Virginia Condemned Case Status

Started by Moh, January 17, 2010, 05:54:53 AM

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State inmates
Teresa Lewis: born 04-26-69, Pittsylvania County, on DR since 06-04-03, victims: C.J. Lewis and Julian Lewis (murderer's stepson and husband shot to death for insurance money in murder-for-hire case on 10-30-02); 4th Circuit oral argument 03-23-10; Denied COA by the 4th Circuit on 06-04-10;07/29/10 Execution date set for 09/23/10
Jerry Jackson: born 07-22-81, Williamsburg/James City County, on DR since 04-03-03, victim: Ruth Phillips (raped, robbed and smothered with a pillow at 88 years of age on 08-25-01); federal habeas petition filed 09-27-06 Granted federal habeas relief on 03/29/10
Justin Wolfe: born 03-07-82, Prince William County, on DR since 06-26-02, victim: Daniel Petrole, Jr. (Wolfe, a 21-year-old suburban drug dealer, hired another individual to serve as a hit man upon rival dealer Daniel Petrole, whom Wolfe owed money. On 03-15-01, Petrole was followed home and murdered in a hail of bullets outside his Bristow area townhouse); remanded by 4th Circuit to District Court for further hearings 05-11-09
Leon Winston: born 07-02-80, Lynchburg, on DR since 01-29-04, victims: Anthony Robinson and Ronda Robinson (husband and wife shot to death in the commission of a burglary on 04-22-02); remanded by 4th Circuit to Federal District Court for further hearings 01-27-10; VA files petition with US Supreme Court Aug. 2, 2010 to overturn 4th Circuits remand to lower court. Hearing Sept. 27, 2010
Ivan Teleguz: born 11-17-78, Rockingham County, on DR since 07-18-06, victim: Stephanie Sipe (on 07-21-01, had her throat cut by killers hired by ex-boyfriend Teleguz); state habeas denied by VA Supreme Court 01-15-10, Federal habeas petition filed 06-14-10
Anthony Juniper: born 11-23-71, Norfolk, on DR since 04-01-05, victims: Ruben E. Harrison III, Keshia Stephens, Nykia Stephens and Shearyia Stephens (On 01-16-04, stabbed and shot to death his ex-girlfriend, Keshia Stephens, along with shooting to death her 19-year old brother and her two little girls); state habeas VA response received 02-28-07
Ricky Javon Gray: born 03-09-77, Richmond, on DR since 10-23-06, victims: Ruby Harvey and Stella Harvey (on 01-01-06, four-year-old Ruby died from stab wounds to her back, one of which punctured her lung, while her nine-year-old sister Stella died from smoke inhalation and blunt-force trauma to the head; in addition, five other were murdered by Gray and an accomplice, including Ruby and Stella's parents, Bryan and Kathryn); state habeas VA response received 04-21-08
Thomas Porter: born 11-01-75, Norfolk, on DR since 07-16-07, victim: Stanley C. Reeves (on 10-28-05, Reeves, a police officer, was shot three times by Porter while responding to a complaint); state habeas VA response received 09-09-09
William Morva: born 1982, Montgomery County, on DR since 03-14-08, victims: Derrick McFarland and Eric Sutphin (while in jail awaiting trial for attempted armed robbery, and facing a maximum 38 years sentence, Morva was taken to Montgomery Regional Hospital on 08-20-06 for a sprained ankle and wrist. After using a hospital bathroom, he assaulted and knocked deputy Russell Quesenberry unconscious using a metal toilet-paper container. He seized the deputy's gun and shot Derrick McFarland, a hospital security guard who was running to the deputy's aid. McFarland died from his wounds. This initiated a manhunt for Morva, who on the morning of 08-21-06 shot and killed a Montgomery County sheriff's deputy, Cpl. Eric Sutphin); death sentence upheld on direct appeal on 09-18-09, rehearing denied 12-09-09
William Burns: born 04-30-66, Shenandoah County, on DR since 05-12-00, victim: Tersey Elizabeth Cooley (was Burns' mother-in-law and died from blunt force trauma in the commission of rape, statutory burglary, and forcible sodomy on 09-21-98); sent back to Circuit Court by Virginia Supreme Court for mental-retardation hearing 01-15-10
Joshua Wayne Andrews: born 02-82, Prince William County, on DR since 10-19-09, victims: Romanno Head and Robert Morrison (shot to death during a robbery on 01-02-02), direct appeal filed 12-11-09. Oral argument on direct appeal is scheduled for 06-07-10 in the Virginia Supreme Court.Virginia Supreme court orders new sentencing hearing on 09/16/10
Alfredo Prieto: born 1965, Fairfax County, on DR since 03-04-08, victims: Warren H. Fulton III and Rachael A. Raver (on 12-04-88, Fulton was shot to death while his college sweetheart, Raver, was raped and shot to death by Prieto, who is also on California's death row for a 1990 murder); Virginia Supreme Court ordered a new sentencing hearing on 09-18-09, Denied certiorari 06-14-10(presumably on his conviction alone and not his sentence).Sentencing trial in progress

Federal inmates
Cory Johnson: born 11-05-68, on DR since 07-27-97, victims: Dorothy Armstrong, Anthony Carter, Linwood Chiles, Louis Johnson, Peyton Johnson, Bobby Long, Douglas Talley and Curtis Thorne; all normal appeals exhausted, awaiting resolution of lethal-injection litigation in DC Federal District Court
James Roane: born 10-27-65, on DR since 07-27-97, victim: Douglas Moody; all normal appeals exhausted, awaiting resolution of lethal-injection litigation in DC Federal District Court
Richard Tipton: born 05-13-70, on DR since 07-27-97, victims: Linwood Chiles, Douglas Talley and Curtis Thorne; all normal appeals exhausted, awaiting resolution of lethal-injection litigation in DC Federal District Court
Carlos Caro: born c. 1967, on DR since 03-30-07, victim: Robert Sandoval; oral argument on direct appeal before the Fourth Circuit on 10-30-09, sentence upheld 03-17-10
Aquilia Barnette: born c. 1974, on DR since 04-10-98, victims: Donald Lee Allen and Robin Williams; remanded on direct appeal by Fourth Circuit to District Court for evidentiary hearing in 08-07, death sentence upheld on remand in Federal District Court 05-20-10.
Thomas Hager: born c. 1973, on DR since 11-01-07, victim: Barbara White; awaiting decision on direct appeal
David Anthony Runyon: born c. 1971, on DR since 12-04-09; victim: Corey Allen Voss; awaiting decision on direct appeal
Richard Stitt: born 07-10-73, on DR since 02-24-99, victims: James Gilliam, Jr., James Griffin and Sinclair Simon, Jr.; 4th Circuit ruled 12-26-08 that he gets a penalty-phase retrial which will take place on 05-25-10

The above information has been pieced together from the following websites: Virginians Against the Death Penalty, the Virginia Courts site, and the Fourth Circuit

Ron Reeger

Thanks for all this great info on the Virginia DP! I sure hope Jackson's decision gets overturned by the Fourth Circuit.

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