapping and murder of 8-year-old Northridge boy Paul Bailly. At Smith's penalty trial, defense attorneys argued that the Canoga Park day-care aide had the mind of a child and should not be executed. Prosecutors described Smith as a vindictive predator who took sexual pleasure in killing the boy and setting his body on fire.

Paul Gordon Smith
Was sentenced to death in 2002 for the April 1998 torture-murder of a 20-year-old Washington woman.

Robert Lee Smith Jr.
Robert Lee Smith Jr was sentenced to death on 09/24/1993 for the murders of Michelle Dorsey( Michelle Dorsey was a biological male who dressed and lived as a female) and James Martin.

Michelle Dorsey lived with her brother, James Martin, in a two-bedroom apartment in Richmond. Robert Smith,  and Dorsey had a "boyfriend, girlfriend type of relationship" and  Dorsey was Smith's ex-girlfriend. On th evening of March 23, 1991, Robert Smith took a pistol from Dorsey's drawer and demanded that she open the safe and give him the contents. When Dorsey rose to confront Smith, he shot her once in the chest. Dorsey fell to her knees on her bed. The shot woke Martin, who called out from his room to find out what was happening. Defendant told Martin to go back to sleep. Smith then entered Martin's room and shot him once in the chest.

Prentice Snow
Prentice Snow was sentenced to death on 08/31/1982 for the murder of Alfred J. Koll
Prentice Juan Snow was resentenced in 1990 in Los Angeles County Superior Court of the first degree murder of Alfred J. Koll. The jury also sustained a special circumstance allegation that Snow intentionally killed Koll to prevent his testimony in another criminal proceeding.
On August 27, 1979, two men robbed Koll of cash at his pharmacy, located at 939 East Walnut Street in Pasadena. Snow and James Phillips were charged with the robbery and with felony assault. At the preliminary examination, Koll identified Snow as one of the robbers.
On November 3, 1980, the robbery case was scheduled for trial in a department of the Los Angeles County Superior Court located in the Pasadena courthouse. Koll had been subpoenaed as a witness and was on call if needed. During the morning session, before court and counsel started to select a jury, the prosecutor, Gerald Haney, and defense counsel, Adolfo Lara, discussed a disposition by plea. Haney offered to drop the assault charge if defendant pled guilty to robbery. According to Haney, Lara left the room to talk to defendant. Snow wanted to wait until after the lunch break to think it over. During the lunch break Snow dressed in a motorcyle helment and denim jacket walked a short distance from the courthouse to Koll's Pharmacy and shot Koll to death.

Janeen Marie Snyder
Date of crime:  April 2001
Along with Michael Thornton, Snyder was convicted of kidnapping, torturing, sexually abusing and killing 16-year-old Michelle Curran.  Two other teenage girls testified at the trial of how Thornton and Snyder kidnapped them and raped them.  Snyder also confessed to killing a 14-year-old girl who had been missing for over five years. Snyder was a friend of Thornton's daughter and moved in with him after having problems with her own family.  Snyder argued she was dominated by Thornton and feared for her life if she did not follow his plans. 

Michael Soliz
Was one of two La Puente gang members who were sentenced to death in 1998 in the 1996 killings of a 68-year-old Hacienda Heights grocer and two teenagers in Covina.

Morris Solomon Jr.
Morris Solomon Serial Killer was sentenced to death in July 1992 for 6 murders.
According to police, the first victim was Yolanda Johnson (22), found inside a closet of one of Solomon's previous residences, on Fourth Avenue in Sacramento, on June 18, 1986, two to three days after he had killed her. Just a month later, Angela Polidore (25) was found dead, buried underneath debris at another Sacramento home where Solomon worked as a handyman. Solomon was a suspect in both cases but walked away when authorities failed to come up with evidence sufficient enough to get an indictment. The handyman had four outstanding misdemeanor warrants (including one of solicitation of prostitution) when they allowed him to go free.
On March 19, 1987, the body of teenage prostitute Marie Apodoca, was uncovered in the yard of a home in Sacramento's Oak Park neighborhood. Solomon had stayed at the house until November 1986. Another body was found on April 20, when Cherie Washington (26), was found in a shallow grave in the same neighborhood. Solomon was taken into custody on April 22, after two more victims were discovered at his current residence. A seventh victim, 29-year-old Sharon Massey, was found on April 29 in the same yard where Marie Apodoca was found.
Held without bond, Solomon faced seven counts of first degree murder. Due to the bodies advanced state of decomposition, determining the cause of death proved to be difficult.
Morris Solomon Jr.'s case failed to gain national attention due to a second, more controversial case of serial murder in Sacramento involving serial killer Dorothea Puente. Seven bodies were found in the backyard of Puente's boardinghouse in the downtown Sacramento neighborhood of Aklai Flat on Nov. 11, 1988. Between Solomon and Puente, Sacramento had two serial killers working the city around the same time.
Solomon was convicted of killing six of the seven women on August 29, 1991. His first death penalty phase was declared a mistrial, though a second jury voted unanimous to put him to death in July 1992.
Solomon, an African American, was the 342nd person to receive the death sentence in California and is now on death row in San Quentin, California. The handyman still denies any of the killings.

