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Started by Jeff1857, May 24, 2009, 08:12:28 PM

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David Raley
Convicted and sentenced to Death for the 1985 kidnap and murder of a Burlingame High School student and the attempted murder of her friend at Hillsborough's then-deserted Carolands mansion. Raley, a security guard, turned a tour of the mansion into a day of terror for the two girls, Laurie McKenna and Janine Grinsell. Grinsell died from repeated stab wounds.

[Charles Roundtree
Crime date: Dec. 9, 1993
Diana Vara Contreras was 19 years old and weighed just 85 pounds when she was abducted during a shopping trip, robbed and shot to death by Charles Rountree Jr. in an isolated area near Taft. Her parents, siblings and friends knew her as a reliable and kindhearted young woman who worked part-time with developmentally disabled people and studied at Bakersfield College. "She didn't see any evil," her father told The Californian in 1995. "All she saw was goodness in the world."

Guy Kevin Rowland
Sentenced to death for the rape, robbery and beating death of Marion R. in 1986.

Rudolph Roybal
Convicted Roybal on July 21, 1992, of first-degree murder in the fatal stabbing and robbery of Yvonne Weden, 65, of Oceanside, who had hired him a few weeks earlier to do some gardening. Superior Court Judge David Moon sentenced Roybal to death Oct. 20, 1992.

Gilbert Raul Rubio
Gilbert Raul Rubio was sentenced to death on 09/20/2000 for the 01/12/1998 robbery and murder of George Blackwell, an assistant principal at Warren High School in Downey.

Albert Ruiz
Ruiz shot liquor store owner Abdo Muhammed, 42, twice in the head at close range with a .22-caliber Ruger handgun while robbing the Merced Liquor and Grocery Store, 550 East Main St., on May 22, 1998. He then shot Antonio Cruz, a 74-year-old customer in the store, at close range in the head.
For this crime he had been sentenced to death on 22/05/1998.

David Rundle
Convicted with rape-murder and multiple-murder special circumstances and sentenced to Death in
the 1986 murders  of Caroline Garcia and Lanciann Sorensen. Rundle, who is also serving a
life-without-parole sentence for a Sacramento County murder, to which he pled no contest while appealing his conviction and sentence in the Placer County case, confessed to sexually assaulting
and killing the two women in separate incidents. Sentenced to Death in 1989.

Timothy Russel
Convicted and sentenced to Death in 1999 for the 1997 ambush slaying of Riverside County sheriff's Deputies Michael Haugen and James Lehmann .

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