Matthew Eric Souza
A jury convicted Matthew Eric Souza, 23, and his brother, Michael Anthony Souza, 24, of first-degree murder. The jury found that both brothers used firearms to commit the rampage - Matthew was armed with a .223-caliber assault rifle, Michael with a shotgun. A third man, who never has been identified or charged, had a .25-caliber handgun.  The shooting took place after the Souza brothers went to the Oakland apartment from which their mother had been thrown out a few hours earlier. During the trial, the prosecutor said Rebecca Souza was thrown out of the apartment when the hostess thought she was flirting with another woman's boyfriend.  Matthew Souza and the unidentified gunman raked the apartment with bullets after a party-goer rushed Michael Souza.
Les Trudell, 47, was killed Dec. 19, 1993. Another man and a woman also were killed and two other people were wounded in what authorities called a massacre in Oakland. The pathologist testified that Les lived for two heartbeats. The other man died instantly and the woman suffered the longest for about 20 minutes," she said.
The Souza brothers turned themselves into authorities nine days after the murders, it took almost five years to bring the defendants to trial because of the case backload in Alameda County.

Christopher Spencer
The third man to go on trial for the slaying of a Santa Clara crafts store manager has been found guilty of fatally stabbing the 35-year-old father during a robbery and burglary. After deliberating a day, a Santa Clara County Superior Court jury Wednesday found Christopher Spencer, 27, guilty of first-degree murder, second-degree robbery and second-degree burglary in the Jan. 28, 1991 death of James Madden, 35.
He had been sentenced to death at 11/07/1996.

Douglas Stankewitz
Douglas Stankewitz was sentenced to death on 10/12/1978
Douglas R. Stankewitz is on death row in California, convicted of murdering a young woman named Theresa Greybeal on  02/08/1978 by suddenly shooting her in the head after he and his friends had stolen her car and driven around for awhile with her as a captive.

Darren Stanley
Darren Stanley was sentenced to death on 07/29/1991
Darren Stanley, murdered Rudy Rubalcava, a bartender who was pumping gas at a service station at Seventh and Market streets in Oakland on his way home from work when Stanley attacked him in January 1989. Four eyewitnesses, including Stanley's older brother, identified him as the killer.
Stanley also was convicted of attempting to murder Mitchell Fakoury, who was robbed and stabbed 12 hours before the gas-station killing, and of robbing three cab drivers and two other men before his arrest three days after Rubalcava's death. The court said he had repeatedly assaulted and fought with sheriff's deputies while in jail awaiting trial.

Gerald Stanley
Gerald Stanley sentenced to death on 02/07/1984
Gerald Stanley, was sentenced to death for the murder of his wife, Cynthia Rogers, who he shot to death at her father's resort in Nice. He was tried in Butte County due to pre-trial publicity in Lake County.
Stanley, who worked as a hunting guide, had a violent history with women before the Rogers murder.
He served four and a half years in prison for murdering Kathleen Rhiley, his first wife, in 1975, and was believed to be involved in the murder of Sheryl Ranee Wright, 19, of Redding, last seen the day before Cynthia Rogers was shot.

Deondre Staten
victims:  Arthur and Faye Staten, ages 43 and 42
date of crime: 10/12 -10/13/1990
sentenced: 01/16/1992

Staten was found guilty of first degree murder of his parents, with the special circumstances of murder for financial gain and multiple murder. The jury found that he personally used a gun to kill his father and a knife to kill his mother and sentenced him to death.  Defendant murdered his parents in order to inherit their assets and insurance policies. Defendant, age 24, lived with his parents.  He shot his father once in the head with using a hollow point bullet and stabbed his mother 181 times.  Def. tried to blame the murders on a local gang.  The aggravating factor was the pure viciousness of the attack on his mother.

Cary Anthony Stayner
OFFENSE DATE: 02/15/1999
SENTENCE DATE: 02/12/2002
VICTIMS:Carole Sund (42), Julie Sund (15) and Silvina Pelosso, Joie Ruth Armstrong
Carole Sund (42), Julie Sund (15) and Silvina Pelosso were last seen at the Cedar Lodge motel in Portal, Ca. The trio were visiting the area from Eureka. Carole Sund's wallet and credit cards were found in Modesto on Feb 19. The FBI acknowledged Feb 21 that the disappearance was being treated as a kidnapping and a $250,000 reward was offered. Their rented Pontiac was found burned near Long Barn in Tuolemne County on Mar 18 and 2 burned bodies were found in the trunk. Cary Stayner, motel maintenance man, later admitted to the murders and faced trial in 2002. Stayner was convicted on Aug 26 and was sentenced to death Dec 12.
Joie Ruth Armstrong (26), naturalist for the Yosemite Institute, was found murdered and beheaded in Yosemite National Park. Cary Stayner (38), a motel maintenance man, was sought in relation to the murder. As of 2009 he is still on death row at San Quentin, Ca.

Raymond Steele
Convicted and sentenced to death in the murder of a developmentally disabled woman
in 1988.

Maurice Steskal
Date of crime: 6/12/99
Steskal was in the parking lot of a convenience store when police officer Brad Riches stepped out of his car on routine patrol. Steskal opened fire on Riches with an AK-47 assault rifle. Several of the bullets penetrated Riches' bulletproof vest, killing him. Steskal claimed his seemingly inexplicable conduct was a result of a mental defect that caused him to have a paranoid fear of authority figures. (Note: A prior jury in the case had hung on an 11-1 vote for a life sentence.)

Charles Stevens
Charles Stevens Serial Killer was sentenced to death on 07/30/1993
Oakland Police Sgt. Brian Thiem and his partner responded early one morning in 1989 to I-580, where California Highway Patrol officers checking a crashed car had found the driver shot to death. The homicide investigators soon found themselves on a serial killer's trail.
By the time it was over, four people -- Leslie Noyer, 29; Laquan Sloan, 16; Lori Rochon, 36; and Raymond August, 28 -- would be dead, and at least six others would have narrowly escaped death. Noyer and Sloan were slain while standing on streets near I-580, Rochon and August as they drove the freeway. The random shootings, from April through July of that year, held the city transfixed in terror.
The case broke with bravery and luck, when Rodney Stokes, 24 -- an I-580 motorist at whom Stevens, riding alongside in his own car, had shot but missed moments before -- shut off his headlights and tailed the assailant as he fatally shot August in the wee hours of Thursday, July 27, 1989. Stokes watched the shooter exit the freeway and then park on the opposite side's onramp to watch police arrive; Stokes pointed the car out to police, who nabbed Stevens, 20, right there with his .357-caliber Desert Eagle semiautomatic handgun.

Richard Stitely
Richard Stitely was sentenced to death on 09/14/1992
Richard Stitely was sentenced to die for the killing of Carol Unger, 47. Stitely was convicted by the same jury in an unrelated incident of forcible rape against Valery C six months before.
Stitely was tied to the rape and murder by DNA tests, after Unger's body was found in an alley the day after she failed to return home from the White Oak Inn.
Witnesses said she left with Stitely. Stitely originally claimed he was not at the bar that night, but changed his story under interrogation.

Howard Larcell Streeter
Victim: Yolanda Buttler, age 39
Date of crime:   4/27/1997
Sentenced: 4/1/99
A jury found Howard Streeter guilty of first-degree murder for setting his former girlfriend on fire in a pizza parlor parking lot last year in Fontana.  The jury of five men and seven women, which deliberated for about two days, determined that evidence showed Streeter tortured Yolanda Buttler, 39, before she died and sat waiting to attack her prior to the killing.

Arturo Juarez Suarez
Mexican national Arturo Juarez Suarez worked seasonally on a ranch outside of Auburn, California. His wife and two children lived in Mexico. His wife's two brothers, Jose Luis and Juan Manual, lived in Galt, California. Jose Luis and his wife, Yolanda, had two children: Jack, age five and Arele, age three.
On July 12, 1998, Jose Luis, Yolanda, their children, and Juan Manual traveled to Auburn in the late afternoon to pick up Suarez and take him back to Galt for an appointment the next day with the Mexican Consulate in Sacramento. Suarez lured Jose Luis and Juan Manual separately to a blackberry thicket on adjacent property where one week earlier he had dug a deep, nearly perfect, rectangular-chiseled grave. He shot both men in the head with a .22-caliber rifle and then returned to his small trailer on the ranch and assaulted Yolanda. He choked, kicked, and hit Yolanda before dragging her into his trailer while her children looked on. Once inside the trailer, he bound her hands behind her back, tied her ankles together, and covered her mouth by wrapping a handkerchief and duct tape around her face. He cut off her shorts and raped her as she lapsed in and out of consciousness, her children screaming in the background. After he chained Yolanda by her neck to the bedpost, defendant left the trailer and took the children to the gravesite. Using a shovel handle, he struck the boys unconscious and threw them into the grave with their father and uncle. Suarez then covered them with dirt. The coroner determined the men died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head, and the children were bludgeoned and buried alive. While Suarez was burying the four victims, Yolanda managed to escape. When Suarez returned to the trailer and realized she was gone, he fled the area. He was taken into custody two days later. Arturo Juarez Suarez was sentenced to death in April 2001 following his conviction for four counts of first-degree murder, one count of penetration with a foreign object, one count of rape, and multiple-murder and lying-in-wait special circumstances.

William L. Suff
He subsequently raped, stabbed, strangled, and sometimes mutilated 12 or more prostitutes in Riverside County, beginning in 1986. On January 9, 1992, Suff was arrested after a routine traffic stop.
Described as a mild-mannered loner, Suff worked as a county stock clerk who allegedly delivered supplies to the task force investigating his killing spree. He liked to impersonate police officers and even cooked chili at office picnics.[1] In fact, it was alleged that he used the breast of one of his victims in his chili,[2] which won the "Riverside County Employee Chili Cookoff." He was also working on a book about wild, lethal dogs. He enjoyed vanity plates and was an avid volunteer in the county's car-pooling program. On July 19, 1995, a Riverside County jury found Suff guilty of killing 12 women and attempting to kill another, though police suspected him responsible for as many as 22 deaths. During the penalty phase that followed, the prosecutor presented evidence linking Suff to the 1988 murder of a San Bernardino prostitute, as well as evidence that despite his prior Texas prison term for murdering his first daughter, he abused and violently shook his three-month-old daughter by his second wife. On August 17, 1995, after deliberating for only 10 minutes, the jury returned verdicts of death on all 12 murder counts. On October 26, 1995, the trial court followed the jury's recommendations and ordered Suff condemned to death. Victims: 23-year-old Michelle Yvette Gutierrez, 24-year-old Charlotte Jean Palmer, a transient from Anna, Illinois, 37-year-old Linda Ann Ortega, 27-year-old Martha Bess Young,
37-year-old Linda Mae Ruiz, 28-year-old Kimberly Lyttle, 36-year-old Judy Lynn Angel. 23-year-old Christina Leal, 24-year-old Darla Jane Ferguson, 35-year-old Carol Lynn Miller, 33-year-old Cheryl Coker,
27-year-old Susan Sternfeld, 42-year-old Kathleen Leslie Milne (a.k.a., Carol Kathleen Swenson and Kathy Pluckett), 24-year-old Cherie Michelle Payseur, 37-year-old Sherry Ann Latham, 23-year-old ed Kelly Marie Hammond, 30-year-old Catherine McDonald, 35-year-old Delliah Zamora Wallace, and 39 yr old Eleanore Ojeda Casares.

Anthony J. Sully
Former police officer Anthony "Jack"Sully, convicted of murdering six people at his Burlingame warehouse in 1983, was sentenced  to die in the gas chamber on 07/15/1986.
Sully was arrested in August 1983 in connection with the slaying of Barbara Searcy, 22, of Oakland, who had been found shot in the head. A week later, he was accused of the slayings of three people found stuffed into steel drums discovered on the outskirts of San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.The nude bodies of a man and two men had been shot to death were found inside the drums. He was later accused of killing two young women whose bodies were found dumped along roads in San Mateo County. Prosecutors said Sully murdered his victims during orgies of sex and cocaine held at his Burlingame warehouse.


Douglas Stankewitz
Douglas Stankewitz was sentenced to death on 10/12/1978
Douglas R. Stankewitz is on death row in California, convicted of murdering a young woman named Theresa Greybeal on  02/08/1978 by suddenly shooting her in the head after he and his friends had stolen her car and driven around for awhile with her as a captive.

Its hard to believe that someone has sat on death row since 1978...and I don't see his name listed in any planned executions. It has been so long ago I can't even google and find anything on this guy except him saying he is innocent.


RE: Stankewitz.
It's sickening that California has let this guy live on death row for 32 years now! He's apparently the longest-serving DR inmate on our row. And sadly, the way things are going, it's doubtful Theresa Greybeal's family or friends will ever see him executed. That is a shame! Thirty-two years. Ugh. And you're right, nothing much comes up on Google, except for some old articles and his pen pal requests. Come on, California, surely this guy's time must be up soon!


Amanda, I totally agree - this waste of skin has been there longer than I have spent on Gods green earth (not by much though lol) THIS is what needs to change about DP, not abolition. Whats slowing the process for him?


Amanda, I totally agree - this waste of skin has been there longer than I have spent on Gods green earth (not by much though lol) THIS is what needs to change about DP, not abolition. Whats slowing the process for him?

The liberalness of California of course.
My reason for supporting the death penalty? A murderer has less of a right to live than his victim and already presents a danger while incarcerated for life. They have nothing to lose when the most they can get is Life in prison without parole.

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